Official Tamiya 54th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2015 announced new product list


Scale Models
★ 1/32 De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI [tentative]
★ 1/35 in Germany Panther D-type [tentative]
★ 1/35 Panther D metal barrel set [tentative]
★ 1/35 Panther D articulated track set [tentative]
★ 1/35 Panther D etched parts [tentative]
★ 1/35 German Heavy armored car Sd.Kfz.234 / 1 (2cm gun-mounted)
★ 1/35 WW I British infantry and small arms fire set
★ 1/48 German 3t cargo truck [tentative]
★ 1/700 US Navy aircraft carrier Saratoga CV-3 (with Pontus model manufactured by detail Up Parts) [tentative]
★ 1/24 Toyoda AA type
★ 1/24 Honda S600
★ 1/12 team Lotus type 49B 1968 (with etching parts)
★ 1/12 Honda RA273 (with etching parts)
★ 1/12 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 Special Color Edition
★ 1/12 Honda MVX250F
★ 1/12 Yamaha YZR500 (OW70) flat Tadahiko specification
★ 1/24 Toyota Land Cruiser 80
★ 1/24 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 sports options
★ detail up parts mesh pipe outer diameter φ2mm / φ2.6mm

RC Models
★ New entry RC car first wave [tentative]
★ TG-10 Mk.2 FZ New with body [tentative]
★ RCC Jimny (JB23) (MF-01X)
★ RCC NISSAN GT-R LM NISMO Launch version (F103GT) [tentative]
★ RCC TB-04 R chassis kit
★ RCC TT-02D TYPE-S drift spec chassis kit
★ TRF102 chassis kit
★ TRF211XM chassis kit
★ RCC Mercedes-Benz Unimog 425 (CC-01 chassis)
★ RCC Toyota FJ Cruiser (CR-01 chassis)
★ RCC Porsche 911 GT2 racing (TA02SW chassis)
★ RC Buggy Kumamonbajon (DT-02)
★ XB RC Buggy Kumamonbajon (DT-02 ) (4 colors)
★ XB Volkswagen Scirocco GT (TT-01D chassis TYPE-E) drift spec
★ OP.1632 TT-02 TYPE-S carbon damper stay (front)
★ OP.1633 TT-02 TYPE-S carbon damper stay (rear)
★ OP.1634 TT-02 TYPE-S steel suspension mounts set
★ OP.1635 aluminum camber gauge (stick type)
★ OP.1636 TT-02 TYPE-S steel suspension mounts (front)
★ OP.1637 TT -02 TYPE-S steel suspension mounts (rear)
★ OP.1638 TT-02 TYPE-S Steel rebound stopper (two)
★ OP.1641 option wing set for engine car body [tentative]
★ OP.1643 MF-01X full Bearing Set
★ OP.1644 GF-01 Aluminum Servo guard & down mount [tentative]
★ SP.1578 TG-10 Mk.2 FZ New Body Set [tentative]
★ aluminum parts tray
★ TRF419 aluminum Lower deck [tentative]
★ M- 05 Blue carbon damper stay (front)
★ M-05 Blue carbon damper stay (rear)
★ TB-04 R titanium screw set
★ TRF102 titanium screw set

Mini 4wd & For Kids
★ Avante Mk.III Japan Cup 2015 Limited ( MA chassis)
★ Hyper Dash 3 motor J-CUP 2015 Special
★ Hyper Dash Motor PRO J-CUP 2015 Special
★ four wheel drive mini portable pit J-CUP 2015 [tentative]
★ shooting Proud Star (MA chassis)
★ four wheel drive mini starter pack AR speed type (Aero Avante) [tentative]
★ four wheel drive mini starter pack MA power type (blast Arrow) [tentative]
★ Aero Avante Violet Special (clear body) (AR chassis)
★ shadow Shark yellow Specials (AR chassis)
★ GP .482 Berudaga clear body set
★ GP.483 low height Tire & Wheel Set (Y spoke)
★ GP.484 torque tune 2 motor
★ GP.485 Rebuchun 2 motor
★ GP.486 atomic tune 2 motor
★ GP.487 torque tune 2 motor PRO
★ GP.488 Rebuchun 2 motor PRO
★ GP.489 atomic tune 2 motor PRO
★ GP.490 MA chassis side mass damper set
★ low height offset tread tire hard (yellow)
★ low friction low height tire (two Maroon)
★ HG lightweight 19mm all-aluminum bearing rollers (Pink) [tentative]
★ AR chassis brake set (Purple) [tentative]
★ low friction front under guard (Purple) [tentative]
★ four wheel drive mini carry pit ★ flywheel car tool set [tentative]
★ swim Manta Ray tool set [tentative]

Tool & Paints, etc.
★ tapered thin blade Nipper (gate cut)
★ craft shears (plastic / for soft metal) [tentative]
★ Tamiya modeling brush PRO II countenance brush (ultra-fine / very fine / thin / small)
★ curve for masking tape (2mm / 3mm / 5mm)

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  1. XV Pilot

    Excellent news! I was worried that they would somehow try to rework the wheelie Jimmy shell to fit.

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