Tamiya plastic model meeting in Toyota Automobile Museum


Various Tamiya of car models that commercial vehicles and racing cars have been modeled of all ages. As its latest model is the Toyota Motor’s first production type passenger cars, “Toyoda AA type” appeared in the 1/24 scale model. To celebrate it, “of Aichi Prefecture, Nagakute Toyota Museum will hold an event in. ” Held contents are as follows. Together with your viewing of the Toyota Automobile Museum, Please come by all means on this occasion. ★ Dates June 14, 2015 (Sun) ★ Toyota model exhibition Location: New Building 1F large hole before time: during the opening hours ※ viewing free new product “1/24 Toyoda AA type “including, Tamiya is exhibited a model of various Toyota vehicles that have been modeled. Including scale models, through a number of model that has been popular in a wide range of generation, such as RC cars and mini four wheel drive, please enjoy the evolution of Toyota cars and attractive design! ★ talk show Location: New Building 1F Large Hall  Time: 12: 00~12: 45 ※ day of participation and viewing Free has been exhibited in the Toyota Automobile Museum main building 1F symbol zone of ” Toyoda AA-type “, is a single to remain in domestic automobile history as Toyota’s first production type passenger cars. this car theme that this time Tamiya is modeled in the 1/24 scale model, will hold a talk show by persons of experts. And we hear a valuable story, such as an episode of the actual vehicle. We also explain Tamiya 1/24 scale model to suit. If observing the vehicle slowly and carefully to deepen the knowledge, you will that there is a new discovery.