Dr. Kaneko Tatsuya’s “brush painting” technique lecture video from Tamiya Plastic Model Factory

May 21, 2017 (Sunday) Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Published at Shimbashi Store

0:02:05 Let’s imagine the completed shape!
0:06:03 How to choose colors, how to find. I will make my own recipe.
0:10:05 Select “Gray”
0:20:10 Preparation before painting. Assemble it to this point.
0:25:20 Leave the base of MM to “Halred”!
0:34:30 Advantages of Tamiya color (acrylic paint)
0:39:00 “Orientation” of brush carrying is also important
1:00:55 The rolling wheel is a toothpick
1:04:30 Leaning color is diluted
1:07:35 Various usable “Sponge brush”
1:19:25 There is no failure in the tank model!
1:22:20 End of first half
1:22:35 Track base color + Sumi putting paint is easy and real
1:29:00 What is “model reality”?
1:33:20 I use it for a scale model as well! The item for sweets decoration
1:36:10 The decal does not cut off!
1:47:35 Concentrate here! Highlights that increase the three-dimensional effect
2:06:11 “Sumi putting” work tightening the finish
2:22:40 completion!

Painting which influences the finish of the plastic model. “Although it was good until it was assembled it failed with coloring …” “I think that it is necessary to have air brush, special tool, difficult technique to paint well …” etc, I think that there are also many people who suffer from painting I will. So we invited Mr. Tatsuya Kaneko who is active as a promoter, and explained techniques of “painting brush” using Tamiya color, which can be handled easily by beginners. We will release a number of know-how that can be easily practiced from basic to applied, such as how to paint demonstrations and colors, with subject matter of military model. The interestingness of brush painting, various expression methods widens the enjoyment of model making!