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Tamiya RC Live – Introduction of new RC products for autumn/winter 2021, announcement of Tamiya RC film festival excellent work (1) & Tamiya RC history (16)

We will introduce the details of new Tamiya RC products which will be released in autumn and winter of 2021.
Products to be introduced
Super Avante, Wild One Offroader BHM, Mighty Frog Mini, Toyota GR86, Subaru BRZ, 1992 Audi V8 Touring, Saint Dragon
The announcement of the excellent work of the RC movie contest “#Tamiya RC movie festival (Twitter)” on Twitter (1) will be delivered. Don’t miss the rich variation of RC movies!
Tamiya RC History (16) features the off-road models “Clodbuster”, “Super Sabre” and “Thunder Shot” which were released in 1987.

Tamiya 56714 TamTech-Gear The Grasshopper Mini GB-01S Chassis official product video

This is a compact R/C model featuring high-performance equipment for a great drive, as well as a lightweight single-seater buggy-inspired body molded in polycarbonate. Four separately sold R6/AA batteries give an hour of driving in normal mode or 25 minutes in power mode, and a trigger type transmitter is included.
GB-01S chassis
Based around a sturdy box frame, the GB-01S buggy chassis also features 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension and punchy rear-wheel drive, with the power source along the chassis centerline for great balance and a low center of gravity. Its efficient gearbox uses full ball bearings and a planetary differential, plus a slipper clutch and reliable universal drive shafts.

First photo of the upcoming R/C Tamiya 58698 Lotus Europa Special

This R/C kit recreates the classic Lotus Europa Special. The polycarbonate body is paired with the RWD M-06 chassis.
The Lotus Europa debuted in 1966, showcasing what was then a revolutionary midship engine layout, with a lightweight FRP body. In 1972 perhaps the finest model – Lotus Europa Special – in the series was released with 1.6-liter inline-4 engine (big valve twin-cam engine) capable of 126hp which was the largest maximum output among the Lotus Europa series. The Tamiya R/C kit faithfully captures this classic car down to rear wing as seen in the SPECIAL variant of the Europa.

Great RR Performance from the M-06
The M-06 chassis features a rear-mounted motor, rear-drive setup and has a longitudinally-mounted battery pack, with R/C equipment positioned on either side for optimum balance and a low center of gravity. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension uses metal-plated wheels, equipped with 60D radial tires at the front and 60D super grip tires at the rear. In addition, a 3-piece steering linkage offers nimble handling response.

• 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 390mm, width: 176mm, height: 114mm.
• Polycarbonate body. Separate parts depict side mirrors, light cases, and rear wing.
• The M-06 chassis features a rear-mounted motor, and a longitudinally-mounted battery pack with R/C units positioned on either side for optimum balance and a low center of gravity.
• This model utilizes the 225mm wheelbase M-06M chassis.
• Dedicated stickers are included to recreate gold body pinstripes inspired by the Lotus car which flourished in Formula One.
• Includes marking stickers, and window masking stickers for use during the paint process.
• A variety of Hop-Up Option parts are available to customize the chassis.
• Includes 540-type brushed motor.
• Requires: 2-channel radio, steering servo, ESC-electronic speed control, 7.2-7.4volt battery with compatible charger, and Tamiya PS paint.

Upcoming Tamiya products – Autumn 2021

12691 1/12 Suzuki GSX-RR`20 Front Fork Set
14139 1/12 Team Suzuki ECSTAR GSX-RR `20
24042 Nissan Fairlady 300ZX 2 Seater

58696 Super Avante TD4
58695 Wild One Off-Roader Blockhead Motors
58699 1992 Audi V8 Touring (TT-02)
58702 Subaru BRZ (ZD8) (TT-02)
47459 Saint Dragon 4WD (2021)
22031 TD4 Slipper Clutch Set
The Frog Mini (GB-01S)

Track Unit Sets (2pcs.)

