Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2014 Releases

TAMIYA 2014 ?

As in the previous years

a) which products do you think Tamiya could release this year (static, RC, mini, anything else) and

b) which products would you personally like to be released (regardless of if their chances are realistic)?

Feel free to use the comments link at the end of this entry (comments are shown after being checked which can take some hours).

The team of thanks again for the continuously growing
reader base and support and wishes everyone a great 2014!

113 thoughts on “Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2014 Releases

  1. perry says

    a 1/35 scale vietnam pacv
    a 1/35 scale m270 mlrs
    a 1/16 scale kumatsu bulldozer
    a 1/8 scale nitro tractor

  2. GreatDane

    A) Blazing Blazer (Bruiser Chassis)
    A) Porsche 959 Paris-Daker (re-release of the 1/12 original or a new 1/10 body)

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  3. Taffer

    A. Another tt-02B
    A. Falcon rere
    A. Bear Hawk rere
    B. Super Dragon (its own kit)
    B. Winger (its own kit)
    B. Dash Emperor 1 (its own kit)

  4. Lyndolf

    Never understood why Tamiya has never produced the mighty Porsche 917 in 1/12 static scale.
    The Honda RC212v would be awesome too in 1/6

  5. Wild Welly's

    It would be a “joyfull” shockwave through the “Tamiya Collectors World” if Mr.T(amiya) decides to re-release the
    A) Blazing Blazer
    B) Super Champ
    C) Ford Ranger F150

    O yes, and bring us some “upgraded padlatracks” that match the ones used today by baja racers. (they resculped the “sandblaster jr.” so why not…?)


  6. dunebuggy

    My wishes for 2014

    1. Alfa Romeo 4C (RC and Static)
    2. Classic Lotus Europa (M-Chassis)
    3. Super Champ (Re-Release)
    4. Blazing Blazer (Re-Release)
    5. Hot Shot II (Re-Release)
    6. Willy´s Wheeler (Re-Release on WR-02 Chassis)
    7. Ducati 1199 Panigale (1/6 Big Scale Static Kit)

    A Happy New Year to all Tamiya Fans around the world.

  7. PizzaDude

    TB-04 MS
    Monster Beetle
    Blazing Blazer

    TRF418 JGE (Jilles Groskamp Edition)

  8. Ninski

    Per what Lyndolf said-
    The Porsche 917 in 1/12 static scale (or 1/10)
    coupled with a r/c version with polycarbonate body, so the static body can be used if need be on the r/c car.

    Also the Lancia S4 as a detailed r/c repro


  9. Cortex

    – Hard body shell for Toyota FJ Cruiser. Comparing to other segments, I think many people on R/C scale love hard shell so it may worth for invest.

    – I’m agreed with comments in this entry

    – I’m will hold my life till Monster Beetle & Avente 2001 comes. 🙂

    – A variant of on-road chassis with long enough wheelbase & rear solid axle for true scale pickup truck body shell. (low rider)

    – Highly details bodies. I purchased more than two of any spectacular boby sets or bought the kit if it hasn’t separated sell.

    Happy New Year.

  10. jb

    A) Monster Beetle

    B) Hilux 4×4
    Blazing Blazer
    Porsche 959 1/12 or 1/10
    Kingcab and Hilux on TA02T
    Mclaren MP4-12C and the F1 LM

  11. Addicted2blue

    I would love to see the following kits to be (re-)released:

    956 with Rothmans livery as a body parts set.
    Re re-released Thundershot
    The Falcon
    Top Force evo
    Avante 2001 as a kit

  12. dourak91

    My wishes for 2014.

