Upcoming Tamiya 45072 TEU-107BK Electronic Speed Controller

Electronic controller for 1:10 scale radio-controlled model cars.
The ESC controller is compatible with Brushed motors and has programmable reverse and brake as well as including BEC to power the receiver. Maximum current 75A for both forward and reverse.

Technical specifications:
– Maximum continuous current (FET specification): 75A (forward/reverse)
– Supply voltage: 4.8 V-6.0 V (four R6/AA/UM3 batteries)/6.6 V-7.2 V (Ni-Cd battery packs such as 7.2 V Racing Pack, LF battery packs, Ni-MH batteries). Power supplies above 7.2V are not compatible with the controller.
– Compatible motor: Brushed motors with 23T turns or more.
– Note that compatible motors vary according to power supply, while brushless motors are not compatible.
– Receiver output: BEC 6V (minimum guaranteed value)/3A.
– Dimensions: 32.2×33.8x17mm (excluding protruding sections).
– Weight: 42.5g
– Compatible with Tamiya 1/10 R/C models using 7.2V or 6.6V Racing Pack and R/C models using four R6/AA/UM3 batteries.
– The following seven configurations can be selected
– 2-level forward and reverse (forward: 100%, reverse: 50% and brake)
– forward and reverse 2-stage (forward: 100%, reverse: 100% and brake)
– forward: 100% and brake (*)
– direct forward and reverse (forward: 100%, reverse: 100% and brake)