Tamiya official international release list October 2021

R/C Models
58696  1/10 R/C Super Avante (TD4)
47465  1/10 R/C Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 Series U900 (Blue-Gray Painted Body) (CC-02)
22009  Touring Car Ground Clearance Gauge
56714  R/C TamTech-Gear Grasshopper Mini (GB-01S)
22010  TamTech-Gear GB-01S Full Ball Bearing Set
22011  TamTech-Gear GB-01S CVA Damper Set (4pcs.)
22012  TamTech-Gear GB-01S Setting Spring Set
22013  TamTech-Gear GB-01S Wheel Collar (Blue) & Bolt Set
22014  TamTech-Gear GB-01S Aluminum Wheel Hubs (Blue/2pcs.)
22017  TamTech-Gear GB-01S 2.6x29mm Aluminum Turnbuckle Shafts (Blue/6pcs.)
22018  TamTech-Gear GB-01S SC Tires (Front)
22019  TamTech-Gear GB-01S SC Tires (Rear)
22020  TamTech-Gear GB-01S Bumper Set
22021  TamTech-Gear GB-01S 05 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (16T)
22022  TamTech-Gear GB-01S 05 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (18T)

Static Models
37029  1/35 Semovente M42 da75/34 German Army
21171  1/12 Honda CBR1000RR-R FIREBLADE SP (Black) (Finished Model)

69578  Japan Cup Junior Circuit Curve Section Set (Blue/Red, 4pcs. each)
69579  Japan Cup Junior Circuit Lane Change & Extension Set (White)

Tools & Paints
74163  Mini 4WD Cleaning Brush (w/Sticker Applicator)
87212  Micro Nozzles for Tamiya CA Cement (2.5mm, 10pcs.)

The Hotshot 4WD makes a new appearance – In a comical way – Building the Tamiya 58685 Comical Hotshot GF-01CB

After we were so enthusiastic about the first Tamiya 4WD comical model, the “Comical Avante GF-01CB”, it was almost natural to take a closer look at the new “Comical Hotshot”. For us, the “Comical Avante” is one of the most beautiful models in the Comical series, along with the “Comical Grasshopper”. The original Hotshot, the first Tamiya 4WD buggy ever, is of course more than predestined as a template for the “Comical Series”. Especially due to the narrow and flat design of the original classic buggy. As with the Avante, we also customized and tuned the Hotshot a bit, according to our ideas. We stayed original with the body, as it is pre-painted red in the kit, as was previously the case with the Avante. But an unpainted body set is now available from Tamiya, and comes with No. 51657.With this, you can also create your own paint scheme.

Normally we use the excellent Tamiya GF-01 54670 dampers for these fun models. But they are blue anodized, and not really a good match. And in my opinion, the original red CVA dampers are optically not that perfect. That’s why I chose the virtually identical Tamiya 54541 CC-01 Hop Up damper set this time. The golden aluminum shock caps make them a perfect match for the bright red of the Hotshot. I´m still not totally happy with the colour of the standard wheels. But that´s complaining on a very high level. A gold plated wheel would be perfect here.

Unfortunately there is no driver figure included with the “Comical Hotshot” kit. Under the relatively narrow Hotshot body there is actually very little space for it. In a supplement, Tamiya explains how you can at least accommodate the head of the beautiful 54864 driver figure which was created by “pdc designworks”. With the help of a Lexan bracket. Of course we followed this suggestion, and with it there comes a lot more “life” into our little racer. Oh, and one more thing we left out on “Comical Avante”. LED lights on the front of the bumper and on the body. And of course also red taillights. Looks great, and so realistic.

Otherwise, we have relied on the tried and tested parts that we have already used in our „Comical Avante. A complete list can be found at the end of this report. As expected, the little red racer drives just wonderfully. And with a little practice, all kinds of stunts and tricks are no problem. There is hardly a Tamiya RC model that is more fun.
We are already looking forward to the next comical model. Our team would love to see a “Comical Subaru Brat”. Let´s go Tamiya. Make it happen!

This is a list of genuine Tamiya Hop Up parts, we´ve used on this car:
54924 GF-01 Ball Bearing Set
50808 TG10 Long Wheel Axle
53509 Hard Flourine Coated 0.6 Aluminum Pinion (20T/F201)
54541 CC-01 Aluminum Oil Damper 4PCS
53974 TRF 501 Front Spring Set
54588 GF-01 Aluminum Steering Arm
54586 Lightweight Gear Shaft 5x50mm For GF-01 WR-02 WT-01
51000 Servo Saver Hi Torque Type (Black)
54473 Aluminum Wheelie Roller Set for WR-02 WR-02G
54587 Aluminum Servo Stay WR-02/GF-01

How to make your own polycarbonate body video – example Tamiya Comical Celica GF-01CB

I tried to make it like a factory tour how the comical Celica body made by Otsukai Chaly was made.
This time, the VR character (self-made avatar) Suzu-chan explains.
Large Celica is vacuum formed by making a wooden pattern from 3D CAD.
It is a full scratch build body (self-made body).
Dedicated mirrors, grilles and hubcaps are made of elaborate chemical wood.
Source: おつかいchaly