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Over 1.5 million downloads in about one month! “Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Grand Prix” has started broadcasting a new TV commercial

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. will announce the broadcast of a TVCM featuring a jungle pocket belonging to Yoshimoto Kogyo on the game app “Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Grand Prix” distributed on the App Store and GooglePlay. In addition, the jungle pocket in the middle of the Mini 4WD generation also released a control created exclusively for “Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Grand Prix”! Please check it by all means.

Jungle pocket appearance “What is this?”
A new TV commercial will be broadcast on March 7 (Sat) in some areas!
In this CM, trio entertainer “Jungle Pocket” has appeared as a classmate.

Three people gather after a long time at the alumni reunion Three people who can’t easily remember the
familiar parts
“What is it?”
If you are a mini 4WD experienced person, it is a commercial that will involuntarily get caught.

Shooting scenery
This CM was shot at a pub in Tokyo.
The three people in the middle of the Mini 4WD generation were excited by Mini 4WD talks during the shooting.

Hidden elements
Something related to the Mini 4WD is in the CM.
By all means, please watch and find many times!
* The answer will be released on the official Twitter at a later date.

“Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Grand Prix” TVCM-What is this? 15 seconds

“Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Grand Prix” TVCM-What is this? 30 seconds

Jungle pocket creates original cont only for “Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Grand Prix”!
The title is “Classmate”.
After the reunion at the elementary school, the three people drink again as a second party, but there is a problem with the jungle pocket “ Mini 4WD generation ” and the center “ Mini 4WD ” It is a content that shows the knowledge and affection of mini 4WD like 3 people who spent with 4WD.

Also available on a special site!

Jungle pocket
Belongs to Yoshimoto Kogyo.
Comedy trio by Shinji Saito, Takeshi and Hirohisa Ota.
Formed in April 2006. NSC 12th grader.

Get gorgeous items that can be used in the game! TVCM & contest release commemorative Twitter campaign!

A retweet campaign is being held to commemorate the release of the new TV commercial!
Every time the number of RTs increases, you will receive luxurious in-app items!

Target Tweet

Ongoing-Until 23:59 on March 16, 2020

Source in Japanese language: AppMedia – Largest in Japan! Game capture information media

Tamiya Mini 4WD Hornet Jr. Tanahashi Special, Dash X1 Primitive Emperor & Step Up Gasha various types

〇Mini 4 world new event! “Challenge from Hiroshi Tanahashi!”
Event date: Now being held-Wednesday, March 18 10:59 (planned)
〇 “Dash X1 Primitive Emperor” has arrived! “Super Speed ​​Gasha Series 4”
Event Date and Time: Now Open-Wednesday, March 18 14:59 (planned) 〇Release
Commemorative Step Up Gasha Various types will be back for a limited time!
Event date and time: Currently being held-March 18 (Wed) 10:59 (planned)
* Please check the details in the application.
* Screens and specifications are under development.
* Subject to change or termination without notice.

One racer in 100 years! New Japan Pro Wrestling Challenge from Hiroshi Tanahashi!

Hiroshi Tanahashi
Ace of New Japan Professional Wrestling who loves Mini 4WD! The wrestler who produced the ultimate machine produced by himself in 2018 and has the connection to the Mini 4WD!

“Challenge from Hiroshi Tanahashi” is an event to compete with the ace of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Hiroshi Tanahashi, who loves Mini 4WD sincerely, in the Mini 4WD race in the app!
Furthermore, if you win all races, you will get special parts such as “Hornet Jr. (Tanahashi SP)”!

Super fast gasha series 4! “Dash X1 Primitive Emperor” Appears!

“Dash X1 Primitive Emperor” appears in “Super Speed ​​Gasha Series 4”!
〇Event period: now being held-Until 3/18 (Wed.) 14:59 (planned)
〇Featured parts are here ↓
Body parts “Dash X1 Primitive Emperor”
Rarity: ★ 4 / Course aptitude: Corner / Body characteristics: Corner speed UP +
Roller “13mm ball bearing for rollers”
Rarity: ★ 4 / Course aptitude: Corner
motor “Torque Tune”
Rarity: ★ 4 / Course aptitude: Uphill
* For details, please check in the app.
* Screens and specifications are under development.
* Subject to change or termination without notice.

“Release commemorative step up” Gasha reappears!

