Official details and product video of Tamiya 56362 Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 750 8×4 Tow Truck

Tamiya 56362 1/14 RC Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 750 8×4 Tow Truck

Total length = 732 mm Picture shows assembled and painted kit

Four-axle eight-wheel heavy wrecker used for towing large vehicles
The Volvo truck flagship FH series, which debuted in 2012. Equipped with the strongest 750 horsepower engine in a 4-axis 8×4 chassis, and equipped with wrecker equipment. This is an electric radio control car assembly kit that models a tow truck towing a large truck or bus. The realistically reproduced cabin uses etched parts made of stainless steel on the front grille to tighten the expression and reproduce the interior partly. Each door on the rear body opens and closes. In addition, the wrecker equipment that attracts attention uses a lot of metal parts. You can manually extend and retract the winch boom, underlift, outrigger, etc. The chassis is a ladder frame type that uses aluminum channel material for the side rails. The TR Mighty Tune Motor (35T) is mounted on the front, and an assembled 3-speed transmission is standard equipment. You can change gears while driving by RC operation, and you can enjoy driving with the 1/14 RC trailer head pulled.

Optional parts that add even more realism
● 1/14 RC Wrecker Truck Electric Actuator Set (Sold Separately): This is an assembled parts set for raising and lowering the winch boom / underlift by RC operation. It consists of a spindle cylinder that expands and contracts with a high-precision geared motor and an ACU-02 unit that controls the motor. A manual switch is also included. Click here for more information
● Euro-style multi-function unit (MFC-03) (sold separately): The multi-function control unit with built-in ESC that enables extremely low-speed driving as well as normal driving synchronizes realistic sounds with various actions unique to trucks. The body vibration is linked to create a presence. In particular, the engine sound is the pulsation of an actual vehicle equipped with a large displacement diesel engine. From idling to full opening, the engine sound changes according to the speed. In addition, it reproduces almost all sounds emitted by the actual vehicle, such as air dryer sound, air exhaust sound, and brake sound. In addition, the stop lamp, turn signal, and back lamp can be controlled according to the operation, and the lighting of headlights, fog lights, hazards, etc. can be controlled on / off by the transmitter. For more information, click here

Basic specifications
Overall length = 732mm, Overall width = 199mm, Overall height = 309mm, Body weight = Approx. mm ● Chassis shape = (aluminum + polycarbonate resin) ladder frame ● Suspension = front and rear leaf rigid ● Caster angle / front / rear = 0 ° / 0 ° ● Camber angle = front / rear 0 ° ● Toe angle = front / rear 0 ° ● Damper = Aluminum dummy damper ● Drive system = 2-axis rear wheel drive ● Transmission = Constant meshing 3-speed (shift by propo operation) ● Gear ratio = 1st 32.49: 1, 2nd 17.76: 1, 3rd 10.66: 1 ● Differential gear system = 3 bevel differentials ● Motor = TR Mighty Tune Motor (35T) ● Tire width / diameter = Front: 30mm / 85mm, Rear: 22mm / 84mm

Separately required
● RC mechanism used: Self-neutral stick type 4-channel R / C system with slide lever trim “Finespec 2.4G 4-channel R / C system (transmitter / receiver set) recommended”, 2 servos “Tamiya TP-S3003 or TSU-” 03 Servo recommended “, ESC” Tamiya TBLE-02S “or MFC recommended, transmitter power supply (4 AA batteries) ● Running battery, charger

Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 750 8×4 Check the video of driving and towing the tow truck!