    A new french tamiya cup

    Some youngtimers bodies for M-CHASSIS : 205gti

    Some new bodies for FF03 – Megane RS-DS3 racing-Focus RS-Releases of 90’s JTCC cars

  13. Eugene

    First of all very BIG thanks for the Fox re-release!

    a) Vanquish re-release
    Lamborghini Cheetah
    Some Willy chassis,
    for example willy’s wheeler Honda City turbo

    b) Hotshot 2 (Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!)
    Super Champ
    Bear Hawk
    Lancia Rally (frog chassis)
    Opel Ascona 400 (original chassis)
    Toyota Celica Gr.B and Porsche 956 (original chassis)
    Martini Porsche 935 Turbo (original ABS body and chassis)
    Toyota 4X4 Pick Up (original chassis)
    Blazing Blazer (original chassis)

    Some Group B bodies!
    Lancia 037 Rally
    Lancia delta S4
    Audi quattro
    Toyota Celica Gr.B
    Ford rs200
    Metro 6R4 and others.

  14. turbofreak

    M-05ra Lancia Fulvia and Renault 5 Alpine.

    FF-03 Ford Mondeo.

    XV-01 Toyota Celica GT-Four ST185.

  15. beermoker

    – Porsche 959 in 1/10 on XV01 chassis
    – Fiat 131 Rallye 1/10 (on M-06 lwb)
    – some new wheel an tire designs for TW 1/10, perhaps in retro style with higher outer tyre flanks (like HPI retros)
    – new XC chassis with solid axle at front and rear and better steering parts

    – 1/20 static Porsche 935 (motorized kit) or
    – 1/20 static Fiat Supermiramiori 131 (motorized kit)

  16. keith.G

    1. 58028 toyota 4×4 pickup or 58029 Blazing Blazer or cc01 isuzu mu
    2. brand-new 6×6 or 8×8 chassis and hard shell. such as ural 4320

    anyway, tamiya needs more creation rather than more re-release.

  17. donManolo

    a) a new TRF 4WD Buggy
    b) TRF 1/8th scale Race Buggy and Truggy
    c) carbon Composite Chassis and Gear Box for the DF-03MS

  18. Storm

    In RCs, please focus on simplicity and lightweight of your mid range kits like TA/TB series.

    1. Single beltdrive 4WD chassis ala Losi XXX with cowled drivetrain.
    2.Cheaper TRF 418 with composite plastic parts, fiber glass chassis with battery straps like the Spec R S1. Better if theres an option to cover the whole drivetrain.
    3. Shaft drive chassis on double deck fiber glass, cowled drivetrain, with battery straps.
    4. Revive the TL chassis (TL01) but make it Lipo ready and able to accept LW reversible suspension arms.
    5. Make the F1 chassis really the fastest form RC racing by making it 4WD for control, independent suspension, Sorex-like tyre grip, easier to drive fast.
    6. Add more exotic body shells like the Aventador, Zonda/Huayra, Aston Martin, Lexus LFA, Veyron, Agera R, New Acura NSX.
    7. Make some nice wheels like HPI

    For the the mini 4WD series:
    1. Make tracks available piece by piece in different lenghts or curve radius so consumers can customize their planned racing tracks and expand if needed.

  19. Wild Welly's

    Oh yes, I forgot… let’s make the “Wrangler Unlimited 2014” as a nice repacement of the old wrangler 2door version.
    The new Wrangler design is a new icon in “Jeep-land” already, so Mr.T(amiya) what are you waiting for :-))

    So here is my list again:

    A) Blazing Blazer
    B) Super Champ
    C) Ford Ranger F150
    D) Wrangler Unlimited 2014

    O yes, and bring us some “upgraded padlatracks” that match the ones used today by “dune racers”. (they resculped the “sandblaster jr.” so why not…?)


  20. G.O.

    SUBARU GC8 IMPREZA WRC(1/10th RC CAR)TT-02 or XV-01

    CITROEN DS3 WRC2013 Rally de France Sebastian Loeb(1/10th RC CAR)TT-02(short wheel base)

    VOLKSWAGEN PORO R WRC(1/10th RC CAR)TT-02(short wheel base)

    Rally cars’s RC models PLEASE!!

