Introducing the featured sections of Tamiya Mini 4WD JAPANCUP 2019 Miracle Baron Circuit videos

Miracle Baron Circuit 2019
Miracle Baron Circuit 2019, the setting for the 2019 Japan Cup. Of the three layouts available: North (North), East (East), and West (WEST), the layout of North will be used as an example to introduce the whole story!

Digital Zone 2
Two consecutive digital dragonbacks are placed between the four digital corners to shake the machine up, down, left or right. The key is how to prevent the slowdown in this section on the first lap and the stability at the time of entry into the section on the second and subsequent laps on which the speed was applied.

New Era Turn
A corner bearing the name of Cap brand New Era that supports Champion Cap. The point is to pass the corners smoothly to accelerate the machine towards the second half of the course.

Kicker flap
A special section with a flap type jump platform whose angle changes depending on the machine weight. There is also a fear of a big jump → course out as the light machine jumps upward without the flap falling down. The reaction weight and angle of the flap may differ depending on the venue.

Fujitsu Pop
Japan’s 90th curve “Fujitsu Pop” with the name of the Fujitsu battery that provides the Japan Cup. A sharp curve section that looks easy, but doesn’t look like it looks as the machine passes at high speed.

Rising Phantom Changer
Rare Section “Phantom Changer” is further evolved. The caution section where speed and power are required that the machine on the speed climbs a gentle slope and lands on a wide landing, and then runs up a steep slope with an angle of 60 degrees.

Balancing straight
The straight is much wider than usual. The road surface on both sides of the course is lower than the central part, and if you do not go straight, the chassis will contact the road surface, resulting in significant speed loss. The section where the straight running stability of the machine is asked.

Last turn
The last turn following the balancing straight. How much speed can I keep after passing a rising phantom changer or a balancing straight? And it is the border of the game whether the machine that reached the highest speed can withstand the cornering of the last turn.

Miracle Baron Circuit 2019 Onboard video
“North (North)”, “East (East)”, “WEST (West)” in order, introduce the video of the on-board camera that ran the Miracle Baron Circuit 2019. Identify the circuit characteristics in each layout pattern and prepare for the tournament!

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