Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2013 Releases

TAMIYA 2013 ?

As in the previous years

a) which products do you think Tamiya could release this year (static, RC, mini, anything else) and

b) which products would you personally like to be released (regardless of if their chances are realistic)?

Feel free to use the comments link at the end of this entry (comments are shown after being checked which can take some hours).

The team of thanks again for the continuously growing
reader base and support and wishes everyone a great 2013!

103 thoughts on “Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2013 Releases

  1. Papi

    Still waiting for racing shaft-driven chassis or RWD wih independent suspension… Still nothing..
    But Tamiya should make some cool Group-B or old WRC bodies for XV-01

  2. matt

    i would love to see more of the classic cars from the 60.s and 70’s released on the M-chassis platform , preferably with the correct drive system, MK1 and MK2 ford escort mexico’s , saab 96 etc
    all the best for 2013;-)

  3. Aníbal

    I wish tamiya would release some new bodies of old sports cars like the s13 or s15, even the old AE86 in 1/10 scale.
    Happy new year for all of you.

  4. meir

    1– Michelin Pilot Ford Escort RS Cosworth with the rally cockpit (amazing car)…
    2– top force evo black special like they did with the avante (i got it already 🙂
    3–willys-wheeler on m-05 chassis
    4–f104-x1-GT\LM chassis like the old f-103gt that fits touring bodysets

  5. steponit!

    I REALLY hope (and wish) that Mr. T will re-re the ‘1/12 th scale Lamborghini Cheetah’…..b’coz this is the very first off roader that I fell in love with when I was a kid but had no dough to buy it!!….the other reason is that, my ‘XR311’ needs a partner, badly!!

  6. Mart

    How about a 1/10 version of the Porsche 935 ‘Martini’!!
    Or even the 1/10 934 body released as a street version.

    Maybe a Honda City Turbo,…a street version or a
    ‘Willy’s Wheeler’ style on a M-chassis…or even on a WR02.

  7. Phil

    The XV-01 was a great addition to Tamiya RC lineup, specially to Rally fans.

    What we need now, IMHO, is definitely ‘NEW’ body shells.
    Just to name a few that I would personally love to see:

    [Most wanted!]
    -1995 Subaru Impreza WRC !!!
    -1997 Subaru Impreza WRC !!!

    [Highly Appreciated]
    -2012 Citroen DS3 WRC
    -2012 Ford Fiesta WRC
    -2013 VW Polo WRC
    -1982 Group.B Audi Quattro
    -1986 Group.B Lancia Delta S4

    And XV-01 new parts:
    -64T 06 mod Spur Gear
    -68T Spur Gear compatible with the Slipper Clutch
    -XV-01 sway bars

    And off-course licensing the XV-01 for the TCS.

  8. Black Hole Sun

    I guess the Astute is a candidate for re-release in genuine flavor. The Dyna Storm is another one (they already did it once).

    As Tamiya seems to be in the “fun vehicles” mood lately, so we may expect more willy-flavored models, perhaps a “street version” like the Wheeler used to be.

    Also, we recently saw a new TamTech Gear attempt (is it released yet?): may Tamiya restart the on-road series with even more scale-realistic bodyshells.

    Personal wish: a 4WD rally M-chassis (not a rally TA-05 M-Four please).

    Best wishes for 2013

  9. Eugene

    a) I hope next year will not stop Tamiya policy reissues.

    Some people criticize tamiya re-release tradition.
    I think this view by vintage collectors, whose collections are losing the uniqueness with each new re-release.
    Of course, original vintage differs from re-release, but for most customers, these differences are not significant.

    Bruiser was a pleasant surprise, and its chassis is still unique. Let with this chassis will be built Toyota 4×4 Pick Up and Blazing Blazer. This is good models with a high level of detail. High detail has always been a Tamiya style. Many modern manufacturers go back to that style. For example there were highly detailed miodels with roll cages by Axial and interesting chassis bu rc4wd. But notice, Tamiya did it 25 years back! Everything in this world is repeated … Highly detailed in fashion again!