  21. fabolousRC

    I want:
    1. Toyota Celica Gr.B on XV-01; Celica GTO on XV-01 Touring
    2. Porsche 959 either in revamped 1/12 scale (so I can rebuild mine with newer parts; its going to be runner) or DF-03RA or TB-01
    3. Bigwig (with special tray for ESC)
    4. Vanquish
    5. New Boy Racer RTR with brushless (that should be fun)
    6. New GB series minis with all retro models (ala kyosho mini optima) but with 4wd models and brushless models standard.
    7. More scale 4x4s (solid axles all around, 2 bar molded links with captured balls for simplicity and metal shocks all around) with Mercedes G-Wagen, Landrover Defender 90/110, and Jeep Wrangler (JK) 2-door and 4 doors (getting tired of the square headlight model and unrealistic ifs with 4 bar link suspension of CC01)
    8. More recent CC-01 models: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 (CC-01 with Sport Tuned and High Speed Gear installed), Kia Sportage (for a change), Original Fiat Panda 4×4, Suzuki New Jimny, Mercedes Benz W163 M-Class Jurrasic Park edition and K1 Blazer.
    9. Luxury SUV on XV-01 such as Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover SPort, Mercedes Benz ML63, Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Porsche Macan Turbo, BMW X6 M.
    10. Last but not least, High performance Sedans on XV-01 Touring: BMW F10 M5/F12 M6, BMW F80 M3/F82 M4, Aston Martin Vanquish/One-77, Mercedes E63, Audi RS5 DTM, Jaguar XFR/F-Type, Bentley Continental-R, Cadillac CTS-V, Chevrolet SS/Commodore VF V8 Supercars, Nissan Altima V8 Supercars, Ford Falcon FG V8 Supercars

  22. Max

    1/ XV-01 Tôge (fiber glass chassis and aluminium parts)

    2/ Exotic lexan bodies :
    – ’13 BMW new Z4 GT3 Studie Japan N. Taniguchi/T. Kataoka (TA06) !!!!!
    – ’13 Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 FIA GT (TA06)
    – ’12 Porsche 911 GT3 Endless (TA06)
    – ’12 Citroen DS3 S. Loeb WRC (XV-01)
    – ’12/’13 Mini Countryman Monster S. Peterhansel (XV-01)
    – Peugeot 205 GTI (XV-01)

    4/ Nice 26mm rims (Volk/GramLight)

  23. Wizard Toys

    Fantastic memories of the Porsche 959 Paris-Daker, surely this would sell well?
    Also would buy the Lambo Cheetah if re-released.
    Finally a big ask, the West German Flakpanzer Gepard with full option R/C.
    ‹(•¿•)› …. Thanks Tamiya for the best kits!……. ‹(•¿•)›

  24. ARC

    a)Lamborghini Cheetah
    The Falcon
    b)Nissan King Cab
    Porsche 959
    Dyna Storm
    Isuzu Mu Type X

  25. Jorge

    A lot of great suggestions, my two cents:
    1) Blazing Blazer
    2) Nissan King Cab
    3) Hot Shot II
    4) Astute
    5) Mountaineer

    1) 1/6 MotoGP (any)
    2) 1/12 McLaren P1
    3) 1/12 F1 (80s-Present)

  26. Paul

    RC re-re wish list:

    Ligier JS9 Matra
    Ralt RT2 Hart 420R
    Grasshopper II
    Super Hornet
    Mercedes-Benz C11
    Mazda 787B (Group C)
    Acura NSX Mugen
    Toyota GT-One TS020 (58253)
    Calsonic Skyline GTR 2003
    Advance Courage LC70 Mugen

  27. Feraz

    RC Tank

    1:16 T-55

    1:10 CC-01: with new hard styrene body (Landcruiser)

    1:10 High-lift: with new hard styrene body (Landcruiser)

  28. David


    Tamiya should not have to re-release old RC but try to manufacture news chassis and more new bodysets

    Why not a Short Course for 2014 or a new bodyset like the new Audi sport quattro or old 4×4 like jeep or pajero.

