More details and photos of 56604 Tamiya 1/25 RC British tank Centurion Mk.III (with control unit) details

Total length = 385 mm Picture is a kit assembled and painted

Piloting the strongest tanks during the Korean War
A 1/25-scale electric radio control tank assembly kit that was evaluated as the strongest tank during the Korean War and reproduced British tank Centurion Mk.III that was later adopted in many countries The set-up gearbox that carries two dedicated 130 type motors is set in the rear part of the car. By adopting the digital proportional type RC mechanism, it is possible to perform subtle operations from a very low speed to a full speed, from a gentle turn to a pivot turn. In addition, around the foot of the Horstman method is movable using a metal coil spring. Combined with the crawler track assembled and assembled, it creates a heavy movement. In addition to the marking of the package, the marking was set in 4 kinds at the time of the Korean War such as the 29th Infantry Brigade No. 8 Kings Royal Ireland Light Cavalry Regiment A Squadron, British Commonwealth Forces No. 5 Royal Dragoon Cars Regiment C Company.

About British tank Centurion Mk.III
In 1942 during World War II, British Centurion was developed as a heavy cruising tank capable of competing against powerful German tanks. Mk.III was equipped with a strong long barrel 66.7 caliber 20 pound tank cannon and was said to be the completion form of Centurion among many improved births that were born as the main tank representing the UK after World War II. For the first time in the Korean War that broke out in 1950, it was put into actual war. He showed his success in rescuing the Allies’ crisis often and was valued as the strongest among the many tanks put into the Korean War, and from 1948 to 1956, about 2800 vehicles, the largest in the series, were produced. After the Korean War it was adopted in European countries, India, Israel, Egypt etc., and demonstrated high fighting ability in many fights.

Basic Specification
● Length 385 mm ● Width 138 mm ● With Special Proportion ● With 2 Motor Motors

Separately Required Items
● 4 AA alkaline batteries for receiving and running ● 4 AAA alkaline batteries for transmitter