Tamiya 58470 Holiday Buggy 2010 Kit Photos

It is now obvious that this is kit is more targeted at beginners then as a re-release and we find it a lovely effort to bring youngsters long-time into the hobby compared to the general “Ready to Run” trend which often ends at the first breakage as beginners who didn’t built the kit don’t know or dare to fix it. Also the respect, interest-span and joy of a kit is superior when its self built.

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  1. GreatDane

    I think that this kit begining to grow on people, in a good way, despite all the moaning that has been on various forums.

    Hats of for Tamiya, for bringing us yet another great kit.

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  2. admin Post author

    Yes, even in the forums where it was severely bashed, more and more positive voices appear lately, as I had said before am sure that many 58470s will be in one year in the same club showrooms where it was only criticised in the beginning 😉


  3. Black Hole Sun

    Quote from the news intro:
    “It is now obvious that this is kit is more targeted at beginners then as a re-release … which often ends at the first breakage as beginners who didn’t built the kit don’t know or dare to fix it.”

    Even if this kit is not intended as a re-release, this is how it is presented: I keep thinking this is a terrible mistake. But let’s consider this kit has a chance to reach its beginners target…

    …you’re right when describing the RTR syndrome: 1st break => bin. I’m just wondering what will be the beginners reaction when they ruin the fragile body at the first run?

  4. admin Post author

    I wonder if everyone who claims that the body is so fragile had also such a personal experience with it, or just repeats what a couple of people write in forums. Interestingly the original HB was my first real RC car when I was 9 and in endless battery packs (wore 7 new pairs of rear tires!) I broke the front SRB bumper and front spring mounts, wore the gears and burned the MSC, especially when later hopping it with a RS-540SD Black Motor Sprint!, but never broke the body which is still alive. Also being like this a HB fan, I have bought over the time a dozen of HB cars and bodies and only one was broken, the number of broken front bumpers was much higher, not to talk about broken SRB bodies I have bought broken. So why should the body now break so often, when the much superior DT-02 chassis doesn’t let it roll so easily like the original one? Also how can we be so sure that the material is 100.00% the same like the original and that its not improved, or even tiny local stress regions are widened or polished or production stress is reduced? We can’t, only time and tests will show.


  5. admin Post author

    By the way, even if the roof pillars would break, I doubt that would prevent kids continue driving it, while a technical defect like on the original chassis could cause a big disappointment till spare parts are found.


  6. Uwe (technical.burp)

    I really appreciate it that Tamiya re-releases the Holiday Buggy. OK, the wheels do look a bit like being popped out but compared to e.g. the original Tamiya Lancia 034, the width is OK. The car will be very stable on the ground and will be part of the already existing line of DT-02 kits that are aimed at the younger drivers. I wonder if Holiday Buggies will be legal at the Tamiya Fighter Cup (DT-01 and DT-02 chassis) races?

    I really look forword buying this great kit!

  7. admin Post author

    Totally agree and hope there would be even a special beginners class with only HBs and RS-380S. Can’t wait to get a couple of them too!

  8. Black Hole Sun

    OK guys, let’s pretend that thing is a good kit.
    Question 1: why pretend this is a re-release? Buggy Champ is a re-release (minor mods inlcuding the name). P34 Six Wheeler is a re-release (same body, different chassis). HB 2010 is a different chassis and a modified body. But well, let’s say it’s a re-release.
    Question 2: it’s a perfect beginner’s kit. I agree with that for the chassis. But is an old fashioned body appealing for youngsters?

    If I get it right, the HB 2010 is targetted to be some kind of a better Nikko toy. Something with a better quality and overall, something to be built, a first step to real RC. Fine. The Nikko’s sell with there futuristic “fast looking” bodies. The HB 2010 is far from looking “fast”. A re-re Grasshopper or a Rising Fighter are listed about the same price on TamiyaUSA: wouldn’t have they been better suited for this role?

    Again, Japan is Tamiya’s domestic market and their taste seem quite different from US and Europe public. This HB 2010 might not be made for us.

  9. admin Post author

    Answer 1: With that logic even the same holds for the re-release SS (modified body, modified chassis). Also as we can see Tamiya doesn’t really market it as a classic re-release but a new version (2010 written even on the box next to its name) to celebrate its 30 years, especially made for young kids (comics on the box, pre-build tires etc.)

    Answer 2: As I have said before only the market itself and time will tell, we “oldies” are probably the worst to judge how youngsters think and act. I also don’t think its targeted as a better Nikko toy, as its still a kit (opposite to most other beginner RC nowadays), but something the old HB, Grasshopper and all DT01 were: An child fantasy inspiring and simple to build beginners kit which thanks to Tamiya fit quality can be built by a 10 year old child. Funnily a good friend of mine built 2 Rising Fighters last weekend with his 2 nephews, aged 9 and 7. The younger one had no real chance building it, but the older one did fine except the tires and damper which needed too much strength. Also with the RS-540S and hopping solid rear axle it was much too fast for the kids. This shows that the HB 2010 with its pre-built tires, slower motor and better handling chassis is quite a forethought and not random choice. We shouldn’t also forget that Tamiya has great experience with young kids with its extremely popular in Japan Mini 4WDs and their educational kits.


  10. high_flyer1

    I actually like it and for the price, it’s perfect. I love the look of the HB and particularly the driver figure. Think i would have to re paint the head though, looks like he has jaundice to me!
    This is clearly not a reissue, the body in some way perhaps but i like Tamiya’s objective here and it is a nice move.
    Yes people were moaning, but you always get those ‘anal’ types that quite frankly shouldn’t get so worked up being the age they are but these types always appear no matter what.
    I look forward to its release

  11. Model Kits Direct

    Having seen the kit in the flesh it does seem to make more sense. It just seems to work better when you see it than it does in the photos. Don’t get me wrong, I personally would have prefered a proper re-release with minor upgrades and I believe if Tamiya had done this they would sell more to the over 35’s. By giving it a modern chassis most of those over 35’s will probably still buy the kit, but buy it for their kids. That way they will still be able to relive their youth but will know that the kit will be able to hold its own in the handling stakes with most other modern buggies. The inclusion of the small motor does seem a little like a token gesture to the original, but 99% of these will get replaced with a 540 straight away. Still, I have to say I like it. I just hope the next re-releases will stay more true to the originals

  12. munted1972

    I Agree with most comments above , I am 38 yrs old and have one of these on order as well as a Buggy champ . I think Tamiya has come up with one of the most clever marketing strategies of all time , in the very early 80’s I saw my first Rough Rider and it was the coolest thing I had ever seen and worse there was no way I could ever have one, I went on to own a Tamiya Hornet & Boomerang 5 years later which I drove into the ground . Releasing the classics taps right into the brain of people like me , we can’t stop ! I bought a re-release Frog , I have bought a Grasshopper for my Son ( who is still a toddler ) I never dreamed untlll last year that I would ever have the exprience of building a classic Tamiya Metal buggy ! I guess the point I wish to make is that Tamiya has built a brand loyalty over the last 30 years , sure I could have bought a 1/8 Nitro monster for the same money but for some stupid reason I just can’t justify it ?

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