Tamiya 57070 RC 1/14 King Hawler Black Edition full set

King Hawler realistic reproduction from the body to the chassis. Its body parts are of special specification painted with TS-40 metallic black. In addition, it has a full set of (MFC-01) Multi-function unit to enjoy sound and light, 4ch 2.4GHz transmitter and battery charger.tamiya-57070

2 thoughts on “Tamiya 57070 RC 1/14 King Hawler Black Edition full set

  1. Magnus K

    Sure, sure, recycle all you want…

    We want more new 1/14 Tractor Truck kits! The MAN 6×2 was perfect when it was released, and the new Mercedes helped a little – but not nearly enough, since it’s missing an axle.
    How about a brand new Volvo FH16 6×4? Perhaps even replace the “Knight Hauler” with a Volvo VN-series?


    Simply get the PETERBILT licence, and do 378, 352, 379
    and watch the sales sky-rocket.
    Also, a FREIGHTLINER licence, and KENWORTH licence too.

    I think they are all under PACCAR -so if Tamiya was to do a deal with Paccar – that would produce some great Tractor Truck kits.

    A black Hauler looks like a Kenworth, but not nearly there yet…needs the badge!

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