Tamiya 1/24 “Toyoda AA-type” test shot experience meeting

Held a test shot experience meeting with new product of 1/24 series attention

New products before the launch we can quickly experience held a “test shot production experience meeting”. Theme is Toyota’s first mass-produced car, which was announced in 1936, “Toyoda AA type”. This time, in addition to the three venues of the “Tamiya plastic model factory Shinbashi shop”, “Tamiya plastic model factory Tressa Yokohama”, “Shizuoka Hobby Square”, it is focusing on the holding of the “Toyota Automobile Museum” that Toyoda AA type are on display. Prior to the formal launch, you will be asked to produce a kit to everyone of the participants. Also scheduled well as commentary of the actual vehicle or kit (Tressa Yokohama store is excluded). Participants between the model fan, why not quickly experience the topic of the kit while enjoying the plastic model lecture?
Who join us hope, Toyota Automobile Museum is signing up for from Tamiya home page, please apply by phone the other three venues until each venue. Also as soon as capacity is your application number of people in each venue, it will be closed.

※ The participation rate includes kit using the prototype (test shots).
※ participation fee will be charged at the venue.
※ prototype that was used in the Workshop will receive take-away.
※ cutter or nipper, .. is ready for adhesive, but please bring your own if you have tool of your favorite.
Since ※ detailed contents might be different, please contact us for any questions to each venue.
※ per prototype, the product version there are different parts of the content. Please note.
※ molding color of the parts, different state.
※ white box, assembly diagram will be simple print.
※ On the day you can not paint job.



1/24 “Toyoda AA-type”

★ Shizuoka Hobby Square
(Shizuoka Suruga-ku, Minami-cho 18-1 South pot Shizuoka 3F)
Dates: May 31 (Sun) 13:00 to 17:00
Venue: Shizuoka Hobby Square workshop
participation fee: 2,203 yen (tax included )
Wanted persons: 20 people
Application inquiry / TEL 054-289-3033
soon as it becomes capacity ※, it will be closed. The official site is here

★ Tamiya plastic model factory Shinbashi shop (Tokyo, Minato-ku, Shimbashi 4-7-2 6 Orient Maritime Building)

Dates: June 6 (Sat) 10:30 ~ 13: 30,14: 30-17: 30 (2 meetings per day) Venue: Tamiya Plastic Factory Shinbashi shop 2F participation fee: 2,203 yen (tax included) Wanted persons: each time six Application inquiry / TEL 03-6809-1175 soon as it becomes capacity ※, It will be closed. The official site is here

★ Tamiya plastic model factory Tressa Yokohama (Kanagawa Prefecture, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Morooka cho, address 700 Tressa Yokohama Minami Building first floor)

Dates: June 7 (Sun) 11:00 to 15:00 Venue: store Atelier participation fee: 2,203 yen (tax included) Wanted persons: 6 people Booking inquiry / TEL 045-534-2406 soon as it becomes capacity ※, will be closed. There is no description by Tamiya staff ※. The official site is here.