    That what I’m waiting from “the first quality around the world”

    David from RC4ON

  29. dany

    1-12 moto gp
    honda rcv213 2011-2012-2013
    yahama m1 2012-2013
    ducati 2012-2013
    Suzuki 2011
    kawasaky 2013 sbk
    aprilia 2012 sbk

    1-24 cars
    lancia delta s4
    audi s5 dtm 2013
    aston martin dbr9 gt1
    Nissan gt-r gt1
    audi r8 gt3
    ford focus wrc 2007-2008
    ferrari f458 italia gt2-gt3
    porsche 997 cup 2013
    Jaguar xk-r gt1
    Bentley gt3
    ford fiesta wrc 2012
    audi 4 Group b
    Peugeot 205 turbo16 evo2
    ford focus wrc 2002-2003
    Lamborghini gallardo gt3
    Lamborghini murcielago gt1
    HSV-010 2010 SUPER GT
    Lexus sc-430 2009
    revival of many old wrc kit and gt

    1-20 f1
    ferrari f-138
    redbull 2013
    mercedes 2013
    lotus 2013

    1-12 f1
    mercedes 2012
    ferrari f60- f2010
    redbull 2012
    lotus 2011

    thanks you

  30. Paolo


    Alfa Romeo 75 DTM
    Alfa Romeo 156 DTM
    Aston Martin DBR9 GT1
    Audi RS5 DTM
    Audi R8 GT3
    Bentley GT3
    Corvette C6R GT2
    Ferrari F458 Italia GT2 GT3
    Jaguar xk-r gt1
    Lamborghini Gallardo GT3
    Lamborghini Murcielago GT1
    Lancia Delta S4
    Mercedes AMG DTM 2013
    Porsche 997 cup 2013


    Ducati MotoGP 2012-2013
    Honda RCV213 2012-2013
    Yahama M1 2012-2013

    Aprilia SBK 2013
    Kawasaki SBK 2013

  31. Daniele

    Lancia Delta S4 Esso 1:24
    Fiat Punto GT 1998 1:24

    Celica LB Turbo Tom’s Supershilouette 1982 1:24
    Celica T23 TRD Sports ‘M’ 1:24
    Celica T23 with TRD Action Package bodykit 1:24
    Audi A3 RS3 8P Sportback 1:24
    Audi A3 RS3 8V Sportback 1:24
    Audi RS6 Avant 1:24

    Ferrari F40 1:12
    Porsche 917 1:12

  32. Dan

    ? only Tamiya knows them.

    – A DAF Truck
    – More quality chassis with metal parts like the older ones, no more cheap build full plastic, like TT-01, 02…
    – More chassis types with adjustable wheelbase.
    – Re-releases, yes…but please with other beautiful new bodies.

  33. Jeuthy85

    1/20 F1
    FERRARI 126 C3 (1983)
    FERRARI 156/85 (1985)
    FERRARI 643 (1991)
    FERRARI F93A (1993)
    FERRARI 412T1 (1994)
    FERRARI 412T1 (1994 LATE)
    FERRARI 412T2
    FERRARI F310 (1996 – HIGH & LOW NOSE)
    FERRARI F300 (1998)

    1/12 F1

  34. Arturo

    1/24 A must Have!!!!
    Lancia Delta S4;
    Audi S1;
    Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale;
    Lancia Fulvia HF Rally;
    Fiat 124 Rally;
    Fiat X1/9 abarth;
    Fiat TC1000 Abarth

