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Tamiya report from Thai International Touring Car Championship 2018

March 1 – 4, 2018: TITC 2018

March 1 – 4, 2018

Place / Country

Competition Outline
The northern hemisphere is the largest race in the Asian region during winter TITC 2018 (Thai International Touring Car Championship ) Was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The same course last year held the traditional circuit class 5 classes located about 30 km north of Suvarnabhumi International Airport, totaling 219 entries.
· F1 class
· NonBoost class
· Tamiya Truck class
· Open Brushless class
· Modified class
Mainly with user support participating as TRF. Seiwa Suzuki and Takayuki Kono also participated in the fight for setting advice to participating players.
Participating classes: Suzuki Tamiya Truck, F1, Kohno Tamiya Truck, Open Brushless

Tamiya Truck Class
The Tamiya Truck class that is prevalent worldwide has become a regulation that restricts the use of OP parts and makes it easy to participate. The motor paid “OP.1358 RS – 540 Torque Tune” on that day, shuffling the motor at the qualifying and final, and an equally conditioned race. By moderate speed setting the side-by-side race always developed on the course, and the gallery’s excitement was also high.

F1 class
Suzuki Seiwa participates in “TRF 103” just released at “Spiel Burren Messe” above. Battle of product specifications put in place, winning 5th place. It was my first time to travel with regulations in open class, so I was able to collect various data. I would like to reflect on future product development.
F1 class setting sheet

Open Brushless class
Takayuki Kono participates in setting advice to the player of the class with the most Tamiya car entry. The used vehicle is TRF 419 XR. As well as doing the machine setting, running with the parts to be released in the future. We also checked the performance. Takayuki Kono also won the 3 rd place by sharing the setting with everyone of Tamiya users and challenging the race. I was able to race with the participants in a very pleasant atmosphere. I think that you can also refer to the setting sheet with the hot and humid climate by all means.
Thank you very much for all the participating players and the race management.
TRF 419 XR setting sheet

Tamiya Shogakkan Big Comic 50th Anniversary 1/700 Aircraft carrier IBUKI

“DDV 192 aircraft carrier IBUKI” Three-dimensional at 1/700 scale!
Shogakkan Big Comic Commemorating the 50th Anniversary “Special Project”

1/700 DDV 192 Aircraft carrier IBUKI (Scheduled to be released this spring)
“Airborne mother IBUKI” in the Shogakkan Big comic series (Cooperation by KAWAGUCHI Kaiji / Eiji Eriya). The main character, Ryuta Akitsuki is captain of the captain’s captain “IBUKI” on three-dimensional scale at 1/700 scale. An image of the original equipped with a ski jump type launch pad is reproduced as it is. Fully equipped accessories such as shipboard machines and working vehicles. We also pursued a sense of precision and realism as a scale model.

* The posted image is a CG image under development.

Announcement of 10th anniversary of Tamiya Plamodel Factory Yokohama with special sale goods

On the coming March 27th, Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Torresa Yokohama store will celebrate its 10th anniversary ☆

In accordance with this day, we will release special 10th anniversary goods.

① 10th anniversary embroidered apron

It is a special apron embroidered on the 10th anniversary logo. We prepared two kinds of green and white.

You can also put your name in the apron ☆ (Advance reservation is required)
Green limited 30 pieces: 2,268 yen (tax included)
White limited 20 images: 2,052 yen (tax included)
(Only those who make advance reservation can enter the name, separately receive 324 yen.)
Reservations including each color and name are accepted.

② Plastic model factory special tool case

Release this tool case that you can rent with Plastic model factory ☆
Improvement makes it easier to use ~
① nipper, ② craft cutter, ③ modelers knife, ④ modeler’s knife blade, ⑤ tweezers, ⑥ crown tweezers,
⑦ Basic file set, ⑧ tweezers pliers, ⑨ decal scissors, ⑩ pin vise, ⑪ drill blade set
Eleven types of tools are included. (Each tool is sold separately.)
Limited 30 pieces: 5,400 yen (tax included)
Reservations are accepted

③ Mini 4WD Limited Special Pack
It is a set full of limited items of mini 4WD.
Various 3,240 yen (including tax) has become.

· Mini 4WD MS pack
Emperor (MS) Black SP
AO.1034 Mini 4WD Slide Damper Spring Set
Lightweight 2-stage aluminum roller
Aluminum bearing roller with 17 mm plaque (x 2
HG carbon multiple reinforcement plate
Special plating body

· Mini 4WD MA Pack

Fiesta Jaunes Black SP
MA fluorescent color chassis set (Orange)
Lightweight 2-stage aluminum roller
Aluminum bearing roller with 17 mm plaque x 2
HG carbon multiple reinforcement plate
Super hard low tire with carbon wheel & logo

· Mini 4WD FM-A pack
Super X hollow lightweight propeller shaft
GP.317 Radio 4-drive power dash motor
Lightweight 2-stage aluminum roller
Aluminum bearing roller with 17 mm plaque x 2
HG carbon multiple reinforcement plate
Super hard low tire with carbon wheel & logo

