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Shizuoka was a holy place of Plamo! Is it? Go to Shizuoka Hobby Square GO!

Hello! Rurubu NEWS editorial department. Suddenly, what do you imagine Shizuoka when you say everyone? Speaking of Shizuoka, although it is a famous city of Tokugawa Ieyasu, I often go through the Shinkansen “Nozomi” but I think there are many people who have never got off. But in the city of such Shizuoka, the spots of attention are now being thrilled! Is it? (C) Sobu / Sunrise
I participated in the press tour that took place on July 5 (Wednesday), and have thoroughly investigated its charm. We will deliver it in all four series so please enjoy it!

The first thing I went down to Shizuoka station was “Shizuoka Hobby Square”

I arrive at Shizuoka station about 1 hour from the Tokyo station on the Shinkansen “Hikari”.

I walked a little on the passage leading to the “South Exit” on the Shinkansen side …

Shizuoka Hobby Square is on the 3rd floor of this building.

A large panel and Gundam

Shizuoka Hobby Square is a facility launched in 2011 as the information dissemination base of “model world capital · Shizuoka”, a number of exhibits of Shizuoka model history and the latest models of each manufacturer. A large panel welcomes you as you enter inside.

Behind that, Harley and Suzuki ‘s bikes that catch the eye! This is not Plamo but a real motorcycle.

In the press tour, Mr. Yamada of the staff leader was able to hear the history of the deep plastic model. What is Japan’s first plastic model was a complete copy of American products …. By the way, here Hobby Square is one minute walk from Shizuoka station, which means that there are many customers like us who usually visit during the empty time after boarding the Shinkansen. (C) Sobu / Sunrise

At the entrance of Hobby Square, along with Gundam, a large Zaku Plamo is also settled. (C) Sobu / Sunrise

Finally to the exhibition room

Next to this is the panel of long-model model history chronology, how the beginning is “the first year of culture (1804)”. A lot of woodworkers and lacquerware craftsmen were gathered from all over the country to build a new shrine of the shrine “Shizuoka Asama Shrine” in Yukari Tokugawa this year. Their culture of traditional crafts takes root in the land of Shizuoka, and it will develop into a model industry.

Age has come down, 1938, 1938, school construction movement of model aircraft occurs to raise the warfare. As a result, demand for model airplanes has increased, model makers based in Shizuoka such as Qingdao model airplane (commonly called Aoshima, now Qingdao Bunka Temple Co.) will expand in scale. Hasegawa shop (present Hasegawa) and Tamiya Shoji joint venture company (present Tamiya) etc have been founded at the same time after the war by the war, but these manufacturers have passed the era, even now, even when the model material is replaced with plastic, The name comes out as the top manufacturer in the industry.

Well, as you go through the exhibition room … exhibits of each manufacturer’s plastic models are slurry. Looking at each manufacturer, you will see the difference in fields of specialty for each company.

Aoshima of “Materials”

The official company name is “Aoshima called” Aoshima Bunka Kaika. ” Since I started making model airplanes for teaching materials, the lineup of exhibits somehow has a lot of teaching materials.

For example, this 4D VISION animal dissection model. The skeleton of the dinosaur is vivid ….

On the other hand, the figure of this ship is on sale in recent years. There is also a plastic model of various ship in the lineup.

Bandai of “Gundam Model”

It is Gundam that I can not exclude it as a genre of a plastic model. Bandai manufactures the Gundam model since its launch, and places its manufacturing base “Bandai Hobby Center” in Shizuoka City. (C) Sobu / Sunrise

Speaking of “red and blue star marks” Tamiya

Even those who have never made Plamo, this mark that may have been seen by Tamiya. The red star on the left is “passion” The blue star on the right side represents “precision”, and it boasts the industry’s most precise precision.

Also a mini 4WD course in the hall!

A fine course of Mini 4WD which can play for a fee is set up in the hall. Why do not you bring the original mini 4WD and enjoy the competition? Incidentally there seems to be a trial event to make mini 4WD, so people who have never touched it will definitely have a challenge at this opportunity!

