Future (late 2011/early 2012) Tamiya releases

★★★ updated 12.11.2011 ★★★

Will be continuously updated 


56033 German Tiger I Heavy Tank Full Operation Set (w/4ch Radio)

58004 FMC XR311 Combat Support Vehicle (re-release)

58507 Middle Class Shaft-Drive Buggy (TOM’S)
58510 Ferrari 599XX (TT-01E)
58512 1/12 Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) Wheelie
58513 Toyota Celica LB Turbo Gr.5 (TT-01E)
58516 BMW 318i STW (TT-01E)
58517 Super Shot
58522 Sand Rover Street  (DT02/380)
84262 F104WGP (w/Body)
84263 Tyrrell P34 1977 Monaco Grand Prix
84264 Nissan R91CP (1992 Daytona Winner)

84265 Hotshot (2007) Metallic Special

84266 Toyota GT-One TS020 (F103RS w/Sponge Tyres)

84270 Avante (2011) Black Special

Expert Built RC:

57822 XB Volkswagen Scirocco GT24-CNG (TT-01E)
57823 XB Ferrari 599XX (TT-01E)
57826 XB 1/12 Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) Wheelie
57828 XB Fast Attack Vehicle

RC Parts /Hop-ups:

42214 TRF High Seal X-Ring For Damper (Hardness 50/8 Pcs.)

42215 TRF High Seal X-Ring For Damper (Hardness 70/8 Pcs.)

51479 RM-01 Chassis C-Parts (Gear Case)

51480 RM-01 Chassis L-Parts (link)

51481 RM-01 Chassis N-Parts (Front Suspension)

51482 RM-01 Wheel Set

51483 RM-01 Sponge Tyre (Front)

51484 RM-01 Sponge Tyre (Rear)

51485 RM-01 Fluorine-coated Pivot Ball (5 Pcs.)

51487 380S Motor

51488 TA05 M-Four Chassis B-Parts (Bumper)

54334 RM-01 Butyl Sponge Tyre (Front)

54335 RM-01 Butyl Sponge Tyre (Rear)

54336 DB02 Slipper Clutch set
54337 RM-01Damper V-Parts
54338 2WD Off-Road Front Dish Wheel (Black, 60/19)
54339 2WD Off-Road Rear Dish Wheel (Black, 60/29)
54340 18-Spoke Wheel (Black, 26mm Offset +2)
54341 RM-01 Aluminum Pitch Damper Set

54342 RM-01 Aluminum Roll Damper Set

84259 DB02 Titanium Screw Set

84271 5-Spoke Wheel (Black, 26mm 0 Offset, 2 Pcs.)
84272 Rally Dish Wheel (Black, 26mm/+2 Offset, 4 Pcs.)

84274 TA05 M-Four Titanium Screw Set

Static Kits and Finished Models:

21113 1/20 Ferrari F-1 2000 French Grand Prix No. 4 (Barichello) (Finished Model)

25145 1/35 Soviet T-55A (w/Photo-Etched Parts and Metal Gun Barrel)

25146 1/35 Soviet JS-2 1944 ChKZ (w/Photo-Etched Parts and Metal Gun Barrel)

25147 1/48 North American P-51D Mustang “Tuskegee Airmen”

25148 1/72 North American P-51D Mustang “Tuskegee Airmen”

30101 1/48 U.S. M60 Super Patton Tank (Motorized)

30102 1/48 U.S. M60A1E1 Tank (Motorized)

30103 1/48 Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces Type 74 Tank (Motorized)

30104 1/48 Kanone German Jagdpanzer (Motorized)

37011 1/48 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I (w/ 3 Figures)

61110 1/48 Mitsubishi G4M1 Type1 Attacker (Betty) Isoroku Yamamoto

Embarkation Machine (w/17 Pcs. Figures)

Mini 4WD:

15444 Super X-XX Large-Diameter Oneway Wheel (w/Offset Tread Tires)

18067 Super Dragon Premium (VS Chassis)

94855 MS Reinforced Chassis Set (White)

94856 2mm Aluminum Locknut (Red/5 Pcs.)

94857 2mm Aluminum Locknut (Purple/5 Pcs.)

94858 2mm Aluminum Locknut (Gold/5 Pcs.)

