Tamiya 63629 Official Guide Book Mini 4WD Cho-soku Tune-up Introduction Enlarged and Revised Edition

ISBN code 9784056109955
Publisher Gakken

– Released in 2014, very popular Whats Gakken plus of four wheel drive mini Primer [Tamiya official guidebook mini four wheel drive super fast tune-up introductory] is released again as the latest parts were added to the machine [augmented revised version].
– Remodeling or machine Tamiya official competitions of champion, it introduces a number of nationwide four wheel drive mini racer of remodeling machines that were recruited in the WEB.
– To attach how the gray over windup parts and what kind of effect can be obtained a lot of photos with firmly and commentary. Modifications also posted a number, it tells the fun of remodeling of the four wheel drive mini.
– In addition, it is a book that can also be utilized as the latest catalog of four wheel drive mini kits and grade-up parts.