〇Event period: now being held-3/18 (Wed.) until 10:59 (planned)
★ 4 bodies to be picked up (partly)
“Tamiya Famous Car Collection” Gasha: “Avante Jr.”, “Falcon Jr.”, “Thunder Shot Jr.”, etc.
“Dash! Shishiro” Gasha: “Dash 1 Emperor” “Dash 3 Meteor” “Crimson Glory” etc.
“Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !!” Gasha: “Magnum Saber”, “Sonic Saber”, “Tridagger X”, etc.
* For details, please check in the application. * Please check all pickup targets from the provided ratio.
* Screens and specifications are under development. * Subject to change or termination without notice.

Source in Japanese language: ファミ通App

Tamiya President Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya talking about the cancellation of the Shizuoka Hobby Show

The Shizuoka Model Teaching Materials Cooperative officially announced that it will cancel the “59th Shizuoka Hobby Show” scheduled at Twin Messe Shizuoka in Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City in May due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

“I thought of it intensively and its impact. It was a blow to the industry, but many buyers from overseas had to make a quick decision,” said Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya. It is said that cancellation is the first time.
Mr. Tamiya said, “Model makers make new products to match the show and have the highest sales in the year. I still want to do it, but I thought that life should be given priority.”
For the future, “If the situation improves, we can invite suppliers and hold business meetings for each manufacturer.” Next year, we will also expanded the venue to the southern city gymnasium next to Twin Messe Shizuoka, and show that we would enrich the hands-on events.

The Shizuoka Hobby Show is known as one of the largest model fairs in Japan and was expected to be visited by more than 70,000 model lovers and elementary, junior high and high school students again this year.

Source in Japanese language: @S

Tamiya Upcoming Releases April 2020

R/C Models
 58676  1/24 R/C Volvo A60H 6×6 Dump Truck (G6-01)
 58677  1/10 R/C Volkswagen Karmann Ghia (M-06)
 47439  1/10 R/C TT-02 Type-SR Chassis Kit
 47443  1/10 R/C 1996 Porsche 911 GT1 Street (TA03R-S)
 54897  Buggy Champ Ball Differential Set 2
 54932  T3-01 Aluminum Bearing Holders (Rear)
 54933  T3-01 Rear Axle Weight Set
 54944  CC-02 Aluminum Arm Pivots (A, B)
 54945  CC-02 Low-Friction 6mm Ball Collars (18pcs.)
 54949  TA07 Adjustable Ackerman Set
 42352  Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hubs (Narrow Tread, 4pcs.)
 47434  1/10 Scale R/C Eunos Roadster Lightweight Body Parts Set
 56554  Reinforced Axle Shaft Set
 56555  Metal Display Antenna Set

Static Models
 60328  1/32 North American F-51D Mustang Korean War
 32598  1/48 Russian Medium Tank T-55
 25196  1/35 U.S. M8 Light Armored Car “Greyhound” Combat Patrol Set
 25200  1/48 Swiss Messerschmitt Bf109 E-3
 21098  1/48 Mitsubishi A6M3a Zero Fighter 188, 582nd Air Group (Finished Model)
 24033  1/24 Toyota Celica Supra Long Beach GP Marshal Car
 35049  1/35 Russian Tank T34/76 1942 Production Model
 35138  1/35 Russian T34/85 Medium Tank

 95549  Lightweight 13mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless/Red)
 95554  Mini 4WD Multipurpose Tape (20mm Width/Red)
 95555  2mm Aluminum Lock Nut (Purple, 5pcs.)

Tools & Paints
 69934  Box Wrench Bit (7mm)
 69935  Hex Wrench Screwdriver Bit (Ball End, 2.5mm)
 81792  Acrylic Mini XF-92 Yellow-Brown (DAK 1941)
 81793  Acrylic Mini XF-93 Light Brown (DAK 1942)
 82176  LP-76 Yellow-Brown (DAK 1941)
 82177  LP-77 Light Brown (DAK 1941)

18094 Neo VQS (VZ Chassis) The release has been postponed from planned release on March 7, 2020, will update information when it is decided.
15524 VZ chassis FRP front wide stay The release has been postponed from planned release on March 7, 2020, will update information when it is decided.

Honey, I shrunk the Tamiya Lunch Box – Customizing the SW-01 Chassis


While waiting for the new Tamiya SW-01 MudMad, we thought about building a little companion for our big classic lime green Lunch Box. Now this is easy, while using the new SW-01 Lunch Box clear body set No. 54927.

As candy lime green isn´t available in the Tamiya Series of PS Paints, we used Proline Airbrush paint number 6325-05 pearl lime green. It comes very close to the Tamiya paint, and looks incredible in the sun.

These cars are ideal to customize them in so many ways. Enjoy the line of Tamiya Comical RC, and with the new clear body set, which will also be available in the future for the upcoming MudMad, you can customize your SW-01, as you like.

Enjoy !