Technical information on the upcoming RC kits

42277 1/10 RC TRF201XM Chassis Kit
★ It is chassis kit which improved further TRF201XM. ★ Long wheelbase specification of midship motor layout aluminum lower deck of 3.0mm thickness proud of high-strength, up the running stability. ★ Gear case is also made of aluminum with high strength. ★ Selection formula that set both types gear diff and the ball diff. ★ It is shipped with a big-bore-aeration damper.

58592 1/10 RC Rock Socker Truck – CR01
★ 4WD pick-up the image of an actual vehicle on the rise in the United States to “lock buggy” is an appearance in the RC. ★ Real car and speed rock crawling performance is required, the body light polycarbonate.. Chassis adopts the CR-01 boasts a suspension stroke phenomenal. ★ Fitted with a tire block of 125mm diameter bead lock wheel of a three-piece.

58593 1/10 RC M05 Ver.II PRO Chassis Kit – M05-V2
★ Set to 4.5mm center closer than the M-05 motor mounting position in combination with dedicated aluminum motor mount that is standard equipment with the main frame of the new shape. Motion characteristic is greatly improved. ★ Front and rear suspension arms adopt the integral of the new shape. Realizes a quick steering response in reinforced resin. ★ Main frame of the semi-gloss black plating realized low center of gravity and 8mm down the mounting position to be able to cope with the low profile servo.

84379 1/10 RC TB EVO.6 Chassis Kit – TB EVO 6
★ Evolution model is an appearance for the first time in six years in the drive shaft of Tamiya tradition. ★ The chassis is working to optimize the balance roll by in the form of left-right symmetry in consideration of the flex effect will be to cantilever the servo mounting. ★ Motor horizontal layout allows for maneuverability and stable. ★ Maneuverability and grip is significantly improved mass damper of new design ( short big bore ) . ★ Adopts the latest suspension of TRF418.

84382 1/10 RC TB04 PRO II Chassis Kit – TB04
★ Equipped with upright front and rear suspension arms of TRF418 type was developed by competing in races around the world, feeding back data TRF got, turning performance improved. ★ Universal shaft is a combination of clip-on 44mm universal shaft to the front and a lightweight aluminum swing shaft in the rear. This increases efficiency and pulls even more potential out of the chassis.