Some future Tamiya releases

R/C Models
47444 1/10 Scale R/C Ford Mustang GT4 Lightweight Body Parts Set
42355 M-Chassis Alu BB Dampers+ (4pcs)
42356 42mm Swing Shafts (hard) 2pcs
42357 Cross Joints LF Assembly Universal Shafts
42358 Transmitter Bag
42359 VG O-Rings for Oil Dampers (30°)
42360 42mm Drive Shafts LF Double Cardan Joint(2)
42361 43mm Drive Shafts LF Double Cardan Joint(2)
42362 44mm Drive Shafts LF Double Cardan Joint(2)
42363 Axle Shafts TRF420 Double Cardan Joint (2)
47450 Lunch Box Mini Wheels Black *4
54957 TC-01 Aluminum Steering Bridge
54958 TC-01 Aluminum Steering Arms (L/R)
54968 M-08 Aluminum Motor Bridge
54969 33mm Lightweight Alu Swing Shafts (2pcs)
54970 CC-02 Aluminum Spur Gear Mount
54971 CC-02 Motor Mount Bridge Spacer
54973 Panel Line Pin Stripe Stickers
54977 TT-02 Aluminum Servo Mount

Mini 4WD
10323 2x8mm Truss Screws (10pcs.)

Tools & Paints
82178 LP-78 Flat Blue
82179 LP-79 Flat Red
82180 LP-80 Flat Yellow

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