Future Tamiya releases for May 2014

42277 TRF201XMW chassis kit
58592 Rock Socker (CR-01 chassis)
58593 M-05 Ver.II PRO Chassis Kit
84379 TB Evo.6 Chassis Kit
84382 RCC TB-04 PRO II
54584 TB-04 Aluminum Main Mission Shaft
54586 5 x 50mm Lightweight Gear Shaft
72276 TRF Damper Pryor
72278 TRF Damper Large-Diameter Spring Set

14129 Ducati 1199 Panigale S
25171 1/20 McLaren Honda MP4/7
25172 1/20 McLaren Ford MP4/8
39288 1/35 US M4A3 Sherman with Calliope

15475 GP475 3mm Ball Bearing Set II for Mini 4WD Roller
18638 Trigale (MA Chassis)
18639 ★Habilista (MA Chassis)



4 thoughts on “Future Tamiya releases for May 2014

  1. GreatDane

    The Stadium body actually look quite cool on the CR01 chassis. IMO a nice basher 🙂

    TB-04 has just been released. But what is TB Evo 6?

    And I for one can not wait to see the list of news to come – hopefully soon 🙂

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

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