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Tamiya 18652 Mini 4WD Toyota Gazoo Racing TS 050 HYBRID (MA Chassis) (Polycarbonate Body)

Item No. 18652 1/32 Mini 4WD PRO series No.52
Tamiya Modelers Gallery, Tamiya Hobby World pre-sale
※ General release date announced at a later date

Total length = 156 mm The picture shows the kit assembled and painted

★ Toyota Gazoo Racing developed a prototype racing car, TS050 HYBRID mini 4WD. A low bonnet, raised front and rear fenders, complicated shape side pontoons, etc., a form pursuing aerodynamics are reproduced with a polycarbonate clear body and a mark for coloring is also set. Adopt MA chassis excellent in driving efficiency and enjoy high performance running.

Upcoming RCmagazine September issue with Tamiya Hornet cover and special

RC hobby September issue released August 4, the cover has been finished. The topic feature titled “Challenging a new genre”, which is interested but has not been able to easily reach out to the second category of readers, is to recommend the machine of recommendation and the peripheral items, the minimum necessary We will introduce preparation of limit. Of course, we also cover the trends that we can support. In addition, it is a historic famous car, a thorough comparison of Tamiya’s Hornet and Grasshopper II which is a good rival, Yokomo’s new drift diffuser, the latest high-end propo impression impressions and much more! The special appendix is ​​Hornet’s clear file.
Source: RCmagazine

1989 Paris Dakar Team ACP Toyota Land Cruiser with Tamiya as sponsor


Original source in Japanese language: My navi news

Go out to meet the machines that came to the facilities and events of the city, jumping out of the circuit and garage, the series ‘A town car racing car’. This time is the story of “Team ACP Toyota Land Cruiser” which is a Paris · Dakar Rally participation vehicle that we met in the front garden of Shizuoka City · Tamiya head office building.

“Team ACP Toyota Land Cruiser” @ Tamiya Head Office (Shizuoka City)

The goal point of Paris Dakar was the capital of Senegal

Senegal who fought Japan against the group league at the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russian tournament. Such capital Dakar of Senegal is famous as the goal point of “Paris · Dakar Rally” which is said to be the harshest rally in the world. It was a competition that ran from France / Paris to Dakar once, but due to political instability of transit countries, it is currently held under the name of “Dakar Rally” in South America.

“Team Land Cruiser · Toyota Auto Body” who participated in Dakar Rally 2018

At the Dakar Rally 2018 held in January, the “Land Cruiser 200 (VDJ 200 type)” of the “Toyota Auto Body Team Land Cruiser” won the class in the diesel car division without retailing commercial vehicles. We have achieved 5 consecutive victories as a team. About 30 years ago, “Land Cruiser 70 (BJ 74 Type)” who was participating in the same class from Japan is “Team ACP Toyota Land Cruiser” introduced this time.

“Team ACP Toyota Land Cruiser” 1989 Specification

“Team ACP” who challenged Paris Dakar for the first time as a Japanese

It is Paris Dakar that began in 1979, but in 1981 “Team ACP” by media correspondents started participating from Japan as soon as possible. In the same year I finished with Toyota “Starlet”, and in the following year I won the class with Toyota “Carina”, so I took up the topic with my 2WD car. In addition, it also serves as a support for 2WD cars, and also entered from Land Cruiser from the beginning. I kept fighting with Land Cruiser all the time until the year 1993 which was the last challenge of the team.

Challenge from Japan. It has an international number to bring it overseas

When the actor, Yosuke Natsuki, participated from ‘Team Children’ s Wolf ‘in 1985, the degree of public attention in Japan of Paris Dakar rose in a stroke. In 1987, the popular TV program “NARUTO! THE WORLD” closely adheres to the team ACP, as a singer / Yumi Matsutoya Yumi singing to another private team’s support caught up in a wide range of media. Participating warfare team from Japan and sponsoring Japanese companies will also increase.

The logo of various Japanese companies color the body

In 1989 and 1990, team ACP was sponsored by world model manufacturer Tamiya. With that kind of affair, it was exhibited in Tamiya head office building. Although the photograph is a specification car in 1989, the 1990 specification car is also made into a popular hobby “familiar Tamiya” mini 4-wheel drive “

Body color reminiscent of Tamiya’s logo mark

Running a course over 10,000 km, the second best in the class

This “Team ACP Toyota Land Cruiser” participated in the 11 th conference in 1989. From Paris to Tunis (the capital city of Tunisia) – Dakar run over 20,000 kilometers over 20,000 km, shining 2nd in the diesel car category with no retail cars.

Mr. Kubota is a driver, Ryuji Tsuruta is a navigator

Safety equipment including a seatbelt for competition and a roll cage for protecting passengers during rolling are added, but the main parts such as engines and transmissions are the same as the commercially available land cruiser. Activities at PARIS DAKAR are also proof of the reliability of commercial vehicles.

The same BJ74 type “Land Cruiser” that was on the market at the time

Even after Team ACP leaves Paris Dakar, it has been selected as many teams and continues to be active even now, “Toyota Land Cruiser”. “Toyota Auto Body Team Land Cruiser” is going for test runs from May as early as possible for the Dakar Rally 2019. It is anticipated for the 6th consecutive title of the commercial car division!

