Tamiya Tools & Paints Illustrations, Brochures & Instruction manuals


Tamiya Color & makeup material (2015 edition)
Craft tool series (2014 edition)
Craft tool series (2015 edition)
Airbrush system (2014 edition)
Airbrush system (2015 edition)

Etching parts dedicated craft tool
Tech Tips! [paint and finishing]

Instruction manual

Spar Max airbrush SX0.5D
Spar Max airbrush SX0.3D
Spray work · HG trigger air brush (Super Fine)
Spray-Work · HG trigger air brush (cup-integrated)
Spray-Work Painting Booth II (single fan)
Spray-Work · HG air brush (cup-integrated)
Spray-Work Painting Booth II (Twin Fan)
Spray Work HG Airbrush III
Spray-Work Painting Booth
Spray Work HG Airbrush wide (trigger type)
Spray Work Basic Compressor set (with air brush)
Spray-Work HG Single Airbrush
Spray Work HG Compressor Revo
Spray Work HG Super Fine Airbrush
Spray-Work · AC dedicated compressor set SW-653
Spray Work HG Trigger Airbrush
Spray Work HG Airbrush
Tamiya Badger 350II air brush set
Tamiya Badger 250II air brush set

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