New Tamiya Products to be presented at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2014


54592 TB-04 Front Direct Coupling

54596 TB-04 Carbon Reinforced Lower Deck

42281 TRF418 Stabilizer Set (F, R) 

84386 Toyota Hilux Mountain Rider (tentative name)

84385 RCC Honda NSX 

84383 RCC Hornet Black Metallic Version 

58595 RCC ENEOS SUSTINA RC F (TB-04 Chassis) 

84381 F104 Diff Housing B Integrated Steel Rear shaft 

84380 F104 Diff Housing Set (Integrated carbon shaft) 

54591 OP1591 Balance Weight (Half Size) 

54588 GF-01 Aluminum Steering Arm

54587 Aluminum Servo Stay (WR-02,GF-01)

54583 M Chassis Front Titanium Coated Ball Suspension Shaft (2 pieces) 

54582 XV-01 Carbon Long Damper Stay (Rear)

54581 XV-01 Carbon Long Damper Stay (Front)

Static Kits:

12051  1/6 Scale – Fairlady 240Z Street Custom (Variation of old Fairlady 240Z kit, includes 8-spoke Watanabe wheels + more special custom parts like twin carburetors)

24334  1/24 Scale – Porsche Turbo RSR Vaillant

12657 Ducati 1199 Panigale S Front Fork Set

25176 F104 G/S Starfighter (w/Pilot figure)

25175 U.S. Tank M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight (w/Figure 4pcs) 

25174 British Tank Sherman VC Firefly (w/Figure 6pcs)

32582 British Tank destroyer Achilles

31713 U.S.N. Aircraft Carrier CV-3 Saratoga

32408 German 7.62cm Anti-Tank Gun PAK36(r) North African Diorama Set

35339 WWI British army Figure

30057 British Tank Mark IV Male

35337 British Army Airborne soldiers small motorcycle Set 

Mini 4WD:

95037 Mini 4WD Check Box (Total length, maximum width) 

95034 Mini 4WD Portable Pit J-CUP2014 

95032 Mini 4WD Catcher J-CUP2014

95028 AR Fluorescence Color Chassis Set (Orange) 

95026 Hyper Dash Motor PRO J-CUP 2014 Special 

95025 Hyper Dash III Motor J-CUP 2014 Special

15477  Hyper Dash III Motor

15478 Ball Link Mass Damper (Square)

95033 Nissan Be-1 Red Version (Type 3 Chassis)

95031 Aero Manta Ray Japan Cup 2014 Limited (AR Chassis)

95027 Liberty Emperor Premium (Super II Chassis)

95020 Blast Arrow Black Special (MA Chassis)

19439 Beak Spider Premium (Super II Chassis)

Craft Kit:

89975 Mechanical Blowfish Clear Pink Body

70213 Fin Kick Craft Set


89976 Plastic Paper 0.05mm B4 size (4pcs.)


87163 Tamiya Polishing Sponge Sheet 320

87162 Tamiya Polishing Sponge Sheet 240

87161 Tamiya Polishing Sponge Sheet 180

74118 Cutting Mat (A4 size/Green)

Air Brush:

74548 Spray Work Air Brush Cleaning Set

74802 SPARMAX Airbrush 0.5mm (Air Brush System)

3 thoughts on “New Tamiya Products to be presented at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2014

  1. GreatDane

    Yes, a lot of great news from Tamiya.

    Hmm, Toyota Hilux Mountain Rider? Is this the Mountainer in a new flavor or is the original Hilux just with a new name? I hope for the later, but thinks it is the first 🙂

    We’ll see 😉

  2. GreatDane

    @admin: I think you might be right, it is likely to be the Mountaineer.

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

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