Some text descriptions of the upcoming Tamiya RC kits

58615 Dune Buggy Kumamon (DT-02 Chassis)

– Nimble running of 2WD unique from on-road to off-road!
– The popular with women and children! Family I enjoy everyone.

– Electric radio control carrying the [Kumamon] doll in electric radio control two-wheel drive buggy dune buggy is a car assembly kit.
– Lightweight open body with no door is made of high impact resin, can be freely painted in color for plastic model.
– Also, hold the handle was riding in the driver’s seat [Kumamon] doll set with painted finished state.
– And illustrations of Kumamon that stick to the body, I was prepared in Kumamoto Prefecture of specialty tomatoes and watermelon illustrations such as stickers as well.

– DT-02 chassis, which was equipped with a four-wheel double wishbone suspension.
– Configuration easy assembly with reduced number of parts also features.
– Adopt a bathtub frame that low center of gravity by mounting the RC mechanism and traction battery flat.
– Suspension 4-wheel double wishbone moving supple.
– Is equipped with four coil spring unit will deliver the high road holding even in bad road.
– In addition, the built-Diff in sealed gear box to shut out the inherent of sand and pebbles of intrusion into off-road, with a 380 motor.
– You can enjoy a long and spacious runs in easy to control speed.
– Kumamon figure prepainted. It is also possible to move the head from side to side.

84399 RCC Porsche 911 GT2 Racing (TA02SW Chassis)

– A firm favorite of Porsche 911GT2 re-appeared!
– Of short wheelbase and rear wide tread powerful style

– Glamorous hip line Porsche of true value at any time of the era.
– In which the 911 GT2, which has been developed in order to fight the sports car race from ’95 also machines that still popular with its charming style.
– Unique shape at both ends raised front spoiler, large rear wing, and I was reproduced a lacy form wearing a over fender to real back and forth.

– Adopt TA02SW that best matches the Porsche 911 GT2 unique short wheelbase to characteristic dimensions of the rear wide tread of the chassis.
– Parts configuration with a balanced layout and high rigidity of the balance which became the forerunner of the shaft drive 4WD touring car is still demonstrate the high dimensionality of the driving performance, it is an item you want is also recommended as a collector’s item.

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6 thoughts on “Some text descriptions of the upcoming Tamiya RC kits

  1. Poul F

    Any info on the colors of the gearboxes ? Would be cool with a unique color like the original release.

  2. admin Post author

    Not yet, but we will post as soon as we get more information.
    Best regards,

  3. XV Pilot

    Any more news on the Jimny? I have read that it will have an adjustable wheelbase, which sounds like a challenge to implement with a single-motor 4WD. It will be interesting to see how they managed it.

  4. admin Post author

    Not yet, we have only seen a strongly blurred photo of the chassis. When we know more we will post it.
    Best regards,

  5. admin Post author

    Unfortunately not, it was confidential and stating not to publish, sorry. Am sure though in few days more free details will come though.

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