Official 53th Shizuoka Hobby Show announced new Tamiya product list


Scale Models
★ 1/35 WWI British Mark IV tank-mail (Single motorized) [tentative name]
★ 1/35 WWI British Infantry set
★ 1/35 British Army Airborne soldiers Motorbikes set
★ 1/35 British Sherman VC fire Fly (doll body with 6)
★ 1/35 American tank M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight (doll body with 4)
★ 1/35 German 7.62cm anti-tank gun PAK36 (r) North African Campaign scene set [tentative name]
★ 1/35 Germany 1 ton half-track Sd.kfz.10 [tentative name]
★ 1/35 Israeli Tank M60 Blazer (Accessory Parts) [tentative name]
★ 1/35 M4A3 Sherman Calliope [tentative name]
★ 1/48 British Tank Destroyer Akirizu [tentative name]
★ 1/700 U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier CV-3 Saratoga
★ 1/12 Ducati 1199 Panigale S
★ 1/12 Ducati 1199 Panigale S front fork set [tentative name]
★ 1/24 Porsche 934 Turbo RSR Vailant
★ 1/12 Fairlady 240ZG Street custom [ tentative name]
★ 1/20 McLaren Honda MP4 / 7
★ 1/20 McLaren Ford MP4 / 8
★ 1/32 F104 G / S Starfighter (pilot figure with) [tentative name] (aircraft Italeri, Ltd.)
★ Italeri catalog 2014 edition
★ 1/20 Lotus 25 Coventry Climax # 1 [finished product]
★ 1/20 Lotus 25 Coventry Climax # 4 [finished product]

RC Models
★ RCC ENEOS SUSTINA RC F (TB-04) [tentative name]
★ RCC M-05 Ver.II PRO chassis kit
★ RCC TB-04 PRO II chassis kit
★ RCC TRF101W chassis kit [tentative name]
★ RCC TRF201XMW chassis kit
★ RCC TB EVO.6 chassis kit
★ RCC Rock Socker (CR-01)
★ RCC Hornet Black Metallic specification [tentative name]
★ RCC Honda NSX [tentative name]
★ RCC Toyota Hilux Mountain rider [tentative name]
★ OP.1581 XV-01 carbon Long Damper Stay (Front)
★ OP.1582 XV-01 Long Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)
★ OP.1583 M chassis front titanium coated board Suspension Shaft (two)
★ OP.1584 TB-04 aluminum main mission shaft
★ OP.1585 TB-04 Aluminum Pilot Shaft Set (F / R)
★ OP.1587 Aluminum servo stay (WR-02, GF-01)
★ OP.1588 GF-01 Aluminum Steering arm
★ OP.1591 balance weight ( half) [tentative name]
★ OP.1592 TB-04 Front direct coupling
★ OP.1596 TB-04 carbon reinforced lower deck [tentative name]
★ F104 carbon rear shaft Def housing set
★ F104 steel rear shaft damper pliers
★ TRF damper use large-diameter spring set
★ Fluorine-based coating agent [tentative name]
★ TRF418 Stabilizer Set (F · R)

Mini 4WD
★ Trigale (MA chassis)
★ Abilista (MA chassis)
★ Beak Spider Premium (Super II Chassis)
★ Freedom Emperor (Liberty Emperor) Premium (Super II Chassis)
★ Blast Arrow Black Special (MA chassis)
★ Nissan Be-1 Red version (type 3 chassis)
★ Aero Manta Ray Japan Cup 2014 Limited (AR chassis)
★ Four wheel drive mini catcher (J-CUP2014)
★ Hyper Dash Motor 3 J-CUP2014 Special
★ Hyper Dash Motor PRO J-CUP2014 Special
★ Portable pit J-CUP2014 [tentative name]
★ GP. 477 Hyper Dash motor 3
★ GP. 478 Ball Link mass damper (square) [tentative name]
★ GP. 475 four wheel drive mini roller for 13mm ball bearing set II
★ AR fluorescent color chassis set (orange)
★ Four wheel drive mini check box (total length, maximum width)
★ Mini four wheel drive Oval Home Circuit solid lane change type (black)
★ Fin kick mechanical tool set
★ Mechanical Hug (tail fin cruising type) clear pink body

Tool & Paints
★ Super Max air brush SX0.5D
★ Spray Work Airbrush cleaning set
★ Cutting mat (A4 size / Green)
★ Tamiya polishing sponge sheet 180
★ Tamiya polishing sponge sheet 240
★ Tamiya polishing sponge sheet 320
★ Plastic paper 0.05mm thickness B4 size (four)
★ PS-62 Pure Orange
★ TS-92 Metallic Orange
★ TS Cobalt Green

9 thoughts on “Official 53th Shizuoka Hobby Show announced new Tamiya product list

  1. Ken

    >>> 1/35 WWI British Mark IV tank-mail
    Is this the first time Tamiya released military models of the WWI era?

  2. Edwing Merlo

    Dear Admin, I appreciate your comments about my work. I’m such a fan of the brand, I’ve decided to prepare a series of designs from several ‘boxart’ Tamiya kits I ever dreamed, and that only exist in my imagination. When you have finished all designs, will post on my personal blog. ‘ll Let you know when the job is completed.

    King regards,

    Edwing Merlo

  3. Bob

    Dear Admin,

    When will the new RC parts be available in the market?

    I look forward for OP.1583 M chassis front titanium coated board Suspension Shaft and TRF418 Stabilizer Set (F &R).

    Thanks in advance.

  4. admin Post author

    Both are expected to be sold in June in Japan and with the usual delays in the other countries.

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