Roborace – a kind of full sized Tamiya Mini 4WD race

Source and more: HAI Online Indonesia

Tamiya who had time to hits in Indonesia made real. Yep, Mini 4 WD live-action version of ya! This is probably the first time you look at the look of a racing car without the world’s first driver, named Robocar. Cars that have this futuristic form emang deliberately designed for the event Roborace, as quoted from Mashable. Roborace itself is a new class of Formula Electronic (FE) or electric-powered race car formula that will introduce a category without a driver or driveless.

While making his own car, called Robocar, not only looks cool. Robocar also have capabilities that are not inferior to conventional racing cars. Like the Mini 4 WD, each wheel on Robocar has a motor power up to 300kW. With this much power, said this car can go up to speeds of 320 kilometers per hour. Create the engine and the ‘brain’ itself, this car uses Nvidia Drive PX2 to set the camera sensor and special sensors on the car.

Formula Electronic (FE) CEO Alejandro Agag said the times of this unique series race philosophy would be in harmony with the vision of developing the car in the future. Which he describes as electric, connected, and without driver.

Well, if you used Mini 4 WD toy you can only play on a small racetrack, now there is a real ‘Mini 4 WD’ competition that you can watch with the actual size. We wait aja ya going as good as what the race!