New Tamiya RC Releases

Shaken GOGOGO Mach 408R (TA05 ver.II chassis)
Item No: 84 141 18 September 2010 (Saturday) released about 24,990 yen (23,800 yen unit price)
Length = 442mm pictures assembled kit is painted
Introducing this year’s Super ★ GT300 class fighting machine. Reproduced in full body low and wide form realize ★ The polycarbonate is just as distinctive shape Riyaendo separate parts. ★ The distinctive marking stickers available. ★ The 2-belt drive chassis of the 4WD TA05 ver.II isometric adopted. You can enjoy high performance driving.

Item No: 58 471 11 September 2010 (Sat), released about 15,540 yen (14,800 yen unit price)
Length = 395mm pictures assembled kit is painted
Alpine sports cars of the former as a popular ★ A110 is compact and lightweight, M-05Ra Chassis uses it appeared. Increase the height ★, skid and come standard with side guards and rally block tires, choosing a street light can enjoy driving. ★ The polycarbonate body realistically.

Item No: 57 981 September 11, 2010 (Saturday) released about 15,540 yen (14,800 yen unit price)
Overall length = 378mm
Handling characteristics of the controller cable ★ 4WD chassis, TT-01 TYPE-ES is the appearance in the finished assembled. Of course, receiver and servo, ESC and radio and comes preloaded RC. Has set the trigger type transmitter wheel. Reshingusupotsutaiya even tread wear real silver 10-spoke wheels ★. Body ※, battery, charger, please purchase separately.

Source: Tamiya, INC.