  35. Mattia


    1/24 Bentley Speed 8 (2003)
    1/24 Lancia LC2
    1/24 Lancia Fulvia Rally
    1/24 Toyota TS010
    1/24 Toyota TS030
    1/24 Peugeot 905
    1/24 Peugeot 908 HDi
    1/24 Audi R18 TDI
    1/24 Audi R18 e-tron Quattro
    1/24 BMW V12 LMR
    1/24 Toyota 7
    1/24 Aston Martin DBR9
    1/24 Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak
    1/24 Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak
    1/20 Brabham BT44B
    1/20 Jaguar F1 (anything)

  36. Francesco

    Many alfa romeo in 1:24,
    maybe a 33 sedan, the 155, the 75, the 156 giugiaro in both road racing.
    More generally suggest some Italian car of the 60 70 80, there are many beautiful Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo meriodo of that, they are not ferrari but retain their charm him and seeing how they disappear models fujimi of the spear I’d bet there strong .
    A fiat punto 2000 5p would be a treat

    Tante alfa romeo in 1:24,
    magari una 33 berlina, la 155, la 75, la 156 giugiaro sia in versione stradale che da gara.
    Più in generale suggerirei qualche vettura italiana degli anni 60 70 80, ci sono molte belle fiat, lancia e alfa romeo di quel meriodo, certo non sono ferrari ma il loro fascino lo conservano e vedendo come spariscono i modelli fujimi delle lancia io ci punterei forte.
    Una fiat punto del 2000 5p sarebbe una chicca

  37. Gamepuppy

    Happy New Year to one and all!

    1:10 RC re-releases are my bag so this year I would love to see any or all of the following:

    Lamborghini Cheetah to go with my XR311
    Ford F150 Ranger XLT
    Blazing Blazer
    Super Champ
    The Bigwig
    Porsche 959 4WD Rally
    Toyota Celica 4WD GR.B
    Hotshot II


  38. Borjacho

    This is the letter for Critshmas presents

    a) Ford Sierra RS500
    Nissan Primera Calsonic

    b) Gr. B rally cars as:
    – Lancia Delta S4
    – Ford RS200
    – Peugeot 205 T16 Evo II
    – Audi Quattro S1
    – Mazda RX7
    – Citroen BX 4TC
    – etc…

    Modern WTCC cars also:
    – Seat Leon
    – BMW 320i
    – Chevrolet Cruze
    – Volvo C30
    – Honda Civic
    – etc…

    And I never loose hopes to have old ETCC cars for 80’s as:
    – Volvo 240 Turbo
    – Rover Vittesse
    – Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo
    – etc…

    Of course, all of them at 1/24 scale.

    Thanks for hear to us.

  39. Badnat

    RC 1/10

    *** Re-Release****Re-Release***Re-Release***Re-Release***
    Astute 🙂
    Monster Beetle 🙂 🙂

  40. mario

    Lancia Lc2 w/engine
    Audi R18 w/engine
    Toyota ts030 w/engine
    Alfa Romeo 33TT w/engine

    Brabham Bt45
    Ferrari 156/85
    Ferrari 126C3
    Renault Re40/50/60

    Brabham Bt46\b fancar
    Ferrari 312T2/T3
    Lotus 80
    Lotus 91

  41. Jason

    In no discernible order…but all of these please;
    Super Champ
    Ford Ranger
    Audi R18
    Peugeot 908
    Willy’s Wheeler
    Audi Quattro
    Opel Ascona
    Any group B rally car
    Lotus 49 (RC version not static)
    current Dakar prototypes

  42. brenno1

    1:20 F1

    Lotus 98t 1986
    1:12 F1

    Toleman-Hart 1984 Monaco gp
    1:24 Rally

    Lancia delta s4 gr. B

  43. jan

    ferrari fxx 1/12 assembly kit

    jordan 191 1/12

    ferrari f40/f40 lm 1/12

    lotus 99T 1/12

    tamiya official local, national, continental, global contests!!! we need it!!

