Official action video of Tamiya 58660 1/18 R/C Dynahead 6×6 (G6-01TR)

• 1/18 scale 6WD R/C model assembly kit. Length: 453mm, width: 244mm, height: 232mm. Wheelbase: 173+126mm. • The cab-over truck body is a special design by Takayuki Yamazaki of PDC Design-works. • Hub reduction axles raise ground clearance by 15mm; in conjunction with the traction provided by a 37.35:1 gear ratio (with kit-included 18T pinion), […]

First photo of Tamiya 58660 Dynahead 6×6 G6-01TR

Coming by years end is the new Tamiya R/C 58660 Dynahead 6×6 G6-01TR!! The Dynahead 6×6 takes inspiration from the big trucks used in grueling off-road world of truck trials. The sleek body appears on the G6-01TR chassis, which is based upon the G6-01, with hub reduction axles providing extra height for taking on rougher […]