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Some details of upcoming Tamiya Static and Mini 4WD releases

25412 1/35 British Army Centurion Mk.III

This 1/35 scale assembly kit model depicts the British Army Centurion tank. The Centurion was designed to incorporate the best of the British infantry and cruiser tank concepts, and was an extremely successful vehicle that would serve British forces from its production post-WWII to the 1960s. This Mk.III variant was deployed in the Korean War, Suez Crisis and other conflicts. It packed a significant punch with a 20-pounder gun.

18707 1/32 Mini 4WD JR Rowdy Bull – FM-A Chassis

This is a Mini 4WD racing machine. It recreates the fictitious Rowdy Bull race car and it has the honor of being the first model on the new FM-A chassis.
The FM-A chassis (Front Midship Aero) is a front motor unit with refined aerodynamics. It is the successor to the FM and Super-FM chassis and it joins the Mini 4WD REV series. With the center of gravity closer to the front, this chassis really shines on undulating circuits. Furthermore, it features a front skid bar as a standard part, plus four rollers (rear rollers are 8mm thick for superior stability), and an easy-access motor position.

95362 1/32 Mini 4WD JR Liberty Emperor Premium – Super II Chassis Black Special

This is a special color variation of the Liberty Emperor Premium (Item 95027), which was a premium version of the car driven by Jingi Otokogi in the Japanese cartoon “The Wind Racer! Otokogi.” This product artfully combines a black base with pink accents. The body is mounted on the Super-II chassis, which is highly adaptable and speedy. Furthermore, it is molded in pink ABS for the first time!

Tamiya 58647 M-07 Concept Chassis Kit Details in English

M-07 Concept Chassis Kit
Item No: 58647

Length: 332mm. Image shows assembled kit.
Body, motor, tires, battery pack, R/C equipment and compatible charger are sold separately.

An M Revolution!
This high-performance front-wheel drive R/C chassis assembly kit is constructed around a rigid monocoque with lower deck and upper frame sections. It offers a responsive drive and fuss-free maintenance of parts such as the easy-access differential, which can be removed from the underside with minimal disassembly. CVA oil shock-damped 4-wheel double wishbone suspension features dedicated long arms and steering linkage components for a range of setup options. A silky-smooth drivetrain utilizes full ball bearings, gear differential unit and universal drive shafts. It can be assembled with a 225mm (M) or 239mm (L) wheelbase, making it compatible with appropriately-sized existing Tamiya M-chassis body parts sets.

Featured Components
●Monocoque frame chassis (with detachable lower section) ●Long suspension arms ●CVA oil dampers ●Full ball bearings ●Gear differential unit ●Universal drive shafts ●Hi-torque servo saver

Long arms and steering linkage components optimize damper leverage ratio. The chassis’ camber can also be adjusted.

Adjust the M-07 Concept’s rear toe angle via the insertion of spacers where the suspension mount parts are attached.

One of the key points is the easy-access differential unit, which can be removed and changed from the underside.

Enjoy silky-smooth power from your chassis thanks to full ball bearings, universal drive shafts and gear differential unit.

●Length: 332mm (including bumper) ●Width: 164mm ●Wheelbase: 225mm or 239mm (Selectable) ●Monocoque Frame ●Front-Midship Motor, Front-Wheel Drive ●Gear Differential ●3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod ●4-Wheel Independent Double Wishbone Suspension ●CVA Oil Dampers ●Gear Ratio = 5.78:1 using included 20T pinion gear (7.22:1 – 4.81:1 available with separately sold pinion gears) ●Requires an Electronic Speed Controller (sold separately)

Separately Required Items
●Body ●Type 540 Motor ●Tires ●2-channel R/C system with ESC ●Batteries for transmitter ●Battery Pack and Charger

Dr. Kaneko Tatsuya’s “brush painting” technique lecture video from Tamiya Plastic Model Factory

May 21, 2017 (Sunday) Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Published at Shimbashi Store

0:02:05 Let’s imagine the completed shape!
0:06:03 How to choose colors, how to find. I will make my own recipe.
0:10:05 Select “Gray”
0:20:10 Preparation before painting. Assemble it to this point.
0:25:20 Leave the base of MM to “Halred”!
0:34:30 Advantages of Tamiya color (acrylic paint)
0:39:00 “Orientation” of brush carrying is also important
1:00:55 The rolling wheel is a toothpick
1:04:30 Leaning color is diluted
1:07:35 Various usable “Sponge brush”
1:19:25 There is no failure in the tank model!
1:22:20 End of first half
1:22:35 Track base color + Sumi putting paint is easy and real
1:29:00 What is “model reality”?
1:33:20 I use it for a scale model as well! The item for sweets decoration
1:36:10 The decal does not cut off!
1:47:35 Concentrate here! Highlights that increase the three-dimensional effect
2:06:11 “Sumi putting” work tightening the finish
2:22:40 completion!

Painting which influences the finish of the plastic model. “Although it was good until it was assembled it failed with coloring …” “I think that it is necessary to have air brush, special tool, difficult technique to paint well …” etc, I think that there are also many people who suffer from painting I will. So we invited Mr. Tatsuya Kaneko who is active as a promoter, and explained techniques of “painting brush” using Tamiya color, which can be handled easily by beginners. We will release a number of know-how that can be easily practiced from basic to applied, such as how to paint demonstrations and colors, with subject matter of military model. The interestingness of brush painting, various expression methods widens the enjoyment of model making!

First real product photos and video of Tamiya Mini 4WD Rowdy Bull on the new FM-A chassis

Sources: Tea-Leage at Twitter and Tamiya mini 4wd thailand fanpage at Facebook

Official announcement of Tamiya regarding counterfeit Mini 4WD products

Regarding Counterfeit Mini 4WD Products

It has unfortunately come to light that counterfeit Tamiya Mini 4WD products are being sold by malicious vendors. These products include Tamiya logos and trademarks without authorization. We therefore ask our customers to ensure that they purchase Mini 4WD products through recognized Tamiya vendors, as counterfeit products cannot be used in official Tamiya events and are not subject to Tamiya customer service cover.

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol.18 Video Report

March 20, 2017 (Monday, congratulation) MEGA WEB recorded at Toyota City showcase.
Tamiya’s RC model which continues to be loved for over 40 years, and still showing excitement. The Tamiya RC Hobby experience event “Tamiya RC Car Festival” was held at the theme park “MEGA WEB (Mega Web)” in Odaiba, Tokyo.
Experience driving of electric R / C car “Try !! Tamiya RC”, RC car assembly class “Try !! Tamiya RC school”, “Heavy dump experience” piloting dump truck RC to challenge baggage, “RC trailer We held an event that allows you to experience the Tamiya RC model such as “trailer passenger ride experience” where you can get on. On the 20th, RC car race “Tamiya RC car Grand Prix” which was superb worthy was also done.
“Tamiya RC car festival” that you can touch, ride, maneuver and enjoy Tamiya’s RC hobby will be held in the future. Please come by all means!