    Personally, I do not understand restyles of re-releases: Fast Attack Vehicle – w/Shark Mouth, Hotshot 2007 – Metallic Special, Street Rover, Avante black special and some other. Why so? But it is my opinion… Reading and looking back I see that these models also find their fans. I guess I’m getting old …

    b) I want to see a new rc chassis design with realistic suspension. For example, it would be interesting to see the type of McPherson suspension. Always liked the creative solutions of chassis frog, hotshot, buggy champ, wild one and other. This was uniqueness. The era of
    experiments 1980-s…

    I will always support the idea of the Group B bodies!
    Lancia 037 Rally
    Lancia delta S4
    Audi quattro
    Toyota Celica Gr.B
    Ford rs200
    Metro 6R4 and others.
    Want more attention to the rally classics. The Rally legends made ​​several such models. But the quality of their bodies…

    It is interesting to see the RC chassis by Tamiya in drag racing style, formula offroad style, crawlers in “king of hammers” style, vintage dirt oval cars and “peak pikes” racing buggies.

    And of course the same old good re-releases:
    Hotshot 2
    Super Champ
    Bear Hawk
    Lancia Rally (frog chassis)
    Opel Ascona 400 (original chassis)
    Audi quattro (original chassis)
    Toyota Celica Gr.B and Porsche 956 (original chassis)
    1/10 Martini Porsche 935 Turbo
    Toyota 4×4 Pick Up (original chassis)
    Blazing Blazer (original chassis)

    P.S. Sometimes I think that Tamiya can re-release anything … Please make optima, gallop, progress, scorpion, javelin, samurai, RC10, ninja, shogun, radiant, vantage, exceed… 🙂

    Tamiya, I believe you can do anything!

    Best regards

  10. ZedArt

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX
    Mini Countryman WRC
    Citroën C2 S1600 (FF-03s)
    Ford Fiesta S2000
    Ford Focus WRC ’99
    Ford Escort – Cosworth & WRC version


  11. jb

    Thanks Tamiya for Wild One. That’s one of my wish list last year. Also thanks for Celica GT4

    I’m still waiting for…..
    – Egress
    – Monster Beetle
    – Porsche 959 (with same old chassis, or new 4wd mini chassis, or even 1/10 scale on XV-01 is fine with me)
    – Hilux 4×4 Pickup
    Sorry that I don’t like Bruiser, I love the first Hilux 4×4 Pickup the most among the 3 Hilux’s, so I wish they release it as well.

  12. Joost

    A nice reissue would be the

    The Porsche 959 (58059)
    This is my all time favourite!!!

    And maybe from the Australian V8 Supercars race series

    a brand new Nissan Altima V8 Supercar on a new rear-wheel drive TC chassis?? or a TA-06 chassis??

    just a thought…….

    Or new Nissan GTR and BMW Z4 GT3 bodies next to the new Mercedes GT3 body sitting on a TA-06 chassis.

    Thanks and happy new year..!!

  13. Momo

    Hope 2013 release :

    Opel ascona rally on WR02 chassis
    CC 02 chassis ( use front axle) w hard body

    That’s all n happy new year…!

  14. dunebuggy

    The Tamiya Company has done such a good on job on new releases for the last few years, so there is not really very much i could wish anymore. But here is my wish list for the year 2013:

    Re-Release of the “Willy´s Wheeler” on the famous WR-02 platform + more of the recently released funny stunt vehicles. I love them all. 🙂

    Re-Release of the classic “The Fox” Off Road Racer in original form.

    Re-Release of the “Blazing Blazer” with the same fine improvements as made on the “Bruiser” Re-Release.

    Classic Lotus Europe body for the M-06 Chassis.

    Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  15. Martin

    My Wishlist:

    Re Releases:
    58028 Toyota 4×4 Pick Up – Original Chassis
    58064 Toyota Celica Group B – Original Chassis
    58019 Williams FW07 – F104W

    New Releases:
    Lexus LFA – TT-01E / TA06

  16. GreatDane

    The original Hilux (on the new Bruiser chassis) in 2013. I could even do with a Blazer 😉

    And a 8×4 truck would also be nice 🙂

    The best to all of you in 2013 🙂

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  17. Alex

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    I’m glad to see so many comments regarding Tamiya producing new rally bodyshells; my thought exactly. Having introduced the fantastic XV-01 chassis, they need to introduce a range of bodyshells; all the Group B era cars would be fantastic and I’m sure it would generate huge sales for them. Early WRC era cars too – say from 1996 -1999 would also yield good sales – I’m convinced. Essentially produce what Rally Legends has done – except for the Tamiya attention to detail factor!!! I’d also love to see the following cars, all in 1/10 scale – none of this 1/12 nonsense!

