Close to the secret of Tamiya RC and mini 4WD body design! Takayaki Takayuki “Hyper talk show” video

On October 18, 2018, held at the Twin Messe Shizuoka · Tamiya Fair 2018 venue. It is a video of a talk show by pdc_designworks representative, Mr. Takayuki Takayuki who has been deeply involved in the body design of Tamiya’s RC and Mini 4WD. In this movie, Tamiya’s RC ( from about 0:01: 20 ), mini 4WD body design ( from around 0:17:15 ), and even the impression of the review of the mini 4WD design contest ( around 0:26:44 More) and others were extracted and made public.
RC Dyna Head 6×6 (G6-01 TR chassis)
Mini 4WD contest result announcement