14 thoughts on “Tamiya Philippines Factory

  1. GreatDane

    That factory plant is huuuuge.

    Has Tamiya moved all there production to the Phillippines?

    I would like see the inside of the Tamiya plant in Japan, and not just the showroom….;-)

    Btw awaits the commence of the Toy Fair in Germany. The days are sooo looong…

    Best Regards,

    GreatDane c'',)

  2. Anonymous

    Agreed! It is a huge factory! Still, who do we talk to or ask to get a tour of these factories (Japan and Phillippines), Tamiya's secret service??…..LOL! I mean, this is something they don't advertise, to my knowledge. A tour of these places would be an ultimate Tamiya experience!

  3. Anonymous

    I have a question that seeing the bodies made me remember…why do all Tamiya lexan bodies have two mold lines across the hood and the tail of the bosy?

    Drives me nuts. Some of the most expensive bodies available and those two ugly mold lines.

    The first I've seen to not have them is the new Datsun

  4. tamiyablog.com

    Guess as they are made from multiple sheets or casts to enable "closed" 3D surfaces?

  5. miramar

    The two mold lines are a result of the three-piece molds used for bodies with front and rear undercuts. To make it possible to remove the body after molding, the mold consists of one front and one rear part, with a wedge-shaped centre part. After molding, the centre part is first removed, then the rear and front parts are moved inwards and out of the body. As for the Datsun 240Z, I haven't received it yet, so I should be careful when commenting, but judging by the pictures seen so far, it also have the typical lines, at least on the front:


  6. spark25

    i was jst 1dering if any 1 can give proper intructions for beginners like me & my kids for this type of hobby coz i find it more relaxing after a week long from work, plus, this is much better n safer way of family bonding with my grown up kids. playing with this realistic radio controlled cars cud be fun for family members and friends as well. thanks so much and best regards to you all. Godspeed…

  7. allan

    Is it possible for me to enter the factory and see how tamiya mini 4wd are made It would be dream come true for me thanks…^^
    “all people grows old, but not all grows up..

  8. Gon

    I want to enter the factory! ^^ uhm i was wondering does anyone knows what aluminum does tamiya use with their products? specifically the ones used with the Tamiya 1/32 Mini 4wds!

  9. Julius

    waaaaaaaaah, i want free tamiya rc car hee hee. Give me some for this christmas hihi ^^, tamiya rc cars rocks ♥

  10. Jojo Sanchez

    Can somebody from Tamiya Cebu please help me get this model: Tamiya LRDG w/Breda 20mm item # 89785 in 1/35 scale. This was made here in our country but no longer in production. You must have some samples left in your stockrooms. I need just one. Its crazy to buy them from the US at astronomic prices.

  11. reniel

    i have a small store of mini 4wds, i was wondering if where can i get a very cheap price of mini4wds so i could compete on prices with other resellers? i hope someone could help me find one even on a bulk order. thank you.

  12. Jose Sanchez

    Thank you for reissuing the LRDG W/20Mmm Breda model kit. I got to order one… from Hong Kong

  13. PJ Cheng

    I like to buy some Tamiya Ship scale model. Can you give some retailers based in Philippines.

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