    Fiat 131 Abarth (my all time favourite rally car!)
    Opel Ascona
    Alfa 185T (my all time favourite F1 car)
    Brabham BT-50
    Lancia LC2 (my all time favourite sportscar)

    Tamiya, rise to the challenge! 🙂

  18. Marco

    Happy new year to everybody!
    I world like to have : a 959 / Toyota gr.b re release, an egress re-re and a m-chassis 4wd rally

  19. Eddie

    Tamiya will re release the Porsche 959 58509 Kit….It shall be announced in January……. (Jedi hand wave)

  20. Zagato@BatCat

    Reply A => Prosche 959 / Toyota Gr B. 1:10 4WD
    Reply B ==> TamTech Gear, like GB01 & GT01(For GT01-it need to modify, cos I don’t like the chassis, but the body shell is excellent!)
    More Rally shell for XV01 is welcome.

    Best Regards.,

  21. Airflow

    I wish Tamiya would release more Euro supercar bodies like Aventador, Veyron, McLaren F1, Murcielago, new Audi R8, Ferarri 458 and from Japan also like the Lexus LFA. I would like to also mention some re-release bodies for FF03 chassis like Toyota Celica SSi with light buckets, Mitsubishi FTO, and other front wheel drive legends.

    I also wish that the next version of FF03 should have non IFS option.

    Lastly I want to see Tamiya build something like a sports version of the TRF417 much like the Spec R S1 kit which uses hard composite plastics for bulkheads and FRP for chassis plates and shock stays. I think Tamiya’s interpretation of this “sports” kit will have better quality and durability plus add some TRF shocks to make it a lethal budget racer.

  22. ThomasJohnson

    I have to agree, the XV-01 is one of the best rally chassis’ out there ever to be released. I can now put my TA-03F to rest in the best spot of the shelf, finally!

    So now to the fun part, MORE RALLY BODIES PLEASE!!!!!!
    Group.B is great and surely look good, but as some of the previous posters, I will have to agree, my favorities are the WRC 90′ era!

    Subaru Imprezas WRC (1995 and 1997 versions)
    Ford Escort Cosworth WRC
    SEAT Cordobas WRC
    Skoda Octavia WRC
    Hyundai Accent
    Peugeot 206 WRC

  23. JWeston

    Monster Beetle 2,
    Something with the Honda City shell on,
    Top-Force in some shape or form,
    Dyna Storm/Blaster,
    + more of the same current chassis

    DB02 with a new shell
    A Tamiya designed US Tractor Truck
    The new VW Beetle

    Cheers, J

  24. Timmy2tracks

    #1: Blazing blazer
    #2: Original Hilux
    #3: Blazing blazer
    #4: Original Hilux

    (Come on Tamiya, you already re-released the 3-speed with the Bruiser!)

  25. Mike

    I’d like to see Tamiya produce four 1/72 new-tooled kits: the F-106 Delta Dart, a Mirage IIIC, an RF-101C, and an F-8A Crusader.

  26. Mr_Screwloose

    Usual Re-release wishlist :

    More vintage Rally Cars as mentioned by some of you.

    Plus some dreams :
    -Radio controlled Mini4Wd chassis
    -Radiocontrolled replica of Mars Discovery
    -A range of RC robots
    -A new attempt of flying models.

    Happy new year to TamiyaBlog team !

  27. ZedArt

    Lancia Delta ECV 1
    Renault Clio R3
    Renault Clio S1600
    Citroën Saxo S1600
    Skoda Felicia KitCar
    Subaru Impreza WRX (2011 – sedan version)

  28. St3gOs4uR

    Reply to b: I’d like very much to see other mini 4wd re-release of models which haven’t been published yet, mainly Bear Hawk, Top Force Evolution, Geo Emperor, Egress (type 4) etc…

  29. papi

    oh, in my post i forgot to say that I wish to see some Skodas from Tamiya… I know it won’t be possible… But it would be nice see 130RS or LR in Tamiya quality, even on M06

  30. CyberFox

    I would be happy if Tamiya re-release Nissan King Cab, it’s the best pleasure car I got in the past 🙂

  31. patoricko

    a) Vanquish, Fox

    b) a Tamiya RC Motorcycle!!! I don’t care if it is 1:8 or 1:5, no race bike, just make it simple, durable and affordable with decent looks 😉

  32. Bucano

    Happy new year to all of you!

