Tamiya 58471 1/10 RC Renault Alpine A110 M-05Ra

The Tamiya Renault Alpine A110 is another rally classic radio control car based on the M-05Ra chassis in 1/10 scale.


  • All the features of the compact body are reproduced in durable polycarbonate
  • Side mirrors seperately moulded
  • Polycarbonate guards pro9tect the motor and battery pack
  • 60D rally block tyres included

8 thoughts on “Tamiya 58471 1/10 RC Renault Alpine A110 M-05Ra

  1. GreatDane

    It looks stunning I must say… 🙂

    But I wonder if we will ever see a new rearwheel drive M-chassis?

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  2. admin Post author

    I also love its looks but had hoped for some extra rally decals at least.

    I also doubt we will see a RWD M-Chassis as they are mainly used for organized racing in Japan and RWD simply doesn’t work well at this scale.

    Best regards,

  3. Bert

    Just horrable. Don’t get me wrong, the car looks stunning!

    But why o why does Tamiya quit realism and continues to put RWD body’s on the M05 Chassis???

    How hard can it be to create an M06 out of the M04?

    Guess Tamiya is just after profit, but this time without the care for realism they used to have…

    And if they’re so keen on using the M05RA as a basis, then there are plenty of FWD rally body’s they could have bought/used the rights for!

    (f.e. Skoda Fabia Rally, Clio/Twingo, Ford Fiesta S2000 or even a nice rere of the Renault R5 Turbo)

  4. admin Post author

    Well, as said for running, especially off road, with a relatively short wheelbase, RWD is just too unstable, the old M02/M04 tried to improve that a bit by mixing different tyre types, but that made the handling quite weird.

    Agree on the bodies though, it must be said though that the old Tamiya R5 Turbo was correctly RWD, a nice tradition which Renault kept even with the newer Clio II Renault Sport V6 24V (also mid-engine RWD)

  5. Bert

    I agree, but at least the R5 was FWD as a standard/base model.

    I really hope someone at Tamiya reads this, as it seems they’re really in it for the money only, and don’t respect their own values…

    There is really plenty of nice new models to pick from, and it is just sad to see they simply put RWD cars like:

    Abarth 1000TCR Berlina Corsa
    Alpine A110

    On an FWD chassis.

    Next to this, it seems Tamiya has pulled the plug out of:

    M05 Datsun (didn’t sell that well?)
    All M04 Models…

    Personally I liked the handling of RWD M-chassis cars, less easy and more challenging!

  6. GreatDane

    Tamiya is going after profit?

    Naturally, and it does make sense to me, since Tamiya is a manufacture and selling R/C models among others and want to stay in business. Present and in the future.

    So, why shouldn’t they go for profit?

    As for putting RWD bodies on a FWD chassis, have you ever thought, Bert, that this is what Tamiya customers have been asking for?

    They might have asked Tamiya to release the M-05 with those stunning bodies (RWD or FWD) since a RWD chassis is very difficult to handle making is easy and cheaper for the customers to buy a car with a good looking body on a easy drivable chassis, so they can take part in a organized race. As simple as that!

    This may not be a valid answer to the customers who do not participate in organized racing and just want a good looking R/C car that is true to the original when it comes to the cars drivetrain. But Tamiya can’t please everyone.

    Tamiyas biggest market for the M-05 may well be Japan (I think it is), so it does make sense when Tamiya releases the RWD bodies on a FWD chassis.

    They are just making and selling what the majority of the customers want.

    I am quite confident in whatever Tamiya releases has been done for a reason (i.e. customer requests).

    Nothing is done out of the blue. And I am sure of it.

    Best Regards
    GreatDane c’’,)

  7. Bert

    Haha, indeed I hope they don’t just do it out of the blue!

    (although sometimes it looks a bit like they do…
    f.e: Alpine limited edition bodyset being followed by a non-limited kit)

    nevertheless you are completely right, obviously profit is needed, but I just can’t see them doing stuff like this in the past. I believe then they would have come up with new FWD rallye bodies in stead.

    I hope (for Tamiya’s profit 🙂 ) that there is a large market for these Rear-to-Frontwheeldrive rere’s and that they make millions, but personally I would have found it more original and true if they would have made some nice new FWD bodies like they did with the Mito and Fiat 500(Abarth)

    And as you most probably have read between the lines:

    I still have my hopes up for an M06!

  8. admin Post author

    but I just can’t see them doing stuff like this in the past.

    Miramar had posted here https://tamiyablog.com/2010/05/pictures-from-the-49th-shizuoka-fair/

    By the way, talking about being “wrong” in terms of RWD/FWD/4WD, a quick check of the statistics reveals that without counting the the releases of the RWD-bodied M05′s, 38% (yes!) of all Tamiya’s RC-cars (270 of 704 models, when not counting chassis kits without bodies) have been “wrong” in similar ways (RWD chassis with FWD body, 4WD chassis with FWD or RWD body or RWD chassis for 4WD body.)

    So its not really something new 😉

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