Tamiya 70233 Twist Crawler (2-Channel Remote Control) official product video

Tamiya’s Educational Construction Series has a simple mission – to introduce the joy of construction and educate modelers young and old alike. This kit creates a Twist Crawler that uses a 2-channel remote control to maneuver the vehicle in different directions.

• Assembly kit. Length: 168m, width: 160mm, height: 134mm.
• Offers an informative construction process.
• Independent articulated tracks are connected via a shaft, and have the range of motion to allow them to traverse a whole range of obstacles.
• Crawler wheels have a range of motion. When one crawler traverses an obstacle, the other compensates by running flat to the ground and enhancing the model’s balance.
• A choice of two ranges of crawler motion is available.
• A triangular rear stay helps to balance the Twist Crawler as it traverses the various obstacles in its way.
• Comes with a double gearbox to provide motion.
• Compatible with universal plates for use of microcomputers for STEM applications and the like.

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