    What I would appreciate (and buy) are RC models that come closer to the original as usual, in the way that it has a self supporting body preferably made of thin alloy, the (electric) engine is in the same position as the original, has a similar drive shaft and similar suspension as the original car. It would also be nice to have a two speed gearbox which shifts automatically. In this way, it would be nice to start with a Ford Mustang from the sixties. What I also would appreciate is a Lotus Esprit Mk 1 with the submarine feature of the famous James Bond car. As scale, I would prefer 1:8, since it will be easier to implement all features in a bigger model.

    Back to the ground: It would be very nice, if TAMIYA offered a better drive train for the Bruiser as hop up, since the original gears, especially the die cast gears and punisher shafts do not stand the power of regular bl-sets.

    Best Regards, Bucano

  33. david

    My list

    A) juggernaut, vanquish, super astute and group c chassis

    B) tt02 and new monster truck

  34. chris

    I would love to see Tamiya produce:
    Realistic Group B cars for sure- with 2 body styles- hard plastic and polycarbonate…
    -1982 Group.B Audi Quattro
    -1986 Group.B Lancia Delta S4 (!!!!!)
    Lancia Stratos
    Also a 1/10 956

    Also keep the original box art with the reissues, perhaps with a marker of some sort indicating a reissue. The illustrated box art with white backgrounds is so iconic, and Tamiya has lost the plot on that. This needs to be reinstated.

    Lastly Tamiya needs to open up their site to get people voting on the top “wishes”. I’m certain they could get down payments from people wishing to see something built. I know i would.

    Happy new year!

  35. Mc Fly

    a) …

    1/16 RC tank B1 bis
    1/16 RC tank T34
    1/16 RC tank M3 Lee/Grant
    1/16 RC tank sturmtiger
    1/16 RC tank Mk I (WWI)
    1/16 RC tank Renault FT 17 (WWI)

  36. Cortex

    I’m wondering about how tamiya going to rock the vintage fans this year… or not? Everytime I saw the came back of legendary vintages, I’ve been happy… “Yay!” \\(´∀`)// then… “Hmm… time to save up again…” ¯∀¯; … Honestly, I just hope for Tamiya won’t release my wishes too fast… lol.

    About the things could possibility for this year, Tamiya may keep looking closely to the new segment that gradually growing in Japan, the RWD drift chassis. It’s sounds might not so interesting because it’s not so hard to disassemble some 4WD drivetrain out then put some Axles in, and Tada! It’s now RWD.

    But I think Tamiya (and another manufacturer) won’t let the trend fly away & do nothing. They maybe working for the uniquely new FR drift machine.

    About personally impossible dream, I love the innovation of F201 chassis. But according to BHS articles about on-road chassis, 4WD is not for the F1 chassis, cause it led to failure. So… How about If it were revise as it should be..?

    I wish to see the full-sus F1 machine come back again. Design for versatile on-road machine such F-1, Leman, fitting the very low profile Super Car bodies or even our old school Touring Car bodies too.

    That’s all (for now). Happy new year everyone & Happy for whole year too.

  37. Lee

    For me, Porsche 959 on the original chassis, thats the ultimate for 2013.

    An Egress, Dynastorm, and Astute would also be VERY welcome


  38. Jay250GP

    I want a Ranger, can;t be that hard to re-issue, just needs the mounts sorting and it would be great!!
    Can;t deny the super champ on my wish list either, and Lets have Willy in something other than a City Turbo…..but low slung without the oversized wheels…plenty hot hatches would suit!!

  39. Brady

    I’d like to see Tamiya produce a 1/48 and/or 1/32 scale F-82 Twin Mustang that would be much better quality than the old outdated Modelcraft model. Too many manufacturers produce it only in 1/72 and never go on to make a new 1/48 scale model. Tamiya making this would be awesome. I would like to see Tamiya also make a 1/48 scale P-38 and a P-51H along with both versions (razorback and bubbletop) of their nice P-47 in 1/32 scale. Most of all I’d like to see them produce the F-82 Twin Mustang especially since one has recently been almost completely restored to airworthiness they just need the left-handed prop to take her up I believe.


  40. Kevin Lockhart

    I really wish that Mr. Tamiya would release the Blazing Blazer. It’s a tru stunner and a highly wanted model every time there is one listed on eBay tamiya fans go wild. I always wanted the Blazing Blazer every since I laid my eyes on it 20 years ago and fans snatch theme no sooner than I can save up for one.
    The bruiser is a great re-release, however I write to Tamiya to release this most wanted 3 speed often not only for me but others as welI. I only hope that they will respond and release this vehicle.