④ Plastic model 10 type tank pack

· 1/35 10 Tank Pack
It is a set of plastic model and adhesive, paint ☆
A profitable set of 4,320 yen (tax included)!
MM Ground Self Defense Force 10 type tank
Tamiya Modeling Brush Basic Set
Tamiya cement (small)
Acrylic mini X-20A solvent
Acrylic Mini XF-72 Brown
Acrylic Mini XF-73 deep green color
Acrylic Mini XF-84 Dark Iron
Acrylic Mini XF-85 Rubber Black

· 1/48 10 Type Tank Pack
It is a set of plastic model and adhesive, paint ☆
Here is also a 3,780 yen (tax included) and a great deals!
1/48 Ground SDF 10 Type Tank
1/48 Ground Self Defense Force Light Armored Vehicle
Tamiya Modeling Brush Basic Set
Tamiya cement (small)
Acrylic mini X-20A solvent
Acrylic Mini XF-72 Brown
Acrylic Mini XF-73 deep green color
Acrylic mini XF-74 OD color
Acrylic Mini XF-84 Dark Iron
Acrylic Mini XF-85 Rubber Black

Source: Tamiya Plamodel Factory

Tamiya New Item Release list for April 2018

R/C Models
 56357  1/14 R/C Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3348 6×4 Tipper Truck
 58649  1/10 R/C NSU TT Jägermeister (M-05)
 47366  1/10 R/C Plasma Edge II Black Metallic (TT-02B)
 56545  Electric Actuator Set for 1/14 Scale Tipper Truck
 54794  2-Piece Mesh Wheels (2pcs., Black)
 47368  1/10 Scale R/C Mercedes-AMG GT3 Lightweight Body Parts Set

Scale Models
 10204  1/12 Caterham Super Seven BDR

 18092  Mini 4WD Panda Racer 2
 19452  Brocken Gigant Premium (FM-A Chassis)
 95386  MS Chassis Set (Light Blue/Orange)
 95387  HG Mass Damper Set w/Ball Connectors (Block Weight/Carbon Plate)
 95388  Aluminum Spacer Set (12/6.7/6/3/1.5mm, 2pcs. each) (Red)
 95389  Low Friction Large Dia. Low Profile Tires (Maroon, 2pcs.)
 95393  Rubber Body Catches (Blue/Red)
 95395  HG Aluminum Wheels for Low-Profile Tires (Super X & XX, 2pcs.)

Tools & Paints
 87191  Tamiya Fine Lapping Film #2000 (3pcs.)
 74140  Fine Pivot Drill Bit 1.1mm (Shank Dia. 1.5mm)
 74141  Fine Pivot Drill Bit 1.2mm (Shank Dia. 1.5mm)
 74142  Tamiya Cutting Mat a (A5 Size/Blue)
 82116  LP-16 Wooden deck tan
 82117  LP-17 Linoleum deck brown
 82118  LP-18 Dull red
 82119  LP-19 Gun metal
 82120  LP-20 Light gun metal
 82121  LP-21 Italian red
 82122  LP-22 Flat base
 82123  LP-23 Flat clear
 82124  LP-24 Semi gloss clear
 82125  LP-25 Brown (JGSDF)
 82126  LP-26 Dark green (JGSDF)
 82127  LP-27 German gray
 82128  LP-28 Olive drab
 82129  LP-29 Olive drab 2
 82130  LP-30 Light sand

Tamiya Mini 4WD Setup Guide – Enhanced Version by Max Li

Our loyal reader Max Li was kind enough to extend the Official Tamiya Mini 4WD Setup Guide we posted recently with his own tips and experience and send them to us:

Motor and gear
Depending on track type, if it is a:
– Technical with few jumps and etc. (Lots of long straights)
You can use a high speed gear ratio 3:5:1/3:7:1 with speed motors like Atomic Tuned ->Light Dash -> Hyper Dash -> Sprint dash
And etc.
– Technical track (Tight corners, lots of wave, lots of jump)
Acceleration ratio of 4:1, 4:2:1, 5:1 with torque focus motor like torque tuned. Motors like Hyper dash you can tap on it’s torque by using a bigger ration of 4:1 and etc.
*For pro chassis only 4:1 gear ratio

Tire size
Many want the fastest Mini 4WD so they use large diameter.
However large diameter is not suitable for tracks with lots of jump.
Since the car height is further from the track.
Large Diameter – High speed courses with only 4:1/4:2:!/5:1 gear supported
(Suitable for tracks with No jumps) *Lots of optional tire
Low profile (New type of tire design) – High speed courses with only 3:5:1/3:7:1 gear supported (Suitable for tracks with few jumps)
*Lots of optional tire
Small Diameter tire – Technical based tire (Found in VS, MS Chassis, Super X/XX car kits) All gear ratio are supported.
*No optional tire
Small Diameter racing slick tires (Early Mini 4WD tires (Found in Super 1 onwards car kits) – All purpose tire depending on gear.
All gear ratio are supported.
*Limited/rare optional tire

Bearing parts
For rollers, best to use bearing type of rollers so the machine can zip in track easily. Here is a tip many may not know.
For tracks with lots of jump, if you are using bearing on the wheel shaft.
If the car keeps flying off, it doesn’t always mean putting on more weight. You can remove the bearing on the wheel or just a pair of two ball bearing at either the front or rear.
This will helps to slow down the vehicle thus jumping off the track will be minimize.