“Team Land Cruiser · Toyota Auto Body” who won class in Dakar Rally 2017

Team ACP Toyota Land Cruiser (Specified in 1989)

Full length × full width × full height 4,265 mm x 1,690 mm x 1,905 mm
Wheelbase 2,600 mm
engine 13B-T type in-line 4-cylinder diesel turbo
Displacement 3,431 cc
Maximum output 120 ps / 3, 400 rpm
Maximum torque 29.0 kgf-m / ​​2,000 rpm

About Tamiya headquarters
There is a real car exhibition corner with the showroom at the Tamiya head office in Shizuoka City, and tours are possible (reservation required). Every year, an open house (general tour without reservation unnecessary) was held according to the public release date of the Shizuoka Hobby Show, and this year I was greeted by this “Land Cruiser” at the front yard.

It is along SBS street lined with ward office and large shopping center

※ This article is information on the time of publication, it may differ from the latest one. Please note

First information on upcoming Tamiya TA07 MS Chassis

TA07 MS Chassis

Tamiya is delighted to inform their customers that TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) will be attending the JMRCA Japanese National Championship 2018 this coming weekend, and they are planning to use a prototype of a new chassis – the TA07 MS! They will also be dispensing advice to Tamiya users in attendance.

About the TA07 MS

A prototype of the TA07 MS chassis will appear in the Open class of the upcoming JMRCA Japanese National Championship 2018.
The TA07 MS takes the single belt-driven 4WD TA07 PRO chassis to a new level of performance.
Stay tuned to this site for more information about the chassis in the days following the race!

About the JMRCA 2018

TRF to attend the JMRCA Japanese National Championship 2018!

From July 20th to 22nd, the Shirakaba 2in1 Circuit in Nagano, Japan plays host to the 30th running of the JMRCA Japanese National Championship, with Open and Super-EX classes held. TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) team members Kiyokazu Suzuki and Takayuki Kono will Be in attendance, not just to drive, but also offer advice and answer questions from Tamiya fans and drivers. Enquiries will be happily received!

Kiyokazu Suzuki will be running a prototype of the TA 07 MS in the Open class. He will of course be available to offer setup advice and answer questions.

Takayuki Kono will be running the TRF 419 XR in the Super-EX class. He too will be happy to provide setup advice and answer enquiries.

Informations about an upcoming Tamiya 1/10 Vaillant Porsche 934 RSR – TA02SW release

We have some serious informations that TAMICO, one of the big european and german based Tamiya dealers will present a special version of the TA02SW chassis with Tamiya Porsche 934 RSR body in Vaillant livery. This body was used for the iconic 49400 Tamiya 30th Anniversary kit, which was based on a shortened TA05 chassis.

More informations, when they become available.

Tamiya 58609 RC Benz Unimog 425 (CC-01) Manual Correction

There was a problem in the explanatory diagram of the product which was released in May 2015 below.

Correction Location

● Item No: 58609 RCC-Benz Unimog 425 (CC-01) (launched in May 2015)

■ Assembly explanation diagram Page 24

Line of part name · price line and part code line were misaligned.

Please refer to the parts list below.

58609 parts list corrected version.pdf

July 6, 2018

Tamiya Hobby World 2018

Tamiya Hobby World 2018 Wednesday, August 8 – Tuesday, August 14

Wednesday, August 8, 2018 – August 14 (Tuesday) Hankyu Umida Main Store 10th Floor Central Street Park 
10 am – 8 pm (10 am – 9 pm on Friday and Saturday) 
* The last day is the afternoon Admission free until 5 o’clock  

We will hold “Tamiya Hobby World” that we can watch, make, play and enjoy parent and child together. We also offer four kinds of workshops (fee) that allow you to experience noteworthy new products such as mini 4WD and pleasant work series and experience the pleasure of manufacturing. Furthermore, from fun events that are interesting to fans, shopping can not be overlooked, including items such as T-shirts and apparel and novelties. Please come to Tamiya Hobby World 2018 where all the family can enjoy this summer. 

⇒ 【Venue】 Hankyu Umida Main Store 10th Floor Central Avenue Park Click here for access map

⇒ Click here for Tamiya Hobby World Report last year.

Make it with parent and child and have fun! Four types of workshops held

During the period, we will hold four kinds of workshops, “Fun Train Craft Experience”, “Mini 4WD Workshop”, “Try !! Tamiya RC School” and “First Time Programming Experience Classroom”. Tamiya staff will support you so that you can feel free to join us even for the first time. You can experience “enjoyment to make” and “pleasure to move things you made” through a workshop class. ※ “Mini 4WD construction class” “Try !! Tamiya RC school” “First programming experience class” is reserved in advance 

Fun Train Craft Experience – Difficulty ★ ☆ ☆

Let’s make “fun train series” that you can enjoy a lot of speed feeling with motor and battery! Since the chassis is assembled, the body is easy to assemble because it is a screwless type that requires no adhesive, it is also recommended for small children like train! After completion, it is possible to run on a special circuit. Come on, depart! 
◎ Dates: August 8 (Wednesday) to 14 days (Tuesday) 
Hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm am (production takes about 30 minutes) 
※ last day 14 (Tuesday) until pm 4 
◎ Participation fee: 1,058 yen (including tax / traveling dry battery) 
◎ Usage kit: 17801 700 series Shinkansen, 17802 300 series Shinkansen, 17803 923 type Shinkansen electric orbit general test vehicle, 17804 500 Series Shinkansen, 17805 700 Series Shinkansen Hikari Rail Star, 17806 E2 series Shinkansen Hayate, please choose one. 
◎ Target: over 1st grade of primary school. Elementary school students should attend with parents. 
◎ Capacity: 12 people ※ We accept at the venue all the time. We may wait when we are full.