  44. Ken

    1/12 Porsche 959 (Paris-Dakar) re-re
    1/20 Dump Truck re-re
    1/10 Red Bull Renault RB6 or later versions
    1/8 Motorcycles

    1/24 Porsche 959 (Paris-Dakar)
    1/24 Volkswagen Toureg (Paris-Dakar)
    1/24 Container Trucks (similar to that by Italeri)
    1/?? Dump Truck (in a length similar to a 1/24 car)
    1/20 Red Bull Renault RB7 or later versions
    1/12 Driver figure (new moulds, resembling the F1/MotoGP drivers of this generation)

    btw, may I ask what is the estimated dates of the Shizuoka Hobby Show and the Tokyo Hobby Show this year? Any website with such information?

  45. cris

    F1 1/12 – 1/20
    Mercedes-Benz M54-M55
    Maserati 250 F
    Vanwall 07
    Cooper-Climax T51 – T53
    BRM 51
    BRM V16 1950 Silverstone gp
    Lotus-Climax 33
    Brabham-Repco BT20 – BT24
    Brawn-Mercedes 001
    Shadows dn5 dn7 dn8
    surtees ts16 -ts19
    March 701 711 721 741 751 761 2-4-0
    Hesketh 308 a b c d

    Bike Gp 1/12
    Laverda V6
    Gp 500 350 250 125 50, dal 1950 al 1980
    125 1980-2012

  46. christian

    1) moto gp rc213v stoner simoncelli bradl marquez
    ducati 2011/2013
    suzuki 2011
    yamaha 2011/2013

    2)moto 2 / moto 3

    3) moto 125/250 dal 96 al2008 aprilia ktm

    4) moto 500 dal 88 al 97

    5) sbk

    6)458 italia lamborghini gallardo

    7)f1 mclaren new , lotus new , williams senna

    8)car new rally

  47. matteo

    My request:
    – BMW M3 e30
    – BMW M5 e39
    – BMW M3 e92
    – BMW M3 e30 DTM
    – BMW 1 M
    – BMW Z4 race car
    – Various Rally Car
    – Various Race Car

  48. stabilz

    I really-really hope Tamiya can re-release back some mini 4WD kits for example:

    1) 94641- Thunder Shot Mk.II Black Special
    2) all the EVO series: 94780, 94661 and 94734
    3) 94704 – Dash 1 Emperor Black Special

    and many-many more!!! 😀

  49. St3gOs4uR

    Re-relase of classic type 5 chassis mini 4wd (Top Force Evolution and jr, Bear Hawk, Terra Conqueror etc..)

  50. Gamepuppy




    And possibly the MOUNTAINEER!?!

  51. freebaseur

    [Quote=Davidsays: 07/01/2014 at 18:34]
    Tamiya should not have to re-release old RC but try to manufacture news chassis and more new bodysets
    Why not a Short Course for 2014 or a new bodyset like the new Audi sport quattro or old 4×4 like jeep or pajero.
    That what I’m waiting from “the first quality around the world”
    David from RC4ON[/quote]

    To 2000% all right!!!

    A competitive 1/10 4×4 Short Course…with Dakar bodies. By beginning by Hilux Imperial Toyota of De Villiers by Overdrive (+ new Land Cruiser V8 SW and Prado with genuine parts) !!

    Again and again new 1/10 TC/rally bodies : Good Smile Racing new BMW Z4 GT3 of Taniguchi in 1st !!
    …with wheels more nice.

    And simply a frame of drift on XV-01 TC PRO base.
    With basic frame/bodie/wheels/motor XV-01 TC kits.

    For finish, more stock for frames in limited edition (as the TA06 MS, TB-04 PRO…).

  52. Spin

    I would really love Thunder Shot mkII Black Special to be re-released!
    That would be awesome, please please please do it 😉

  53. Stefan

    Hi. I think tamiya underestimate the market for 1/14 work vehicles & should relese many more variants for the European market. My greatest wish right now is the new Volvo FH. An appreciated detail would be to supply each truck with both high & low ceiling + labels (for Volvo FH, FM …), so that several variations are possible of each tractor.

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