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Can a team of Tamiya Bruiser model cars pull a real new Hilux? The experiment of the classic Tamiya ad video redone by Toyota UK and Tamiya UK

Most classic Tamiya RC fans surely know this early 80s Tamiya advertisement video of a bunch of Tamiya 58028 Hilux pulling a real 1/1 scale Hilux:

Toyota UK together with Tamiya UK redid now this experiment with some Tamiya Bruiser to pull the much heavier current 1/1 real Hilux:

How the pull was made @ Toyota UK Blog

Tamiya Cebu Philippines Factory Visit & Photos of 58646 Konghead Prototype and Production

7 years ago we had posted some photos of the Tamiya Philippines Factory and few days ago the Bright Spot Gizmos & Toys Company posted many more photos on their Facebook page.

Interestingly, a few of them show a prototype of the Tamiya 58646 RC 1/18 Konghead 6X6 G6-01 as well the production of its Polycarbonate body and some pre-sale sample chassis:

Below there is a small compilation of more interesting photos of the visit, the source and all of them can be found at Bright Spot Gizmos & Toys Facebook photo album

Tamiya 58646 RC 1/18 KONGHEAD 6X6 – G6-01 chassis

Tamiya’s G6-01 chassis makes its debut with a Bull Head inspired polycarbonate body. The body sits on top of a 6-wheel drive chassis derived from the capable GF-01!

The Konghead 6×6 is Tamiya’s first ever six-wheeled R/C vehicle ready to pound dirt, asphalt lots and neighborhood streets across the country! This model utilizes a new gear-driven 6WD chassis which is partially derived from the capable Tamiya GF-01 machine. The excellent drive it provides will make for extreme fun while off-road driving. Furthermore, its powerful gear-driven setup allows the Konghead to take on slope inclines of up to 40 degrees!

The polycarbonate body, inspired by Tamiya’s classic Bullhead monster truck, features a brand-new sticker sheet with cool graphics. A host of metal-plated parts includes air cleaners and exhaust (both from the Bullhead monster truck), plus chrome-plated deep rim wheels.

· R/C model assembly kit. Length: 420mm, width: 270mm, height: 280mm.
· The 6WD chassis employs 3 differential gears to transmit power from the front-center-mounted motor to all of the model’s wheels. These differentials are encased in the durable main chassis.
· 6-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension is paired with friction dampers.
· Brand-new polycarbonate body inspired by the classic Bullhead monster truck.
· The kit manual build creates a front wheel-steering model. It also includes instructions to re-assemble it into a 4WS model with steerable rear wheels. NOTE: Separately-sold 4WS function transmitter and R/C equipment are required.
· Compatible with many GF-01 chassis Hop Up Option and spare parts.
· Requires 2-channel radio with ESC, & 7.2volt battery with charger.
· Requires Tamiya Polycarbonate paint to paint the body. (sold separately)

Mooncraft CO., Ltd. / Yura Design and RCmagazine about the Tamiya BIGWIG 2017

Sources (in Japanese language): Mooncraft CO., Ltd. / Yura Design & RCmagazine

Reissue version “Big wig” released!

From Tamiya Corporation, Yura Design Electric R / C 4WD Racing Buggy Reprint version “Big Wig (2017)” will be released on Saturday March 11 this Saturday.

“Big wig” is the year 1986, 31 years ago.
The 4WD Racing Buggy RC car released as the 10th anniversary model of Tamiya Electric RC car birth.
Yura is in charge of the body design, and the body design is developed jointly by Tamiya (then: Tamiya model).
Tamiya who does not design the model outside the company was also talked about by appointing Yura as a designer.

This time it will be released, “Big wig (2017)” of the reprinted version added with improvements without changing the basic composition at the time.
The logo of the body also differs somewhat.
I think that the mark of our company “MOONCRAFT” is placed large in the rear wing, too.

As for Mooncraft, we are collecting Big wig materials etc at that time in 1986, so we will introduce it again at BLOG later.

Also, the previous magazine’s interview was done before the old and the new two big wigs.
The Big wig of 1986 was exhibited also in the reception room of Mooncraft.


Yura Design Electric R / C car “Big wig (2017)” was published in the magazine.

Electric RC car 4WD racing buggy “Big wig (2017)” is published in the latest issue of “RC Model Magazine” currently on sale – April 2017 issue. This “radio control magazine” is a memorial number of 500. In commemoration No. 500, the reprint version of the electric R / C car 4WD racing buggy “Big wig” released by Yura in 1986 and featured in Yuri was featured in “Big Wig (2017)”. “Big wig (2017)” will be on sale March 11th this Saturday from Tamiya Co., Ltd. In this issue, as well as introduction of “Big wig (2017)”, Tamiya adviser Mr. Fumito Taki who was involved in the development of the first model and Yura is talking about the secret story of the first big wig development. (Image: From RCmagazine Ladama’s official web site) Those who knew big wigs in the reprint version are of course, but I think that it is interesting to those who were fans of the original model. And the moon craft wind tunnel is also a little but has appeared. Currently, it is on sale now. Please have a look if you do not mind. For detailed information on ” Radio Control Magazine” April issue of 2017, please see the page of RCmagazine Rajima on official website.