Details: Shizuoka Hobby Square
The trip is still going on
Well, this time we delivered the state of “Shizuoka Hobby Square”. Since press tours are still going on, check out other articles by all means!

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“MISK Foundation” and Tamiya Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding

The “MiSK Foundation” (Riyadh) established by Prince Muhammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is an educational institution that cultivates international creativity to digital content creators on June 29, “Digital Hollywood University (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) and a comprehensive maker of plastic models / models “Tamiya” (Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture), a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Mr. Muhammad Bin Salman crown Prince Mr. Muhammad Bin Salman established in 2011 as a non-profit organization where young people in the country create innovation and creativity of “business · literature · culture · science · technology”.
The foundation has worked with partnerships with Western organizations such as Harvard University, Cisco, UNESCO, Siemens, and so on.

Mr. Badr Al-Azerkel, secretary general of the “Mike Foundation” who came to Japan on a memorandum with “Digital Hollywood University” and “Tamiya Co., Inc.” said, “The Misc Foundation provides Saudi youth with various fields through global partnership I would like to take the initiative and learn the world’s most advanced knowledge and technology.The Memorandum with this two organizations is a start in Japan and we will continue to collaborate with several organizations further in the future. And I would like young people cultivated by the project to be the foundation of the Saudi economy which does not rely on oil in the future.”

Founded in 1994, President and CEO Takeshi Yoshimura, president and CEO of Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd., “Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd., which operates Digital Hollywood University, says,” Our university is a digital content and digital communication in Asia I have been truly honored to be able to contribute to the development of the entertainment and content industry in Saudi Arabia by setting up education field and fostering human resources who can contribute to the future.It is to carry out CG experience classes on site as a start We will accept foreign students from Saudi Arabia in the future and we will develop human resources who will be united with Saudi Arabia and support the content industry.”

“Tamiya Co., Ltd.”, which develops, manufactures and sells models and plastic models globally, was founded in 1946. Mr. Tamaki Tamiya, Chairman and Representative Director Shunsaku Tamiya said, “His Highness Prince Muhammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is focusing on” manufacturing “and young people’s capabilities, introducing Japan’s” Monozukuri program ” As part of the project, I was honored to be working with Tamiya’s educational program very much this time.The company wishes for children who are responsible for the next generation of Saudi Arabia to spread this program We will continue preparations for full-scale operation in the future. ”

Mr. Bukhari Isam, CEO of “Manga Productions, Inc.”, a subsidiary of the Misques Foundation, said, “The coordination with the Japanese side has advanced with this visit and the direction of development such as animation production and video game as a joint project between Japan and Saudi Arabia I have come to see it. ”

Misk Foundation URL:

Source of Japanese article: PRTIMES

Tamiya 70227 Cam Program Robot Set Video

This assembly kit creates a robot whose movement can be programmed by the use of cam parts. The dual motors power triangular tracks and left/right arms in unison. Cams are inserted into the central program bar, and as it is pushed through the model by the program bar gear, the position of the cams is translated to the steering legs, which are lifted off the surface and cause the robot’s motion to change. ★Different assembly patterns create 2 different types of motion. ★Program bars give approximately 35 seconds of movement each, and can be joined together for longer patterns. ★Includes everything needed for easy snap-fit/screw-together assembly. ★Requires one R6/AA/UM3 battery (sold separately).

1/6 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Launch Event Video “Ride Africa Twin!” at Tamiya plastic model factory Shimbashi store
0:00:30 first half
0:54:04 second half

● Dates: June 24, 2017 (Saturday)

● Venue: Tamiya plastic model factory Shimbashi shop 2F Modeler’s Square
Tamiya 1/6 motorcycle series held the latest model of the “Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin” launch special event “ride Africa Twin meeting!” on sale on the day of the model! . A new era of adventure tourer vehicle is to have roots in the world’s toughest rally. 1/6 model is state-of-the-art history of the bike model that begins to “Honda Dream CB750 FOUR” released in 1970. Tradition and passion, both in which the crystalline state-of-the-art the same! . Vehicle and the model, each upbringing and view of the world, such as attention as the creator, frank talk by luxury guest, who was involved in the development, will deliver a valuable episode!

