Few more Tamiya static models to be presented at the 56th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2017

31460 1/700 IJN Destroyer Shimakaze
– for the new vessels of other countries, Japan development Navy to improve the next generation of the new destroyer obtained a faster speed of the torpedo combat ability to excel was required. The destroyer that has been developed along the request is [island-style].
– completed in 1941, equipped with a powerful steam turbine engine of output 75,000 horsepower to the hull of about 3000 tons, and record the official speed 40.9 knots and at that time the world’s best speed. I was proud of the high lightning strike capability by the equipment of the 5 twin torpedo tubes 3 groups of the new model has been developed for the island-style.
– Although the original 16 vessels of the same type ship had been scheduled, expensive construction costs and surface-to-air combat capability is the construction of high destroyer is priority, island-style type became the only just one ship of the island-style.
– May 10, island-style, which was completed in 1943 but has fought to each theater, November 11, 1944 not win the threat of aircraft, attacked the US military based aircraft at Ormoc Bay, Leyte Island sinking Te. He finished his life.
– completely renewed was built as a state-of-the-art destroyer responsible for the Japanese Navy the next generation of island-style.
– In June 1944, we modeled the island-style around the time of the Marianas Battle.
– slim hull left and right division in pursuit of high-speed, feel rich reproduced the upper deck also become a separate part.
– 5 twin torpedo tubes and 12.7 cm twin guns that have been developed for mounting to the island-style uses a poly cap pivotable.
– the offshore model was cut the hull below the waterline.
– full length approx 185mm

36210 1/16 German Tank Destroyer Jagdpanther Late Type

85099 TS-99 Tsurumai Navy Arsenal Gray