Full official photos and details of Tamiya 44055 TG10-Mk.2 FZ Racing Chassis Kit 2022

The ”2022” model, which has been greatly refined from the TG10-Mk.2FZ chassis, is now available!
The TG10-Mk.2FZ chassis equipped with a 2.1cc FS-12FZ engine in a shaft drive 4WD chassis has been greatly refined. A new 3mm thick duralumin lower deck enhances cornering performance, and a new 2mm thick carbon upper deck with improved maintainability by changing the mounting position of the steering servo. Furthermore, in order to achieve a lower center of gravity, it is newly equipped with a short size big bore damper and a carbon damper stay that optimizes its mounting position. It is a full range of contents that can be recommended even for users who already have an FZ chassis, such as using a carbon bumper stay that increases body mount rigidity and an aluminum adjustable suspension block that allows fine suspension settings. In addition to the 2-speed transmission, the muffler is equipped with a TM12 race tune muffler as standard, making it a chassis kit that can be used immediately for racing.

Major Standard Equipment Parts
●New shape 3mm thick duralumin lower deck ●New shape 2mm thick carbon upper deck ●First equipment Front and rear carbon damper stays ●Front and rear adjustable aluminum suspension blocks ●2-speed transmission ●TM12 race-tuned muffler ●Front and rear universal drive shafts ●Universal propeller shaft ●Lightweight flywheel ●Aluminum heat sink head

Required separately
●RC equipment: 2-channel prop set and batteries for engine cars *The steering servo uses a low-profile servo for engine cars. Uses a standard size throttle servo. -Running fuel: Various fuels for glow engine (nitro content 16-20%) -Engine starting supplies: Plug heater & fuel pump -Tires: Medium narrow size (24mm width) touring car Tires & Wheels Body: SP.1578 RCE Raikiri GT (Wide) Spare Body (51578)