● Cast:
– Mr. Tadashi Iizuka, Honda motorcycle R & D Center (Ltd.) (Senior Researcher Daiichishohin Development Office CRF1000L Africa Twin responsible for the development)
– Mr. Akihiro Komatsu, Honda motorcycle R & D Center Co. Ltd. (researcher Design development Office CRF1000L Africa Twin design person in charge)
– Mr. Tsutomu Matsui (motor journalist)
– Tamiya planning and development Department staff

● Cooperation: Honda motorcycle R & D Center Co., Ltd., Honda motorcycle Japan, RIDE AFRICA TWIN Executive Committee meeting

Masami Hirosaka – 14 RC Car World Championship Title Wins

As one of the hobby, many radio enthusiasts (RC) cars love it. In the full-scale race the world championship is held in the world of “small motorsport”, called “legend”, there are Japanese who are respected from RC users all over the world.

An immortal big record yet to be broken “14 World Championships”

Hirosaka Masami, 47 years old. Since the first race of the RC car race at the age of seven in 1978, the total winning number until the retirement at the age of 39 in 2009 is 307 wins. This includes 14 major victories in the IFMAR World Championship and 52 JMRCA All Japan Championships.
RC car world championships are held once every two years for each event. If we compare the world warfare 14 wins generally, it is easy to understand that “14 gold medals at summer winter Olympic Games” total. From 1987 to 2005, including 18 consecutive years title holding record, it still remains the number one in the world in the RC race world. As of June 2017, since the winner of the most active winning athletes is 5 wins, you can see how prominent the 14 wins are.
Hirosaka’s achievements are highly evaluated in Europe and the United States, where motor sports culture is rooted, and are announced in a phrase like the usual when traveling on expedition.
– Fourteen times WorldChampion from JAPAN, “The Living LEGEND” Masami Hirosaaakaaaaa !!

What is Hobby RC car?

What is generally associated with listening to radio controlled cars is “Toy radio control” which is sold at home electronics mass retailers and toy shops, which is simple in structure and can be played with dry batteries. However, “Hobby radio control” is a real model like a real car, unlike it, it is a model car to assemble by yourself. It is a “machine” that runs at speeds as high as over 100 km / h in the highest peak races, using batteries for power supply.
Whereas the price is a few thousand yen for the toy radio control, the Hobby RC is for the entry user totaling about 2 to 30 thousand yen, if it is a race that heavily uses expensive materials such as carbon and titanium, it is more than 60,000 yen for the body kit. Looking at other hobbies, the point that becomes more expensive as a full-fledged one is a price range similar to a fishing rod or a tennis racket.

▲ 1/10 scale machine for racing of Hobby RC car. Chassis is carbon, rods and screws are titanium, light weight and high rigidity. Equipped with a mechanism similar to real cars such as 4-wheel independent suspension, oil damper and stabilizer, alignment adjustment of each part is also possible. It is a combination of brushless motor and lithium polymer battery, and in the top category, it demonstrates over 100 km / h.

“Small motor sports” called competition radio control car

Mr. Hirosaka talks about the charm of the RC car race.
“Whatever happens,” I become No. 1 “I think that most people are the few events in my life even if it is the first place in the town or the first place in the school, and the pleasure at that time is In my case, it was an RC car race when I was seven, and I think that RC car is “toy” in general Although it tends to be, the world championship is held also for the hobby for the competition, as well as the real race that the powerful makers participate in the works team in the race and the strong drivers gathered from all over the world compete for a comma 1 second There is a fierce world of RC, although it is remote control, it is exactly “small motors” which is required for the concentration and mental strength of a human horse as if he is actually riding and operating Over Tsu “for you.”

