Tamiya 95149 Astralster Tiger Version (MA Chassis)

Overall length = 156 mm The photo shows the kit assembled and painted.

Tiger’s dust creates an incandescent race
A plastic model assembly kit for a four-wheel drive racer that is fun to race with high-performance driving. The Astral Star Tiger version is a special version of the Astral Star, a machine with a real car feel, designed by Kota Nezu of znug design. A sticker designed with a tiger’s face that gives off a glare with the front hood adds an extraordinary impact to the stylish appearance. It is a pleasure to attract attention with its outstanding presence. In addition, the MA chassis, which is easy to assemble and has high performance, adopts a reinforced type made of polycarbonate ABS resin, and the gear cover and rollers are also unified in black color. The 5-spoke wheels are accented as red. And the tires are equipped as standard with super hard small diameter low height tires that are hard to bounce when landing after jumping and have high cornering performance. The tiger’s trash and sharp running will make the race even more exciting. ⇒ design studio · znug design (rigging design) and

MA chassis in pursuit of driving efficiency
“MA” is an abbreviation for Midship AERO. The “MS chassis” with a mid-engined layout with a double shaft motor mounted in the center of the car body, and the “AR chassis” designed with special attention to the airflow (aero) during driving. The “MA chassis” is a combination of the excellent features of each in a single chassis. Of course, by making use of the racing know-how accumulated so far, we have thoroughly refined the running performance by equipping it with a 3.5: 1 gear ratio, 6 low friction resin rollers, and a rear skid bar as standard equipment. In addition, the adoption of an integrated monocoque structure improves ease of assembly and maintainability. It is a chassis that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from beginners to veteran racers, from street races on small courses to official competitions on large special 5-lane circuits.

Basic specifications
● Overall length 156 mm, overall width 97 mm, overall height 44 mm ● With double shaft motor ● Adhesive-free inset type for assembly

Items to be purchased separately
● 2 AA batteries