Tools, Merchandise & Supplies:

73019 1/350 Display Case (w/Base)

74541 Spray-Work Compressor Revo w/Double Action Airbrush

87135 Tamiya Mark Fit (Strong Type)

89957 A4-Sized Multipurpose Bag (W/3 Storage Boxes) (Pink)

89958 A4-Sized Multipurpose Bag (W/3 Storage Boxes) (Green)

89959 Weathering Master Set (for IJN Vessels)

21 thoughts on “Future (late 2011/early 2012) Tamiya releases

  1. GrearDane

    Ah, news again 🙂

    Some interesting news from the big T to be released at the Tamiya Fair later this month?

    Among those is the 58507 – a brand new chassis?

    Also the type 2 Volkswagen, the most cute release of the bunch. 🙂

    The Celica LB Gr. 5 a 1/12 back in the hay days and now available in 1/10 – a interesting release.

    Not to mention all the parts and hop-ups.

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  2. admin Post author

    We agree, many very interesting news to probably be presented at the Tamiya fair 🙂
    58507 could be a low-end version of TRF502, lets see.
    The LB release on TT01 surprised me when they have the new RM-01 chassis.
    We can’t wait to get more infos and pictures.
    Best regards,

  3. Black Hole Sun

    Hi all,

    Great great news!
    For 58507, it says “shaft drive” which excludes any potentiel DB-02 imho. Rather a DF-04 😉
    The LB is a surprise at that scale. The RM1 coumld have been a good choice (may be less the tire diameter).
    58512:… wheelie…58499: …wheelie. Could stand for VLB chassis?


  4. Mr. Screwloose


    Now that the shaft-driven chassis are the only one to be used in competition, the DB01 platform has no reason to exist, and a low-priced version of the latest 4WD TRF would quite logical.

    The Black Avante could be a cool addition to the Avante family, even if most of us would prefer an Egress or a Vanquish. But I’m sure these latest will be re-released in a couple of months.

  5. admin Post author

    @ BHS: Yes, the 58507 will be shaft drive (the TRF-502X of which it could be the low end version is shaft drive too), but from an alternative (unconfirmed though) list it is named DB02 and in our hop up part list there are parts listed for DB02, lets see 😉

  6. Ken

    >>> 58004 FMC XR311 Combat Support Vehicle (re-release)
    Ah, it will be the second re-release for this one? Will there be any further improvements?

    >>> 58517 Super Hot Shot (tentative name)
    Will the old Hotshot-type chassis still be used?
    Sounds very interesting.

    >>> 58522 Dune Buggy Street (tentative name) (DT02/380)
    Will it be a buggy with the body looking like a “Rough Rider” or a “Sand Rover”?

  7. admin Post author

    My personal guess is the 58522 could be a Sand Rover with some other tires/wheels and decals, but as I said that’s just a guess, we will know more in a few days.

  8. Ken

    Oh my questions are answered…
    So it’s going to be a re-re Supershot ! Another must-get.
    And the Sand Rover Street… basically a different body colour, and a different set of tires?
    That VW Type 2 Wheelie looks very comical… squeeze the big-head Mr. Willy again into the cockpit, haha


    Now that is fabulous news!!

    A Supershot 4wd re release! I wonder if it will include a GT motor with special sticker -a la Avante.

    The Black Avante special would have to be with the RZ MOTOR as std- with a reinforced chassis to take the strain from GT/Technigold spec to RZ Superstock!

    Imagine a 27,500 rpm Avante! This is speculation, mind you but these 2 releases are very interesting.

    An Avante 2001 with sport tuned as per orig 1991 model would be very appreciated too.

    Thank you all at Tamiya!!


    Actually, there is one more car to go on the must have list…

    Red Bull Renault Turbo F1 S.Vettel/Webber

    On the excellent F104 Chassis. Tune it with a Formula Tuned and some upgrades…what a car!
    The 2011 World Champion Grand Prix version or the 2009 model !!

  11. Gamepuppy

    So chuffed more re-releases are coming!
    Looking forward to the XR311 Combat Support Vehicle (re-release), I missed the first re-release of this one so it’s great I’ll get another chance to bag me one of them!
    As for the Supershot, as a kid I saved every penny for months to get my hands on one of them, what a car!!! and having already picked up a couple of the new hotshot re-re’s I’m gonna have to get me one of those metallic specials just for the heck of it! Damn you Tamiya!!!