  41. David Crump

    With the release of the T55 Enigma and the future release of the M1A2 Abrams SEP Tusk 2, I would really love to see an Iraqi T62 with the rubber side skirts and armored searchlight covers. Also a Type 69 -2 with the boom shield slat armor based on the fantastic T55 kit but with the correct engine deck and transmission bulge at the bottom of the hull!

  42. Bob Barnes

    I wish… no, i implore Mr. Tamiya to give us some “modern” vehicles (meaning post WWII!) in the MM48 series. The Hummer was an acceptable first step, but one step won’t lead us very far…

    For instance, a T-55 as a second step would be just wonderful!! Followed by a Merkava I and maybe some M-113, M-48/60, T72.

    And on any scale, after the wonderful Tiran-5, which is already in itself a great news, i dream we could get an Achzarit!!!


    Another Tamiya fan.

  43. Steven Paesschesoone

    I really wish to see a new MotoGP (2012 versions) bike, maybe a reedition of the 24092/24094.

  44. Vince Stolarczyk

    either 1/48 or 1/32 P-38, any variant
    1/32 Dornier 335
    1/32 Me-262
    1/48 or 1/32 B-26
    1/48 B-17
    1/48 B-58

  45. Jon Da Silva

    PLEASE retool your WWII 1/350 Missouri as a WWII New Jersey! Round Bridge. We need a highly tooled Iowa Class to go along with the new tool Yamato.

  46. Jason

    How about:

    A 1/24 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

    A 1/200 Nimitz class carrier

    A 1/32 Boeing B-29

    And a pony, and a pet monkey.

  47. John

    1/700 Meko 200 series (options for multiple countries)
    1/700 Halifax class
    1/700 Iroquois class (Refit)
    1/700 Type 23 Duke class

    Basically, anything 1/700 and modern, and not just something from the USN or JMSDF. Please, and thank you.

  48. Thomas Lester

    Update the 1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 kit to how she has looked for the last few years up to her retirement this past Dec. The basic kit as it is now will work for the update, it would just require a few additions/modifications. Like communication domes, radars, weapons platforms, weapons, & the RHIB deck to name the ones I know about. I’d be happy to send you photos of the above mentioned additions/modifications…

    Also like to see 1/350 kits of the following:
    -USS West Virginia BB-48 (1944-45 fit)
    -USS Long Beach CGN-9
    -USS Bainbridge CGN-25
    -USS Truxtun CGN-35
    -California Class CGN-36/37
    -Past Aircraft Carriers
    -Forrestal Class CV-59/60/61/62
    -Kitty Hawk Class CV-63/64
    -USS America CV-66
    -USS JFK CV-67
    -USS Midway CV-41
    -USS Coral Sea CV-43

    Thanks for listening!!

  49. ssquibb79

    1/700 Forrestal Class CV
    1/700 Essex Class SCB-125 CV
    1/700 Midway Class CV
    1/700 Midway Class SCB-110 CV

  50. JT

    More US Naval ships! Tamiya was once the go-to place ships for, but not so much anymore. The Enterprise/Hornet mold is older than I am, and Tamiya had a chance to fix it when they release the Yorktown, but big flipping surprise, it was the same thing! Time to invest in a up-to-date, accurate mold of the Yorktown class aircraft carriers. Lets get a proper CV-6 Enterprise, heaven knows it would certainly sell, in either 1/350 or 1/700. People will see Trumpeters 1/200 Hornet in 2 years and think thats a bit big and expensive, if only someone made something just as good in a smaller scale. The modeling community has their hands out, screaming “take my money!” for an accurate yorktown class carrier in plastic.

    Screw it, can we get some more Yamato’s or Missouri’s?

  51. Magnus Berggren

    1/350 Courageous-class carrier

    1/350 Revenge-class battleship

    1/48 P-38

    1/48 Supermarine Scimitar

    1/48 Torpedo and rescue boats

  52. Phil


    A 1/350th Royal Navy County Class Cruiser, please.

    This will be attractive to Japanese, British, American and German modellers.


  53. Nigel Frampton

    I would like to see an accurate 1/32 P-51B and Dornier 335. Some 1/32 scale softskins would be nice also, such as an AEC Matador Fuel tanker and Austin K2 Ambulance.
    A new tool 1/350 Essex class Carrier and if I can be greedy a new tool 1/350 Yorktown class too.

  54. Ross M

    Battleship HMS Vanguard – in 1/350 or 1/700.
    HMS Rodney – 1/350.
    Battlecruiser USS Alaska – in 1/350 or 1/700.

