Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol.8 Video

Celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, Tamiya RC model that is showing even more of climax. Was held in Tamiya RC hobby of experience event “Tamiya RC Car Festival” is the car in Tokyo Odaiba theme park “MEGA WEB (Mega Web)”.
Electric RC car of experience running “Tri !! Tamiya RC” and RC car assembly classroom “Tri !! Tamiya RC School”, traveling a rocky mountain in the RC car “rock crawling experience”, it is possible to ride in RC trailer “trailer ride experience “and the like will be held an event that can be enjoyed to experience the Tamiya RC model. Spectacular outstanding RC car race “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” on Sunday also took place.
Look, to experience, to participate, you can enjoy the Tamiya RC Hobby “Tamiya RC Car Festival” will be held at the following dates in the future.