Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2015 Releases

TAMIYA 2015 ?

As in the previous years

a) which products do you think Tamiya could release this year (static, RC, mini, anything else) and

b) which products would you personally like to be released (regardless of if their chances are realistic)?

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The team of thanks repeatedly for the continuously growing
reader base and support and wishes everyone a superb 2015!

71 thoughts on “Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2015 Releases

  1. Jycm3

    Wish lists.

    -Mercedes AMG G63 6×6 base on new chassis 2 speed (H/L) and portal axels.

    -1/10 Porsche 959 or 961

    -Disney cars Shu Todoroki (RM01)

    -BMW E46 M3 or M4 normal street version.

    – 2015 Mercedes AMG S65 coupe

    -Ferrari FXX K

  2. Jesper Klausen

    Hotshot II
    Monster Beetle
    Porsche 959
    Celica Gr. B


    New cars
    1/8 scale 4WD monstertruck that will lead the market !

  3. massy

    – Grasshopper II
    – New product as HOPUP OPTIONS for Avante 2011 and Black Special.

    for example:
    – Various rated rear stabilizer ber.
    – Various rated taper spring for damper.

  4. Bernard Cheok

    Hi Tamiya,

    My list would be…
    1) BigWig
    2) Super Hornet
    3) Porsche 959
    4) ThunderShot
    1) Golf GTI
    2) Renault GT5 Turbo
    3) Suzuki KATANA GSX 1100S Custom Tuned


  5. massy


    mistaken the spelling ‘ber’

    – Grasshopper II
    – New product as HOPUP OPTIONS for Avante 2011 and Black Special.

    for example:
    – Various rated rear stabilizer rod.
    – Various rated taper shock spring for damper.

  6. farensabri

    Reissue of special limited editipn Mini 4WD kits
    – Super XX chassis Evo.I
    – VS Chassis Evo.I
    – MS Chassis Evo.I

  7. BatCat@Zagato.F

    Wish list
    RC Porsche 959 rally
    RC Toyota Celica Gr. B rally
    RC 1:10 Super GT – GTR 35 body shell.
    RC 1: 10 Super GT – Honda CRZ body shell.
    RC 1: 10 BMW M4 DTM body.
    RC XV01 advance version with Subaru NEW STI body.
    RC 4WD M chassis with extra long track width, like M05 with TL01 arm.
    RC F103GT replacement.
    RC RM01 (PRO) with new front suspension arm set, like other brands.
    RC F104 V2 (or maybe V3) chassis with RedBull X2014 concept body.

  8. Odd-Arne

    Wishlist for 2015

    A totaly new designed 1/10 buggy, in the higher price range, with that vintage feeling.

    Egress black special
    Bommerang black special
    Top Force Evo black special

    Re release
    Super Astute

    That should make me broke enough 🙂

  9. vinnie

    Re release :

    RC Dyna storm
    RC Madcap
    RC Sonic fighter
    RC Falcon
    RC Striker
    RC Hot shot 2
    RC Astute
    RC Hilux monster racer
    RC Super astute
    RC Bear hawk

    new models :(one day it’s going to be an ICON !)

    1/10 toyota landcruiser FJ-45 (pick-up) “hard body” on bruiser chassie

    1/10 jeep Cj-8 scrambler “hard body” on new CC02 chassie


    I wonder if Tamiya would take over from YELLOW AIRCRAFT and make a flying jet model 1/8 scale twin ramtec fan jet engine /ducted fan fighter.

    Fully operational, scale retracts, drop tank, missiles (estes), M134 cannon -cockpit the full works as you could get from YELLOW AIRCRAFT.

    Maybe something to consider ??


  11. Klas Jonsson

    Vintageracing is getting more and more popular!

    We need:
    Top Force Evo.
    J-parts-tree for the Top Force.
    Optionparts for the DF01/Top Force-chassi.

    Dyna Blaster/Dyna Storm

    Lower front damper mounts (bf8/9) for Egress.

  12. matthew

    wish list 2015

    A. re-release :
    1/10 RC wr 02 opel ascona
    1/10 RC wr 02 audi quattro
    1/16 RC flak panzer gepard
    1/16 RC leopard A4

    B. new one
    RC tamiya motorcycle w figure


  13. Masaki

    1) 1/10 honda s2000 body re-release
    2) 1/10 NA2 honda NSX Type-R (group c/f104 short or touring)
    3) 1/10 Aston Martin vantage
    4) 1/10 m-chassis sized pan car 210-234mm wheelbase.
    5) 1/10 Nsx v2

  14. umarz_stabilz

    My 2015 wishlist for Mini 4wd rerelease:

    Vintage Kit:
    1) Proto Emperor ZX
    2) Geo Emperor DASH CB-1
    3) Aero Solitude
    4) Great Emperor Dash-001
    5) Crimson Glory

    2000’s kit:
    3) Azante Progress 94871
    4) Zenquish VS 94870
    5) Avante MKII V Special 94716

  15. dourak91

    Wishes list

    -Nissan Primera Calsonic on new FF04
    -208 Pikes peak Loeb record on XV01S
    -BMW 3.0 on F104 GT – Jean Pierre BELTOISE tribute

    Release of

  16. Ernest Lo


    I believe it is about time to update/revise the Super FM chassis from the mini race series. There are several opinions would love to have as below. Hope this all will come true within 2015. Thank you so much!

    1) Strengthening/harden the chassis by using high density ABS prastics;

    2) More bodies selection(Hard/Clear body);

    3) Would be nice to have 3.7:1 gear ratio for gearbox;

    4) More expensions for installation of modern FRP/Carbon fiber front and rear stays/plates;

    5) More aerodynamically design for modern technical tracks;

    6) Can have/allow for bearing installation at Propeller shaft

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