Details and photos of Tamiya 36212 USA M1A2 Abrams tank (display model)

Since the advent of 1980, the main arm of the US Army, M1 Abrams Tank, which has been improved, appears as 1/16 display model. Reproduce plenty of the lower form of the planar configuration. The turret and the anti-slip pattern on the top of the car body tighten the large body. Moreover, strength is secured by heavy use of metal parts such as the chassis and the start wheel and the foot around. Suspension can enjoy the real movement as real car.

1/16 Big tank series No. 12 1/16 US MAIN BATTLE TANK M1A2 ABRAMS (DISPLAY MODEL) (36212)
★ Length 615 mm. ★ The barrel is made of aluminum scraped texture. ★ An etching part is prepared for the engine deck and the turret rear basket. ★ The resin crawler belt has been assembled and assembled with a rubber pad.

3 thoughts on “Details and photos of Tamiya 36212 USA M1A2 Abrams tank (display model)

  1. Stephen Allaway

    what is the expected retail price if this model in Australian or US dollars?

  2. Captain Rory M. Walsh USMC (Retired)

    Recommend you add the same armor accessories, for this 1/16 scale tank, similar to the 1/35th scale. Your kits are awesome.

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