  55. thijs

    Future releases…1/32 Messerschmidt Me 109 or a focke wulf fw 190
    1/24 Toyota TS030
    Rerelease of the first 1/32 F-14A Tomcat (with decals by carthograph)

    Wishlist: 1/24-1/12 porsche 917 K
    1/32 F-14 Tomcat new tooling
    1/48 F-14 tomcat

  56. Caesar

    1/700 CV41 Midway 1969/1990
    1/700 CA-26 Northampton
    1/700 CL-50 Helena
    1/700 CL-119 Juneau
    1/700 CL-89 Miami
    1/700 CLG-3 Galveston
    1/700 CLG-4 Little Rock
    1/700 HMS Fiji
    1/700 HMS Dido
    1/700 HMS Queen Elizabeth 1943
    1/700 HMS Revenge 1940
    1/700 HMS Vanguard 1950
    1/700 HMS Colossus 1946
    1/700 HMS Courageous
    1/700 Italian Navy Duilio
    1/700 Italian Navy Pola

  57. TA

    What I’d like to see released:
    1/32 Fw190 A
    1/20 Lotus 49
    1/20 Brabham BT52
    1/24 Porsche 917K (full detail)
    1/24 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing (full detail and opening doors)
    1/24 Peugeot 905
    1/350 HMS Victorious (WWII)
    1/350 Titanic
    1/350 Hindenburg Airship (A bit left field but would look impressive alongside 1/350 ships)

  58. Ant

    1/32 A6M3 Type 22 and 32
    1/32 A6M2-N Rufe
    1/32 Aichi Val
    1/32 Nakajima Kate

    1/32 IJN Aircraft Maintenance Crew
    1/32 IJN Island airstrip accessories.

  59. Daniel B

    I do wish that the Top Force evolution and Dyna Storm would be re-released. My original models are now to fragile to run.
    I am very grateful that the Egress was re-released (I just got mine a few days ago). Thank you from a 25 year devoted fan.

  60. admin Post author

    The Dyna Storm was one of the first re-releases (2002), if you search (kit number 49400) maybe you will still find one.
    Best regards,


    Why isnt the Avante 2001 kit re released with original box artwork?

    The car was and still is the best looking of the Avante series with stunning box art and sport tuned motor.

    Why release the bodykit and just hacve it as an extra option? re re the last of the Avante Family and that way all collectors have all the cars they wanted.

  62. admin Post author

    Well, I can’t speak of behalf of Tamiya but for me and many others it wasn’t something special, just the cheapo version of the lovely original AV. Also the sport tuned motor was nothing special, no comparison to the Technigold. Also Vanquish should be counted to that family, so its not really the last.


    That car was the first Avante (they were only 2 then in 1990) that was perfect out of the box, it was very fast, high performance, and stable! Something the original Avante was not, plus it wasnt’t prone to breaking I still have my Avante 2001 from then and its excellent! I really want another..okay I will say it -its my favourite Tamiya car along with the old Hotshot from way back in 1985.
    (I have 34 Tamiya R/C kits-been collecting since the mid 1980’s to present day)
    The styling on the 2001 is to my taste even better!
    I really hope they re-release it.
    Fair enough Vanquish, but not one for me-just want the Avante family!!-I have all of them, just want a brand new AVANTE 2001 with the new improvements etc.

  64. admin Post author

    Well tastes are personal (I have quite a “few” Tamiya kits myself 😉 ) and for real racing also the 2001 was as useless as the original. For me the Vanquish belongs as much to the family as the Egress.

  65. ADR

    Shouldn’t we be talking about 2014 already?

    Personally I’d like to see a CC-02 in the next 12 months, but the original keeps chugging along, so ‘if it ain’t broke…’ I guess.

  66. admin Post author

    If you see the dates of the previous such posts its always at the last days of the old or the first days of the new year, so please be patient few more weeks. 🙂

  67. christian

    1)moto gp honda rc213v stoner simoncelli bradl marquez
    yamaha 2012/2013
    ducati 2011/ 2013
    2)moto 2 moto 3

    3)moto 125 /250 gp dal 96 al 2008 aprilia ktm

    4)moto 500 dal 88 al 97

    5)f1 new lotus new mclaren ,williams senna

    6)458 italia, lamborghini gallardo

    7)car new rally

  68. Shabootyquiqui

    I would love to see a bugatti veryon because there are no other company’s that have one and there my favorite car

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