Detail photos of Tamiya 47489 Egress Black Edition

Overall length = 430 mm The photo shows the kit assembled and painted. *All images are from prototypes.

Reviving the machine of your dreams in a special color
The Egress, a high-performance 4WD racing buggy that was born in 1989 by upgrading the Avante, known as the icon of Tamiya’s electric RC car. A special model Egress Black Edition electric RC car assembly kit that has been updated to suit the modern RC scene while keeping the basic configuration as it is. Unlike the original Egress, which was based on silver, the black edition features a fearless black color with white and blue coloring. And to match the body color, the front and rear dampers and front uprights have been changed to dark titanium alumite, and the 6-spoke wheels are coordinated with a silver color that tightens your feet.

Highly rigid shaft drive 4WD chassis with many carbon parts
The chassis adopts a carbon double deck and boasts high rigidity that does not flinch even when twisted. The power train of the vertical motor shaft drive 4WD is a full bearing specification. The original design of the front and rear ball differentials has been revised to improve smooth operation, maintainability, and durability. In addition, a one-way bearing is built into the drive gear, and the torque splitter effect demonstrates straightforward handling. It is also possible to change to a one-way bearing and make it a locking specification. In addition, the most abused universal shaft in the drive system incorporates the same structure as the current TRF series, providing smooth drive and high reliability. Suspension is 4-wheel independent double wishbone. Equipped with four oil dampers that use aluminum cylinders, and stabilizers on the front and rear. The front upright is made of machined aluminum with high strength. The steering system is equipped with a ball bearing on the wiper arm axis and uses a 2.0mm thick carbon plate to achieve linear handling. Of course, even with the current mainstream brushless motor, you can enjoy a wonderful run.

Basic Specs
●Length: 430mm, Width: 243mm, Height: 157mm ●Wheelbase: 275mm ●Tire width/diameter: Front 32/88mm, Rear 40/88mm ●Frame: 2.0mm thick carbon double deck ●Drive system: Vertical motor shaft Drive 4WD ●Body/under cowl = made of polycarbonate ●Differential gear = front and rear ball diff, center one-way ●Steering = 3-split tie rod ●Suspension = 4-wheel double wishbone ●Dampers = aluminum cylinder high cap oil dampers ●Gear ratio = 8.33: 1 ●Motor = 540 type (sold separately) ●Speed ​​controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

Required separately
●540 type motor ● Fine spec 2.4G electric RC drive set ●4 AA batteries for transmitter