5 years tamiyablog competition results

First of all we would like to thank every sender of a competition entry, there were so many great ones that we had a quite hard time to chose the ones we liked the most. Here are our top choices in alphabetical sequence:

From those entries the price,  a new 58500 Sand Rover RC car kit, wins Frederic B. from France with this entry:
The team of tamiyablog.com congratulates again all participants and wishes similarly prosperous next 5 years full of great Tamiya news!

5 thoughts on “5 years tamiyablog competition results

  1. Mr. Screwloose


    I’m very happy to be the winner of this special contest.
    So first of all, I have to say thank you to the Tb team.
    Tamiyablog is my main source for everything new from Tamiya, and years after years, the team has been proven to be a very reliable source, avoiding rumours and bashing. Tb is facts, only facts and a real dedication to its subject.
    I’m eager to receive my Rover, a buggy which deserves a better judgement than the one the community has emitted so far, probably due to the bad Egress rumour, and a misconception of how Tamiya consider some re-releases.

    Now I have to make a good paint scheme (orange or green?) with maybe some Tamiyablog logos; it’s the less I can do to thank you.

    See you soon here on Tb

  2. admin Post author

    first of all thank you for your kind words. Secondly we at Tamiyablog agree that the HB/SR re-releases actually are much better then many vintage fans think. The original HB was my first Tamiya RC car but I really appreciate it too on the good DT02 chassis as this way it is an excellent beginners car which may bring many kids to the hobby like it did to me almost 30 years ago.
    We are looking forward to your build and designs.
    Best regards,

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