Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2016 Releases

TAMIYA 2016 ?

As in the previous years

a) which products do you think Tamiya could release this year (static, RC, mini, anything else) and

b) which products would you personally like to be released (regardless of if their chances are realistic)?

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The team of thanks repeatedly for the continuously growing
reader base and support and wishes everyone a superb 2016!

62 thoughts on “Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2016 Releases

  1. Robert

    Cars I would like to see:
    Ferrari 488 GTB
    Ford GT LM
    HIghlift Ford Raptor (2017 model)
    Lamborghini Aventador
    Lamborghini Huracan GT3
    McLaren P1
    McLaren 675
    Mercedes W06
    Toyota 4Runner (CC-01)

  2. Florian Münch

    Scania / Mercedes / MAN 6×6 Dump Truck
    Scania / Mercedes / MAN 6×6 w. Snow Plow
    MB Unimog ABS / Hardplastic Body for CC-01
    ….More ABS Bodys for CC-01

  3. hotstatic

    I have found a Tamiya catalogue from 1994 in the attic today. Very good condition. What a surprise. I would appreciate the King Cab and the Hilux Monsters.

  4. JB

    a) Porsche 959 (MF-01X chassis)

    b) Hilux 4×4 Pickup
    Blazing Blazer
    King Cab
    Peugeot 405T16GR (Any chassis)

  5. VETEQ

    1 – re-release of 1/12 Scale Lamborghini ” CHeetah ‘
    2 – re-release of 1/12 Scale Porsche 934/935 (original chassis)
    3 – re-release of Can-Am Lola (original chassis)

  6. Jink

    Dancing doll premium
    burning sun premium
    Shooting star premium
    Also the rest of the hyper dash yonkuro cars from the new manga

  7. Ahmad

    I hope this year Tamiya will produce :

    – a newer version of M4WD front motor chassis, that is stronger and easier to build version of Super FM, with a better front bumper with more screw holes for better front plate placement, and a better rear end to mount a multitude of rear plate placement.

    – newer large diameter wheel designs

    – better quality HG carbon reinforced plates, and a side plate made from HG carbon reinforced material, to allow not only mounting of dampers on the side of any chassis ( meaning more screw holes ) but at the same can be used for something else as well.

    – MA chassis kits with clear polycarbonate cowls

  8. Jeff

    Increase production and or restructure sales strategy. I live in a major western Canadian city with more then 1 million people.with About 3 major hobby shops that have A very limited stock of Tamiya products. Online purchasing of Tamiya kits is not so easy either. Please deliver the goods Tamiya

  9. Siegi

    There is only one RC car i like to see as rerelease:
    Toyota Celica Gr.B 1/12
    My absolute favorite!!!

  10. navycolt

    The tank is giong to be 100 years old in 2016. That would be a great mistake from Tamiya not to make a tank (I mean 1/16 rc of corse) from the 1st WW.


  11. Jfive

    Wishing again this year for:

    Faithfull re-re Toyota Celica Grb 1/12 with modern upgrades

    Re-re Blazing Blazer

  12. borrel

    only wish a
    B2B Racing sidecar nr:58017
    Opel Ascona 400 nr:58037
    Toyota Celica GT-Four Repsol nr:58119
    Happy new Year Tamiya and the team behind this blog.

  13. Tony.T

    About M-Chassis, some news bodies like the Autobianchi A112 for M05, or the Renault 8 Gordini for M06. Why don’t you do the Lotus Talbot Sunbeam ?

  14. Tony.T

    And I forget the most important. About the colors on spray paints for polycarbonate bodies, please do the same color as the Racing White TS7, but in “PS” version.

  15. Phil

    Has to be the last of the SRB’s (ford ranger f150 xlt) was my first ever tamiya! Please tamiya let’s see it again!!!! And how about a new 2016 SRB pick up or buggy??

  16. Paul H.

    Hopefully Tamiya will re-release the

    Blazing Blazer
    original Hilux
    Ford F-150 Ranger XLT
    Classic Blackfoot 58058 with Monster Beetle Chassis
    Porsche 959
    King Cab
    Hilux Monster Racer

    So Hurry on their is a lot of work waiting. 🙂

  17. Shifty

    I guess they re release the blackfoot 1 cause its based on the chassis of frog, brat, monster beetle, …

    I really hope they’re release the super hornet and the grasshopper 2 (maby also real cause they made a serie of cars like the hornet, the black hornet…)

    maybe the famous wild willy 1 could be re-re leased 🙂

    i would really enjoyed if tamiya would relase a version of a porsche 917K (gulf) on a tamiya f103 based chassis – i think this would be the a momet of the year and the future 🙂 No other manufacteur has re relased one of this historic cars.

