Tamiya Shogakkan Big Comic 50th Anniversary 1/700 Aircraft carrier IBUKI

“DDV 192 aircraft carrier IBUKI” Three-dimensional at 1/700 scale!
Shogakkan Big Comic Commemorating the 50th Anniversary “Special Project”

1/700 DDV 192 Aircraft carrier IBUKI (Scheduled to be released this spring)
“Airborne mother IBUKI” in the Shogakkan Big comic series (Cooperation by KAWAGUCHI Kaiji / Eiji Eriya). The main character, Ryuta Akitsuki is captain of the captain’s captain “IBUKI” on three-dimensional scale at 1/700 scale. An image of the original equipped with a ski jump type launch pad is reproduced as it is. Fully equipped accessories such as shipboard machines and working vehicles. We also pursued a sense of precision and realism as a scale model.

* The posted image is a CG image under development.