New Tamiya Original Goods release

Tamiya 67505 Bootlace Tie

A bootlace tie that can be used for formal wear or casual occasions. This string-shaped necktie, also known as “polar tie”, “polo tie”, or “rope tie”, will be added to Tamiya’s original goods.
Until now, the image of loop ties was strong for seniors, but it is a fashion item that can be used regardless of age, as it is widely used not only in the business scene of Cool Biz, but also in casual coordination with T-shirts.
Tamiya’s loop tie has a 3 cm square metal pendant coated with the Tamiya mark with resin. The design features a small star in the background as an accent. The string is woven with black rayon and features a smooth texture. A slightly classical and fashionable item that can be used by both men and women.

《Material》Pendant part: PET, film, urethane resin Pendant base: Brass (nickel plated) Tip: Brass String: Rayon *The color of the posted image may differ slightly from the actual product.