“I will let the world recognize the power of the Japanese!” Episode at the age of 16 when the switch entered inside of me

In 1986, Hirosaka was 16 years old, I first tried the world championship held in America. However, the difference with the top of the world is more than expected, and I was made aware of the lack of power without putting it in the top ten. But more than that, there was a shocking event for Hirosaka.
“A Japanese got a good time on qualifying, but it was judged as a measurement error and the record was deleted.The Japanese team protested, but for some reason why not, why “Because Japanese people can not run so fast,” I received a tremendous shock on my prejudice, but at the same time I said “let me recognize that even Japanese can run fast, absolutely I’m switched on “to do”

Increasing awareness of Hobby RC by winning

When returning from the world’s first challenge of humiliation, Hirosaka repeatedly practiced hard and succeeded in 1987 and won the first Japanese as a Japanese at the world championship in the UK. After the victory with the Netherlands Competition in 1988, the Australia Games in 1989, the “Masami era” comes before the age of 20 years.
“As the marks from rivals gradually became increasingly strict, I thought that I wanted something to be a goal in keeping fighting, so when I looked into it, there were ten consecutive championships of the bicycle’s Nakano Koichi World Championship , I decided to aim for 10 wins at first as long as it is equal to that, and decided to aim for 10 wins at first.In addition, as I continue running at the top of the world, “RC is not a toymous toy, Japan fighting in the world There was also a feeling that if Hobby RC is generally recognized, in order that everyone of fans can be confident and boast about them, it is a hobby where there are players. ”

After retirement, we will promote RC car promotion activities both in Japan and overseas

Targeted 10 wins achieved at the Finland Games in 1999, after winning the 14th victory at the 2004 American tournament in 2004, retired at the age of 39 at the age of 39 with missing from all over the world in May 2009. After that, while working for the sales department as an employee of Yokomo for competition hobby, international organization supervising the world championships FEMCA executive of Asian branch of IFMAR, Vice Chairman of JMRCA (Japan Model Radio Control Car Association), JRM (Japan Radio Control Model Association) Director, concurrently as Chairman of RCDC (All Japan RC Drift Competition Committee). Making full use of the “face” cultivated in active 30 years, he has been widely active in domestic and overseas, such as attendant, race management and event planning of key figures who came from overseas, magazines and television, as well. We are working to further raise awareness of RC cars.
“When I reached the first victory of world warfare at the age of seventeen in 1987, I thought that I truly obediently wanted” let other people taste this joy! “Even now, my wish is in my heart, RC I am devoting my eyes every day to convey the pleasures of cars. ”

“Method for improving RC” is a book!

A permanent preservation version of Muku ” Hirosaka Masami’s RC car victory equation “ for Mr. Hirosaka Masami toward ” Rider who wishes to drive” and “Want to win the race ” appeared! Masami Hirosaka’s unique know-how, which has been fighting in the world, such as basic exercise methods, skill improvement techniques for intermediate players, and mentality ideas that can not be defeated at the time of racing, is consolidated. In addition, 30 successive race episodes and used machines were selected carefully. It is content that can be enjoyed to the fullest for the beginners as well as the RC car fan of the former year.

● About Masami Hirosaka (Masami Hirosaka)
Hirosaka Masami. Born February 26, 1970, he is from Kyoto Prefecture. Radio control car model manufacture Manufacturer Sorry, belonging to Yokomo sales department. When I was 5 years old I met a radio controlled car, I won all championship at the age of 16, a world champion at the age of 17. In the 2009 major league retirement leaves 14 world championships and 52 national championships 52 wins. Currently he is involved in dissemination activities of radio controlled cars and tournament management, and has served as Vice Chairman of JMRCA (Japan Model Radio Control Car Association), Officer of FEMCA (FarEastModelCarAssociation), JRM (Japan Radio Control Manufacturers Association), RCDC (All Japan RC Drift Competition Commissioner Association) As a chairperson, it is active widely both in Japan and abroad.

● About the book “Masami Hirosaka`s Equation to RC Car Victory”
Book is written in Japanese.
– Legend driver ‘Hirosaka Masami’ who stands at the top of the world ‘s RC scene, with overwhelming results of 14 wins at the electric RC car world championship and 52 wins at all Japan championships.
– Consolidate his expertise into one volume and publish the law to win the race.
– It is also one book that you can enjoy with RC fans of former years, including also recording successive machines and episodes.
– Main schedule contents
· Machine control method aiming at departure
· Practice beyond intermediate barriers
· [Become stronger] Mental theory
· Tire selection
· Masami’s setting advice
· Complete explanation of example machine machine