Tire/Roller size
Roller and tire size fundamentals are the same
Bigger the tire/roller, it is focus on speed settings and speed track.
Small the tire/roller, it is focus on cornering and technical track.
– Three Point roller setup for older chassis Super 1/2/FM and etc.
Setup no need always be double roller, you can explore three point roller setting.
Meaning on roller in the nose, middle and tail of the chassis.

Tire grip
Only large diameter have many optional tires since this is the widely used tire diameter. Low profile there are optional tires but in some countries there are no soft/hard.
Small diameter and small diameter racing tires wise no optional tire at all
Soft – High grip for high speed tracks, slow on cornering since the tire grips on the track surface very hard
Not suitable for jumps as the tire is bouncy.
Hard – Low grip suitable for technical tracks, fast on corner and speed is not affected. (I recommend using hard than soft tire)
Suitable for jumps as the tire is not bouncy.
Offset tires – Cone shaped type of tires, the tire only have 2mm contact. Very fast on corner and outperform modified tires.
Suitable for tracks with many corners, however speed and stability isn’t’ that great so not ideal for high speed tracks
One way wheel (Rare/Outdated) – All rounder type of tire regardless of tire type whether soft or hard. These are mechanic type of tire.
Speed and corner are very good, since these tires have inner wheel. During corners, the tires will not be drag so the car can corner very easily.
However such tires are not ideal for jumps as the mechanism will get crash after some time of usage.
Reston Sponge (Rare/outdated) – All rounder tire, good grip and easy on corner. Light weight as compare with rubber tires.
Suitable for high speed tires.
Most early Mini 4WD have reston sponge as optional tire.
However not ideal for jumps as the tire is really bouncy.

How to handle jumps
Brakes and jumps are only some methods to handle jumps.
There are other things to take note such as:
– Motor used, if you are using sprint dash for jump.
Try changing to a slower motor
– Gear ratio, try using acceleration ratio of 4:1 and above but no 3:5:! gear for jumps
– Tire, large diameters are not suitable for jumps as the car height is very high. Try changing to small diameter tire.
* Such tires can only be obtained through kits like VS, MS chassis
or Super 1/2 onwards car kits with small diameter car kits

Brake types
– sponge brakes are great for high speed tracks but not climbs.
For some they use tape on sponge brake so it will not brake on climb.
– Rubber brakes all rounder brake for climbs and speed tracks.
Tip for rubber brakes is make it pointy so it touches the arc of the jump section. *Refer to TAM15198 you will understand what I am talking about.

Damper placement
For damper to work properly and correct the vehicle during jumps.
Recommend to place a damper set in front and one in the rear.
Middle damper even in the early days of Mini 4WD are not effective in anywhere so middle damper only helps to hold down the vehicle than correct the vehicle during jumps.
Take note do not use a pair heavy mass damper as the car will bounce off track during jumps. Mass damper block performs better than standard damper drums but do not use the heavier one.
Take note not all car you can place mass damper block in front.
Let me just share that mass damper is not intended to hold down the vehicle but to correct it.
Refer to the instruction of part TAM15392 you will understand what I am talking about.

Car width
Wider the front/rear of the car give more stability as well as cornering.
There are parts like side extension (TAM15230 *Rare, TAM15357).
Basically these are long reach type of FRP, they touch the track wall very closely.
Very suitable for technical tracks and cornering is superb.
However if the track have many tight corners, you might want to explore smaller car width than wide.
Either remove FRP or use FRP with no roller size limitation like 15150/15242. (If the chassis supports it)
Such FRP are from Mini 4WD early days, such FRP are useful since you can put almost any roller size.
If you feel your car is stuck in tight corners, install such FRP than with a smaller roller size like 13mm and smaller.
I use such setting to tackle very tricky courses using chassis like Super 1/TX and VS are a few older chassis that supports such FRP.

Explore sliding damper part and damper grease
FRP is the most popular among all the racers.
Sliding damper part TAM15198/15467.
Tip from me sliding part always put in rear than front.
Most don’t use siding damper as they feel it is slow.
Why is it slow is because the grease included in the part is a soft grease which is meant for low speed.
You need to purchase TAMIYA HG Sliding damper grease 15471.
For high speed use hard, for technical track use soft.
Such part no one have even explore or use.
Sliding damper usually have a aluminium plate which add as weight to hold on the vehicle.
Same concept with some who place weight in the rear.
Don’t worry about jumps, just place a damper in front of the car not the middle and the car can cope with jumps.
Last but not least, try to explore all the optional parts like what I did.
There simply a lot of parts for Mini 4WD other than FRP, metal rollers and etc.
Some rare/older parts are helpful in certain track conditions.
Example TAM15176 which helps Mini 4WD to corner smoothly since the arm slides along the track so the car will not get stuck in corners.

Hope this helps and enjoy.
Max Li
Mini 4WD tester and collector