Tamiya/TRF Report from Thailand International Touring Car Championship (TITC) 2017

Thailand International Touring Car Championship (TITC) 2017
February 16th – 19th, 2017
Infinity Addict Circuit, Bangkok, Thailand
Last month, Thailand played host to TITC 2017. One of the largest R/C events of its kind in Asia,it was held at the impressive Infinity Addict Circuit, conveniently located just 30km from Suvarnabhumi Airport.
279 drivers took part across 6 classes: FF; Formula; Non-Boost; Tamiya Super GT; Open Brushless; and Modified Touring.
Tamiya Racing Factory (TRF) team member Takayuki Kono was in attendance to offer advice and answer questions from Tamiya fans and drivers.
He also found the time to get on the track, joining in the Tamiya Super GT and Open Brushless classes. Reports follow.

Tamiya Super GT Class
This class featured Tamiya TT series chassis and Super-GT car bodies;
its rapidly growing popularity at domestic races in Thailand led to its inclusion here.
Laps under 27 seconds were discounted in order to make the race a challenge to drivers of all levels.
Kono was eager to try his hand at this class, which was a new experience for him. Using an un-tuned machine, in the Finals he nonetheless put in some sub-27 second laps, which while proving his speed had to be discounted and led to a final finishing position of 8th.
This innovative rule gave all drivers a fair chance and led to great excitement on the track with the victor unknown until the last.

Open Brushless Class
This class featured the most Tamiya car entries,
and Kono himself took part to make sure he was in the best position to advise Tamiya drivers on setup and the like.
His TRF419X machine was fitted with upcoming option parts and provided a great opportunity for him to test them in the heat of action – many were also tested by local Tamiya drivers,their feedback to be added into the mix during further parts development.
Among the success stories were Item 42310 37T Aluminum Differential Pulley,which contributed to significant acceleration and cornering improvements.
Kono achieved a third-place finish in the class, but just as importantly,
he was privileged to have been able to contribute to the amiable atmosphere at this successful event.
Please check out his setting sheet,which is available on this page!

Tamiya New Item List April 2017

RC Models
47329  1/24 R/C Metal Dump Truck (GF-01)
58638  1/10 R/C Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5-16 EVO.II Team Zakspeed “Diebels Alt” (TT-01 Type-E)
58643  1/10 R/C The Grasshopper Ⅱ (2017)
42311  1/10 R/C TRF419X WS Chassis Kit
54733  TT-02 Aluminum Rear Uprights (3.0°)
54734  GF-01 FRP Battery Plate
54746  TA07 Carbon Damper Stay Set (for TRF Super Short Big Bore Dampers)
54754  TT-02B Carbon Damper Stays (Front & Rear)

Scale Models
35352  1/35 British Infantry Tank Mk.III Valentine Mk.II/IV
35355  1/35 Infantry Tank Matilda Mk.III/IV “Red Army”
37025  1/35 British Cruiser Tank Mk.VI Crusader Mk.III
25181  1/350 Bismarck 1941 Detail Up Set

95308  The Bigwig RS (Super-II Chassis)
15512  Brake Sponge Set (Mild, 1/2/3mm Blue)
95309  Duralumin Wide F/R Plate (Blue)
95307  HG Carbon Reinforcing Plate Set (1.5mm/Silver)
95314  Slimline Mass Damper Set (Black)

Tools & Paints
74556  Air Hose (2.0m/for High-Power Air Compressors)
85097  TS-97 Pearl Yellow

Living great times – the Tamiya re-re-releases

Tamiya plastic model factory Shimbashi just posted some photos of the Boomerang “reprint” of the re-release version as well as some other re-releases offered and this made us think how great actually the current times are for us classic Tamiya RC kit fans, we can just go to our hobby shop and admire and buy any of them like as if we were a teenager in the glorious 1980s again. 15 years ago that was a so far away dream, a group of us was thinking how great it would be and were even so excited about something now comparably so unspectacular like the re-release of the BMW E30 M3 Schnitzer body on the TT-01 chassis and now we can buy legendary kits like the Sand Scorcher, Bruiser and Avante New In Box anytime and anywhere! Funnily some still complain either about kit XXX not re-released yet or too many re-releases, well that’s human nature. We can only repeat, thank you so much TAMIYA for making this dream come true!

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol. 17 Video
■ Venue: Toyota City Showcase MEGA WEB special circuit
Tamiya RC car festival On the second day, held !! Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix
[Junior Grand Prix] , [Women’s Grand Prix], [parent-child classic buggy], four classes of [Junior buggy Grand Prix] have been made!
Also after the first qualifying session ended, have been made have also been held in October, “American Picnic Day 2016” in the had planned to held in (the day canceled in case of rain), “Setagaya rally Grasshopper class”.