    On the subject of old-school retro stuff, what do you guys at Tamiyablog think the chances are that Tamiya could/would get around to releasing a compilation DVD of all the old promo tapes they used to show in the local model shops?
    I know you can watch most of them online nowadays but I’d love to have a proper original ‘VHS’ grade or better still, a ‘hi-res’ copy to play without all the transfer fussiness and destortion you find on the current online versions!

    Any comments welcome…

    Rejoice my fellow Tamites!!!

  12. admin Post author

    Tamiya has proven that everything is possible and nothing impossible, but the only thing we can do for now is wait and see! 🙂
    Best regards,

  13. pr

    Supershot re issue is great although in all honesty i never thought i would see the day. It seems a GT motor will be included, the 34,000 Yen price implies something a little more forthcoming will be on offer.
    The Special Black Avante is a nice addition and i’m hoping the wheels will be Pink just like those on the 1/32 mini series Black special on which this is based. Could the tear drop wheels mean that an Egress re issue is imminent, i’d say it is!
    Loving the R91CP re issue and the Celica LB Turbo, just hoping the latter comes with a hard body and not lexan. All in all, this looks to be another expensive year for me
    : )

  14. admin Post author

    The AV Black wheels will be red, the Celica LB will have a nicely detailed lexan body, same as the VW Bus which will be on the Wild Willy 2 chassis. We recently got better photos but are waiting for even better ones from the upcoming fair.

  15. pr

    No, it seems the BS Avante wheels will be Pink which has made me very happy. Looks ace imo.
    The Celica has been crossed off my list, i hate the lazy Black window decals they include and i’m not comfortable with those wheels either.
    Still the Super Hotshot, despite the mouthful is a great sight.

  16. admin Post author

    I also don’t like window decals so I mask them and paint them with PS smoke, so not a big problem imho and possibly good for beginners who are afraid or lazy of masking.
    On the Celica LB I am not even sure they used window decals, in the fair video it looks quite glossy for that, soon we will know more.

  17. admin Post author

    Also the BS AV wheels are for my taste more “neon-red” then pink, see also their difference to the Mini 4WD wheels at the video at around 00:28:14

  18. Gamepuppy

    I’m posting this here as nobody seems able to post in the newer re-release topic!? .>>ADMIN, can you have a look at that for us?

    I just want to say I think it’ll be a mistake to rename the Supershot re-release as the ‘Super Hotshot’!!!

    Wasn’t a ‘Super’ Hotshot otherwise known as the ‘Hotshot 2’? (a revised Hotshot kit with extra hop-up options included?).

    The ‘Supershot’ as I understand it was originally released as the stand-alone ‘all-singing-all-dancing’ ‘last hoorah’ to that generation of ‘heavier’ Tamiya kits wasn’t it? …I know that was the general understanding where I lived here in the UK!?
    Yeah, twenty-odd years later some of the sponsors listed on the original decal set could pose a problem with copyright and all that but the name ‘Supershot’ shouldn’t be an issue at all for the re-release!?
    It was called a Tamiya Supershot and as far as I know no other car since (other than the mini-scale version) has ever been called the Tamiya ‘Supershot’ so I cannot see why the name needs to be changed this time around and I have to say the idea it would kinda spoils it for me!?!

  19. admin Post author

    Well, have you ever thought that what we “westerners” assume may not be true on a so far away and different land? Also just because we amateur hobbyists don’t know another RC car with the same name doesn’t say nothing about other possible rights on that name. Do you really think that the #1 model company in the world just changed only the name of this specific kit just for the fun of it without some serious reasons or thoughts? Also since the final production version hasn’t been presented yet (the name was tentative) better wait, maybe you are lucky.

  20. Gamepuppy

    Fingers crossed, I do hope the ‘Supershot’ name makes a return as it sounds much better than the ‘Super Hotshot’ and having raced one at club level alongside my RC10 and later a Mauri Ninja it was by far the best RC car of my generation and for a long time it has had a special place in my heart!

    That aside, IMHO Tamiya are and always will be the #1 model company and looking at the release list for early 2012, they’re about to spoil us silly with what’s coming our way in the new year!

    The Fox and The Wild One next please Tamiya!!!

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