Tamiya 95281 Kumamon MINI 4WD – Supporting Kumamoto

Tamiya 95281 (2)

Four wheel drive mini Special specifications that support the Kumamoto Prefecture] Japan in response to the earthquake, of course, have been reaching out a lot of hands from all over the world, but Tamiya will cheer the Kumamoto Prefecture in mini four-wheel drive. Do your best! Kumamoto mini four-wheel drive (kumamon version), special specifications driver doll kumamon was riding. The body is using the popularity of Raikiri in the four wheel drive mini race, it was made clear that the bear Mont drivers precompiled assembly and paint look better. Of course, marking is also a dedicated metallic type. Chassis is equipped with a double-shaft motor in the center of the vehicle body, adopted the MA of midship layout. Chassis body is black color made of ABS resin, rollers and rear skid bar A component is black color made of low-friction resin, such as. Set the 5-spoke black low-height tire of the wheel of the yellow, it was equipped with a high-rotation type double shaft motor that is suitable for many high-speed course of the straight. [Drive efficiency adopted MA chassis in pursuit of] the “MA” is, Midship stands for AERO (midship Aero). The double shaft motor mounted on the center of the vehicle body, “MS chassis” midship layout, the airflow during running (Aero) has been specifically designed to be aware “AR chassis”. Was put together each of the excellent features in one of the chassis is the “MA chassis”. Of course, until now taking advantage of the accumulated racing know-how to, such as standard equipped with six low-friction resin rollers and rear skid bars, driving performance was also polished thoroughly. In addition, the adoption of monocoque construction of integrated, also further improve ease of assembly and maintenance. In addition, from street corners race that takes place in the small of course, until the official competition of the large-scale special 5-lane circuit, is a wide range can be chassis. Body is black made of ABS resin, the gear cover and A parts black made of low-friction resin, such as a skid bar. Yellow color is equipped with a 26mm low height tire of the brilliant 5-spoke wheel, 3.5: 1 ultra-fast gear and a high-performance Rebuchun 2 motor PRO was standard equipment. ⇒ MA detailed information of the chassis, refer to the page of the blast Arrow (18635).

Tamiya 95281 (1)Basic Specifications 
★ at completion of the full-length 156mm, overall width 97mm, height 43mm ★ Rebuchun 2 motor PRO with double shaft motor ★ kumamon doll is the assembly of the assembly and paint Zumi ★ body telescoping of unnecessary adhesive purchase
Needed extras
★ two AA-size batteries

※ profit full amount of this product, we will be donated from Tamiya in Kumamoto Prefecture.