Tamiya report from Thai International Touring Car Championship 2018

March 1 – 4, 2018: TITC 2018

March 1 – 4, 2018

Place / Country

Competition Outline
The northern hemisphere is the largest race in the Asian region during winter TITC 2018 (Thai International Touring Car Championship ) Was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The same course last year held the traditional circuit class 5 classes located about 30 km north of Suvarnabhumi International Airport, totaling 219 entries.
· F1 class
· NonBoost class
· Tamiya Truck class
· Open Brushless class
· Modified class
Mainly with user support participating as TRF. Seiwa Suzuki and Takayuki Kono also participated in the fight for setting advice to participating players.
Participating classes: Suzuki Tamiya Truck, F1, Kohno Tamiya Truck, Open Brushless

Tamiya Truck Class
The Tamiya Truck class that is prevalent worldwide has become a regulation that restricts the use of OP parts and makes it easy to participate. The motor paid “OP.1358 RS – 540 Torque Tune” on that day, shuffling the motor at the qualifying and final, and an equally conditioned race. By moderate speed setting the side-by-side race always developed on the course, and the gallery’s excitement was also high.

F1 class
Suzuki Seiwa participates in “TRF 103” just released at “Spiel Burren Messe” above. Battle of product specifications put in place, winning 5th place. It was my first time to travel with regulations in open class, so I was able to collect various data. I would like to reflect on future product development.
F1 class setting sheet

Open Brushless class
Takayuki Kono participates in setting advice to the player of the class with the most Tamiya car entry. The used vehicle is TRF 419 XR. As well as doing the machine setting, running with the parts to be released in the future. We also checked the performance. Takayuki Kono also won the 3 rd place by sharing the setting with everyone of Tamiya users and challenging the race. I was able to race with the participants in a very pleasant atmosphere. I think that you can also refer to the setting sheet with the hot and humid climate by all means.
Thank you very much for all the participating players and the race management.
TRF 419 XR setting sheet