  18. david

    A- moto gp 2015 1/12
    – tt02 935 1/10 martini

    B- releases
    Countach wolf 1/12
    Juggernaut 1&2
    300zx imsa gto
    Super astute


  19. chris

    More RC tanks 1/16 :

    -WWI MarkI or IV… all metal !

    -Grant or Lee
    -B1 bis

  20. Jeff

    Plz don’t even bother with Big wig or 959. Go with King cab /hi-Lux and Terra scorcher lines. Thanks for the Monster beetle and what it brings

  21. Eugene

    a) Many different bears on different tamiya veacles…

    b) BigWig
    Hotshot 2
    Bear Hawk
    Lancia Rally (frog chassis)
    Opel Ascona 400 (original chassis)
    Toyota Celica Gr.B and Porsche 956 (original chassis)
    1/12 Martini Porsche 935 Turbo (original chassis)
    Toyota 4×4 Pick Up (original chassis)
    Blazing Blazer (original chassis)

  22. Momo

    AVANTE 2001


  23. Gerhard

    More “custom” 1-14 scale big rigs, like Tamiya did with the Grand Hauler. But with actual manufacture names and body styles.

    I’d personally like to see a late 1970’s Kenworth W900A.

    The Peterbilt 281 truck with tanker and the Plymouth Valiant from the movie Duel.

    Also more Group C prototypes in both 1-10 and 1-12 scale.

    What I hope Tamiya would re-release are:

    Juggernaut 2

    Clod Buster (original one with Chevy bowtie on the grill and Chevrolet name on tailgate)

    Blazing Blazer

  24. Barry

    Itwould be great if at long last they would do some trials bikes (old and new). Montesa Honda have been the world champions for many years now so that could be a good start.

  25. Louis XVI Roi de France

    Avante 2001
    Peterbilt 378
    Peterbilt 379
    Peterbilt 359
    Kenworth W900
    Freightliner Concordia (a licenced Knight Hauler!!)
    Hotshot 2

  26. Ricardo Gonzalez

    Hello Sir.

    I would like a new release of 1/12 street bike, BMW, Aprilia, Ducati, Kawasaki and New Moto GP.


  27. barry

    Yes, I agree with Ricardo, Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 in 1/12 scale. It’s my full size bike and I can’t get a model of it anywhere!!


    I was thinking about this and I think that Its feasible for Tamiya to produce a Club Sport Hot Shot in the spirt of the Original using a flat side carbon chassis and modern day suspension. Or even a modern day 4WD version of the Hot Shot but in 1/8, now that would be fun!

  29. Louis XVI Roi de France

    What about a Tamiya Bespoke limited edition run series?
    What I mean is if enough people sign up -say 1000 worldwide to pay x amount -Tamiya can licence and produce that model, which may due to licencing costs prove too costly to produce as an item. However if monies are collected in part toward the project -a bit like a bespoke savile row suit.
    I am referring to Tamiya & Paccar Trucks re the Peterbilt/Kenworth issue.
    Just a thought, the higher end collectors would get their limited dition licenced Peterbilt 379 -just for a higher fee-say instead of £320 kit price, sign up to pay£700 kit price.
    A personalised bespoke service from Tamiya.

  30. CyberStar

    I wish for re release of

    1-Porsche 959 or Toyota cilica
    2- big wig
    3- Terra Scorcher
    4- Astute
    5-Ford F150 XLT

  31. Gamepuppy

    Any of the following will do…

    1. BIGWIG
    2. PORSCHE 959 RALLY
    3. CELICA 4WD
    6. F150 RANGER

  32. jedi exodus

    Porsche 959… please Mr tamiya

    Avante yes, bigwig, oh and fire dragon please…
    Just bring it all back keep it in production and all of us will eventually get them in our collections…

    Oh and please produce ta06 sumo gtr, their hard to find too.

  33. Masa

    F201 re-release or new Sakura FGX Fighter
    1:10 Mclaren Honda Mp4-30 body set
    1:10 Petronas Mercedes W06 body set
    1:10 Ferrari ST-15 body set
    1:10 Honda 2016 NSX Production/Concept version (non SuperGT)

  34. Rick Reilly

    1/48 B-17 Flying Fortress
    This is a subject that I feel really needs to be addressed, Over the years there have been numerous offerings of this iconic Bomber in 1/72 scale in all the sub models but there still is only one company offering this kit in 1/48 scale. A relese of this aircraft by your company I feel would be a complete success The quality of your kit offerings is first class. I also feel that the retail price would not be a negitive factor in the production and sale of the kit, After all we’ve had no problem shelling out $100.00+ for the new F-14A.
    Thank you for reading this, Rick Reilly

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