Source: ” Equation to RC car victory of Masami Hirosaka “, Text: T. Hasegawa (Takahiro Hasegawa), photo: Yokomo, K. Tsuchiya (Koichi Tsuchiya)

New Tamiya Item Release list for August 2017

R/C Models
 58645  1/10 R/C Subaru WRC STI NBR Challenge (TT-02)
 42314  R/C Pit Bag (Medium)
 47356  GF-01 D Parts (Clear Gray)
 47357  1/10 Scale R/C Volkswagen Scirocco GT24-CNG Lightweight Body Parts Set
 54765  M-07 Concept Aluminum Front Suspension Mount (5°)
 54766  M-07 Concept Aluminum Counter Shaft
 54767  M-07 Concept Aluminum Center Shaft
 54773  Aluminum Adjustable Wing Stay 2
 54774  1/10 Scale R/C Raikiri GT Body Parts Set (White, Painted)
 54775  1/10 Scale R/C Raikiri GT Body Parts Set (Bright Gun Metal, Painted)

Scale Models
 32410  1/35 German 3.5ton Truck AHN w/3.7cm Flak 37 AA Gun
 14002  1/12 Yamaha RZ250
 14004  1/12 Yamaha RZ350
 25412  1/35 British Army Centurion Mk.III
 35063  1/35 Russian Heavy Tank KV-II Gigant
 35092  1/35 British L.R.D.G. Command Car 30cwt Truck
 35148  1/35 German 8ton Semi Track sd.kfz.7
 12679  Carbon Pattern Decal (Plain Weave/Fine)
 12680  Carbon Pattern Decal (Plain Weave/Extra Fine)
 12681  Carbon Pattern Decal (Twill Weave/Fine)
 12682  Carbon Pattern Decal (Twill Weave/Extra Fine)

 18087  Mini 4WD Hawk Racer
 18088  Mini 4WD Owl Racer
 95336  Thunder Dragon Clear Special (Polycarbonate Body)
 95337  Fire Dragon Clear Special (Polycarbonate Body)
 95102  Mini 4WD 35th Anniversary Raikiri Clear Body Set
 95103  Mini 4WD 35th Anniversary Multipurpose tape (10mm Width/Orange)
 95106  HG Carbon Reinforcing Plate Set (1.5mm) J-Cup 2017
 95107  Mini 4WD Parts Storage Box Set (35th Anniversary)
 95236  Mass Damper Set (Black)
 95315  HG Lightweight 19mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless/Blue)
 95320  MA Fluorescent-Color Chassis Set (Orange)
 95327  19mm Aluminum Rollers w/Plastic Rings (Light Blue)
 95340  Mass Damper Set (Heavy/Black)
 95352  Aluminum Motor Support (Red) Mini 4WD Station
 95359  HG Aluminum Large Dia. Narrow Wheels (for Super X & XX Chassis) (2pcs.)

Tools & Paints
 70227  Cam-Program Robot
 74557  Coiled Air Hose (for High-Power Air Compressors)

Official details of Tamiya 42315 TB Evo.7 Chassis

・This is an R/C 1/10 scale shaft-driven 4WD chassis assembly kit. Length: 371mm, Width: 185mm, Wheelbase: 258mm.
・The chassis is based around a 2mm thick aluminum lower deck and 6mm thick center stiffener, which give a blend of rigid pitch damping and flexible roll. The number of screws used to attach the stiffener can be changed to alter chassis rigidity.
・The lack of an upper deck lowers the chassis’ center of gravity.
・A largely overhauled layout includes updated motor positions and bulkhead design.
・The motor is longitudinally mounted. Users can choose from 3 layouts (front; mid; rear) to adjust performance depending upon conditions and driving style.
・Comes with TRF super short big bore dampers.
・Motor clearance can be adjusted simply from above, for quick in-pit tweaks.
・Steering linkage components are installed directly onto the bulkhead as opposed to being attached to the chassis. This removes any effect upon chassis roll.
・Highly-efficient shaft-driven 4WD is achieved with a front direct coupling and WO universal shafts, plus a rear gear differential unit and aluminum drive shafts.
・Proven TRF418 suspension arms and TRF419 rear uprights are employed.