New Tamiya Holiday Buggy Photo & Product Videos (Updated 21.07.2010)

Tamiya 58470 1/10 R/C Holiday Buggy DT-02

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【 Relive The Fun! 】 The 2WD R/C off-road car Holiday Buggy made its debut in 1980 and attracted many R/C fans due to its sprightly handling characteristics. Now, Tamiya is proud to release the updated Holiday Buggy (2010), which comes mounted on the proven DT-02 chassis. It features a 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and a sealed gearbox equipped with differential gears, and its simple, durable construction makes for easy assembly. Type 380 motor included.

※More information will follow soon, so keep watching this site for the latest updates regarding this product!

【 Holiday Buggy Fan Meeting! 】 On September 12th (Sun), the Holiday Buggy Fan Meeting will be taking place at the Modelers Square on the 2nd floor of the Tamiya Plamodel Factory in Shimbashi. The event includes a family race and is ideal for R/C beginners to attend.

Release Date: August 28

More details

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Source: Tamiya, INC.

4 thoughts on “New Tamiya Holiday Buggy Photo & Product Videos (Updated 21.07.2010)

  1. GreatDane

    I for one like the 2010 Holiday Buggy (HB), it may not be true to the original HB, but the original chassis was not that good anyway.

    The DT-02 chassis is IMO the best option to make the new HB a great entry level buggy.

    I don’t understand all the hassle there has been about the new release not being true to the original and all. If they don’t like it, then don’t buy it.

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  2. admin Post author

    As always well said! 🙂
    I remember also the voices shouting about how horrible the Blitzer Beetle body was on the SS re-release, which after its great success faded very quickly 😉 Or the “poor” new 3 speed (F350) with its truck gearbox which “weirdly” became even in the “hardcore” vintage and collectors #2 in the showroom statistics! 😉 On almost every re-release there are some people who have to leave their harsh criticism and state that it won’t sell as they won’t buy it… Well, Tamiya as a big and successful company doesn’t build kits for a small hardcore nucleus (who anyway owns and prefers the originals and wouldn’t prefer and buy any re-release) but the 90+% majority who probably wouldn’t notice if a SS didn’t have any front indicators at all 😉 Many people wanted a robust entry buggy which doesn’t have a generic modern lexan body, now Tamiya will make one and some complain. People were praying for years for a SRB and 3-speed re-release, Tamiya did both even with several models and some found to complain about the straight chassis rails, breaking blisters and the SS fenders… :-s Its interesting to watch every time how anger and criticism becomes sympathy and ownership and then the story repeats itself on the next re-release. We Tamiya fans are quite spoiled and should think about our kind Kyosho, Marui etc. friends who not only don’t get any great re-releases or modern kits at all, but also their favourite companies future isn’t as positive. We are complaining on a very high level, hope our hybris won’t be punished by nemesis.
    Best regards,

  3. GreatDane

    The later picture (the bigger one) just showes how nice and aggressiv the 2010 Holiday Buggy looks. Ready for som dirt action. Very nice!

    I believe the chassis is the same as the Tamiya Super Fighter G (#58340) and that indicates very entry level which is good 😉

    The buggy is capable of some great Tamiya hop-ups for greater performance down the line.

    The body is not styrene nor is it lexan, but it is sturdy and can take some abuse and last for a long time. The body is not paintable and this means that the only color is blue. But the driver is paintable.

    All in all a great, awesome and neat buggy. 🙂

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  4. super champ

    They should of named it the Holiday Buggy “two”.Us old timmer(s) like the original stuff. But I guess it’s cool for the new younger generation! Although Admin you are right about kyosho and other companies etc.. they have not re-released any of there kits and thats why tamiya stands out from other companies. We are waiting for more great Re-Releases. Come on “Blazing Blazer”.

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