Some more 2020 Tamiya RC releases

58676 Volvo A60W Hauler 6X6 (G6-01 chassis)
58677 VW Karmann Ghia (M-06 chassis)

The real Volvo A60H – source: Volvo Construction Equipment

10 thoughts on “Some more 2020 Tamiya RC releases

  1. John Amoroso

    Please Tamiya for us F1 fans or Indy fans – please start mare-issuing some of the older F1’s again like FW14 or Jordan or try to get licensing for the new ones. We’ve been waiting too long. Even some vintage F1 like Fenix has done would be awesome!

  2. Fernando Alberto Medina

    I’ll wait counting days the new 58676 Volvo A60w Hauler 6×6
    I’ll buy it as soon as this new model is available.

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