Mini 4WD Workshop – Difficulty ★ ★ ☆

Choose the machine you like from the three models and let’s complete it! Since we do not use glue, we can participate with peace of mind for those who are first assembling. It is also possible to run the machine on a special circuit after completion. Please customize with various parts selling in the venue and run “Mini 4WD only by yourself”. ◎ Schedule: August 8 (Wednesday) – Friday 10 (Fri) 
4 times a day (Production required time: about 1 hour) 
● 10:30 am – 1 pm – 3 pm – 5 p.m. – 5 pm Time ~ 
◎ Participation fee: 972 yen (tax included / with running batteries) 
◎ Use kit: 18639 Avilista, 18642 Spark Rouge 18648 Mad Razor. 
◎ Target: over 1st grade of primary school. Elementary school students should attend with parents. 
◎ Capacity: First come first served 18 people ※ Prior reservation is available 
◆ Details of the event · From here click here >>> ※ 7/23 (Mon) Start from 10 am

Try !! Tamiya RC School – Difficulty ★ ★ ★

I will assemble Tamiya’s entry RC (radio control) kit according to the explanatory drawing order. Tamiya staff supports lecturers from machine assembly to practice running. We will train future engineers through the production of RC cars! 
* It is an assembly of only the chassis. Body production and painting will not be done at the time of the school. Also, paint sold separately is required for painting. (We will sell painted body in the hall for school participants.) 
◎ Schedule: Saturday, August 11, Sunday 12 (Sunday) 
1 time per day (Production required time: Approximately 6 hours) 
● 12:00 am ~ 10:00 pm 
Participation fee: 16,200 yen (including tax) 
◎ Use kit: 1 / 10 RC Reikiri GT (First Try RC Kit / On Road Car Type TT – 02 Chassis) 
◎ Target: 3rd grade elementary school students and junior high school students. Please participate with parents. RC inexperienced beginners are targeted. 
※ Please refrain from everyone who has experienced racing such as Tamiya Grand Prix. 
◎ Capacity: 12 people for each first come ※ Reserved in advance 
◆ For details of events · Sign up from here >>> ※ 6/25 (Mon) Start from 10 am

First time programming experience class – Difficulty ★ ★ ☆

The importance of STEM education for children in all over the world increases, and experience “programming” which is attracting attention now because it will be compulsory in elementary school from 2020! It is a classroom for beginners for programming with children’s computer IchigoJam. All necessary equipment is prepared here. You can actually move the robot just by entering the program with the keyboard under the teacher’s lecture. After the classroom, we will give you a cam program robot working set that you can enjoy analog programming without computer. 
◎ Schedule: August 13 (Monday), 14th (Tue) 
4 times a day ( about 1 hour of experience) 
● 10:30 am – 1 pm – 3 pm – 5 p.m. ~ 
◎ Participation fee: 3,456 yen (tax included / with cam program robot working set included) 
◎ Target: over 3rd grade elementary school students. Those under junior high school students should attend with parents. 
◎ Capacity: 12 people for each first come ※ Reserved in advance 
◆ For details of the event · Please click here >>> ※ 7/23 (Monday) Start from 10 am

Mini 4WD Special Circuit

Let’s run a boasting machine! The special circuit dedicated to mini 4WD using Junior Circuit was permanently installed in the venue. We also have a sales corner for upgraded parts.

New product exhibition corner

We will exhibit this summer’s new model as the center, centering on mini 4WD and fun work series. In addition, models that can enjoy children and adults such as RoboCraft and 1/35 dinosaur series are also displayed. You can see plenty of model wonderfulness.

Sales corner · event venue limited item

We have Tamiya products such as Mini 4WD, Craft Kit, Fun Train and 1/35 Dinosaur Series, plus original goods perfect for souvenirs, outlets with special price, noteworthy items of event limited venue everyone We are waiting for your visit.

Outlet product

We sell outlet molded product sets of scale model such as sports car series and military miniature series. It is a bargain item which parts including decals etc. are gathered together. We also sell outlet products of completed RC (radio control) cars. In addition to the painted body and the finished car body, things necessary for traveling, such as transmitters and batteries, are in full set, so if you take out of the bag and charge the battery you can enjoy running soon. 

Outlet products and limited items have a limited number. Please pardon when sold out. For popular items, we will limit the quantity purchased by one person. In addition, please be advised that the sale items we are introducing may be subject to change.